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  1. Good work and interesting tutorial.

    I am currently using an unverified UK AdSense and don't really know how to trust this tutorial.

    How can I cash out here in Nigeria through the UK AdSense? Do I need to get a UK Bank account? Does it work on payoneer MasterCard?

    Help admin.

  2. Yeah. My friend used Shoptomydoor about 3 months ago.

    He paid 10 dollars for their service.

    The interesting part was that shoptomydoor does not send it to your address in Nigeria.

    As soon as the adsense pin (enclosed envelope) arrives, they'll message you via your email address.

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  4. I signed up with AdSense using this blog http://www.ajetomsblog.com. so I decided to buy a non hosted AdSense which I'm using for it.

    I decided to open a new blog http://www.bgbloggers.com with the same email used for http://www.ajetomsblog.com but to my surprise I saw the earning page on my dashboard open which I was giving opportunity to sign up for AdSense again. I was asked to click to sign up.

    I don't really like non hosted adsense. So I'm afraid to sign up for it again.

    Will they approve me with the same email but different website?

    What can I do exactly?

  5. Hello I need solution Mathias… I have a non verified Adsense account and it in danger of getting ban. I tried shoptomydoor and for over 3months now my pin hasn't arrived… I have complained much to them, but they keep saying they didn't receive my pin…. Pls help

  6. Hi admin, am really having a big problem with my adsense account. Google notified me just of recent to verify my UK adsense account, which am having difficulties in doing. Am in Nigeria, what's the possibility of verifying it from here with getting into trouble with google.

    Because aleady google Treathened to stop ads from displaying on my blog

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