Transfer Domain Name From Web4Africa To GoDaddy

Web4Africa is a leading web hosting company in the Africa region with presence in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa. Web4Africa Nigeria offers professional reseller and shared web hosting on linux and windows platforms, as well as affordable domain name registration
Today we are going to discussing on how  to transfer domain name from web4Africa to goDaddy.


How to Pay for the transfer

You will need to initiate a transfer payment at Godaddy for your domain name.

You will be required to log into your existing account, and or create a new account and complete the checkout process. After, you will be emailed with the Transaction ID and Security Code since they will be required. These will be sent to your email address.

How to Initiate a Transfer

Step 1
Log into your Godaddy account.

Step 2
Go to Domains.

Step 3
Select Transfer and click on Add new.

Step 4
Enter the Transaction ID and Security Code you copied from your email address and hit on next.

How to Get the EPP code

Step 1
Now log into your Web4africa account.

Step 2
Select the domain you want to transfer.

Step 3
Click on registra lock and lick on disable.

Step 4
Now go to EPP code and copy it.

Step 5
Paste EPP Code.

Step 6
Now once you have the EPP code, go back to Godaddy account and enter the code and finish. You are now done.

Just wait for the confirmation messages which will come from Godaddy letting you of the approval request, and the message from Web4africa letting you know about the domain name transfer request.

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