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How to Automatically Post on Reddit - Blog Post

Reddit is another good place to get more traffic from although we have many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit's registered community members can submit content such as text posts or direct links.

Step 1
First you need a Reddit account

Step 2
Verify your email ID and fill out full information.

Step 3
Now go to and create another account at here.

Step 4
Once you have signed up then click on your name.

Step 5
Then Click on “New Apple" or you can click here


Step 6
Carefully Select Feed From Service

 Step 7
Select “New Feed Item” from the trigger.


Step 8
Enter Your Feed URL.



Step 9
Now enter your feed URL and click on create a trigger.


Step 10
Then go to  create new Applet

Step 11
Just click on + button and select “Reddit” from service.

Step 12
Then Authorize your reddit account.

Step 13
Now Select Submit link post.

Step 14
Make sure you leave Everything Default and in subreddit  field  Write ShareYourBlogPost   

Note: [S,Y,B and P is capital]

Step 15
Then Click on create action.

Step 16
Finally, click Finish it.

Now every post published on your blog will be automatically post on Reddit for lifetime.
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of WordPress CMS

A content management system (CMS) is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. CMSes are typically used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM). ... A WCM facilitates collaborative authoring for websites.


Wordpress is a free publishing software and content management system (CMS) that is popular in America. The software is open-source allowing developers to create a wide array of plug-ins, themes and widgets. Wordpress is widely considered easy to use and is the CMS of choice for almost 75 million websites.

Disadvantages of WordPress CMS

Easy for hackers to find security holes – As you know WordPress theme and plugins are freely available on internet as Open Source code under the GPLv2 license. So it is easy for hackers to find security holes.
WordPress needs to be updated regularly – WordPress needs to be updated regularly because various updates and patches get released every year to combat pirates and hackers as well as to provide improvements to code and themes.

PHP language is must for modification – Operations like creating widget,removing a date field from theme and customize plugins require some understanding of PHP language.

CSS and HTML are must for graphics modification – If you want to change the look of home page of website,  CSS and HTML are must for modification.
Speed Issue – If we build website in WordPress, there are speed issues because WordPress websites contain lots of generic code unnecessary for every specific website.

Advantages of WordPress CMS

Easy in use – Using WordPress basic sites can be set up with easy access to all on page text and images. Beyond that, with a little upfront technical work, there are many ways to set up custom modules and text areas which, once implemented, can easily be accessed and edited by anyone with rudimentary computer skills.

WordPress does not require PHP nor HTML knowledge unlinke Drupal or Joomla. A preinstalled plugin and template function allows them to be installed very easily. All you need to do is to choose a plugin or a template and click on it to install.

Cheaper to build – WordPress offers a huge variety of themes which can be used to build the website.  When you begin with a theme, you cut down significantly on the amount of time it takes to build a website. The cost of purchasing and installing a commercial WordPress theme is much cheaper. The cost and time for developing a WordPress site is considerably lesser than creating a custom built website.

Large developer community creating themes and plugins – WordPress offers more paid and unpaid themes and plugins than any other Content Management Systems. This means that when you want a feature added to your website, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a plugin that exists for it.

Open Source – WordPress, and many of the themes and plugins for WordPress, are freely available as Open Source code under the GPLv2 license. It means you can use there without paying any cost.

Search Engine Optimization Tools – WordPress offers several great search engine optimization tools that make doing your own on-site SEO simple.

E-commerce options is available on WordPress – There are suitable e-commerce integrations for nearly any size site or application, and many basic plug-ins are free. Woocommerce is extremely effective in doing all this along with offering great reports features.

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How To Cancel Subscription Plan on

This is the basis for the company's web traffic reporting. According to its website, Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings, and other information on 30 million websites.
Alexa was a free platform back then in 2015 but a recent update which made new user to first of all get one of it premium package and this made the platform a little bit hard for newbies .


Below are some simple steps on how to cancel subscription plan on just follow it step by step..

Step 1
Go to your Account Management page.

Step 2
Login with the same account you used to sign up for the subscription.

Step 3
Select 'Manage Subscription' under the plan you would like to cancel the subscription for.

Step 4
Select 'Cancel Subscription.


Step 5
Read the prompt on screen, if you would still like to cancel select 'Cancel Subscription.

Step 6
Now remember that if you skip step 5 your subscription will not be canceled.
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Change Anonymous Avatar in Blogger Comments

author-pic About author
Paul Nwachukwu is a professional blogger,hoping to help you and your business at Reputatustech

Today on Zealmatblog. We will learn how to change Anonymous Avatar in Blogger Comments. This feature has been added by Blogger. You might have noticed some blank picture when some one comment Anonymous in Blogger comment. The reason why that blank picture appears is because the user have no image on their profile.

Continue Reading to learn how to customize it.

See the Demo Below.

How to Change It: Follow below steps carefully. And If you face any problem, you can tell me by comment.

Step 1. Go to Dashboard >> Template >>click on the >> Edit HTML button

Step 2. Click anywhere inside the code area and to open a search box type CTRL+F from keyboard.

Step 3.Type or paste following code into the search box and hit enter.


Step 4.Just above the tag, add the following code:

<script> var oldSrc = '//'; //Default blogger image link var newSrc = ''; //New image link $('img[src="' + oldSrc + '"]').attr('src', newSrc); </script>

Step 5. Save the changes by clicking on the Save Template button. Thats all, found it helpful share with friends.
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Co-founder Of Wikipedia Launches A New Website

author-pic About Author
Emmanuel Akor is a professional blogger, and also an andriod guru at androidvillaz fill with android tips.

16 Year ago Wikipedia was launched by Jimmy Wales to give the public information with value on everything with meaning. Jimmy Wales is out again to give the public a website that will provide original news to the general public. WikinTribune is the name of the website. This site is out to stand unique from other thousands of website and blog. WikiTribune readers will find feature stories by acknowledged journalists.


Wikipedia one of the largest cheat sheets on the internet where users get any information they need was launched 16 years with Jimmy Wales as a co-founded. He has now launched a new website named WikiTribune with the sole purpose of tackling the plague of fake news spreading the web.

According to reports “Wikitribune is a global news website that will feature stories by licensed journalists; their articles will be fact-checked and vetted by volunteers, and efforts will be made to ensure the maximum possible transparency about the sources of the information for each article.”

The website is non-affiliated this means that the service will be free to read and also ads free. The websites will get it funds from supporter’s contributions. If it reaches its first funding goal, they will hire 10 reporters for a start.

Please, you should not confuse Wikinews with WikiTribune as both of these has a much different approach. Wikinews they rely on stories from around the world anyone can post his/her content there. However, on WikiTribune writers will have to give the source of their content this makes it a great tool that the world can rely on.

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How to Get Listed in DMOZ

The first thing I do, is go to DMOZ and look for other sites that have been accepted already that are very close to what my site is about. Let us say for example that you had an acne site, what I would do is type into DMOZ and see what sites they show.
In the image below, you will see a category for acne that one of the sites I found was in.


So the first thing you need to work out is what the best category for your site to go into is. DMOZ are super strict with this and if you submit to a wrong category, that can be enough to get your site denied and that at the end of that. When you are confident you are on the right category page, then all you need to do is click the link suggest URL and fill out the form.​

It is also not a bad idea to have a look at the kind of sites that have been accepted in your chosen category and see if there is anything that you can do to your site to help it's chances. One thing I have done in the past is remove all advertising and affiliate links until DMOZ has accepted it, and then later add these back in.​

Another important thing to realize when trying to work out how to get listed in DMOZ is that you can submit your sites again and again, as many times as you like when trying to get in. However you must keep in mind that when you submit your site it goes to the bottom of the pile for review.​

What this means is that if you have submitted your site one day, and then you submit it again a week later, then DMOZ will recognize your domain from the first submission and remove it from the queue and leave your latest one there at the back!​
So what I do is leave it for a month and then submit it again, and I keep doing this every month until I get in. Different reviewers get your site each time so eventually you might get in, and I need to stress might be because it is never certain, and like I said I have yet to get this blog in, but i am still trying and have a reminder in my outlook to keep submitting every month.​

I think directory submissions are worth doing, as long as it is not the kind of directories that guarantee a listing if you pay them, because I don't hink Google would care for that much, but other directories still have a good effect for SEO.​
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Why Sms Marketing Is Good For Business Promotion

Any communication is good for business. Adding SMS to business communication then would be good. Having email, IM, SMS, social media, contact center would then be ideal as that would give people different options to contact.

To help you realize the full prospective of SMS promotion, we’ve detailed some of its advantages here.

1. It’s time efficient

Email promotion is amazing. It’s free, it’s effective, and it’s easy to do. But being seated and composing an e-mail needs time, and that’s one thing many of you don’t have. A written text is made up of only 140 figures, and most of us have plenty of your a chance to part a phrase together and deliver it out. If you don’t, it might the perfect for you to think about choosing an assistant!

2. It’s affordable

SMS promotion is not as expensive as you may think it is. With Appropriate, SMS information price around $0.095 – $0.15 each based on where you stay, and other devoted SMS promotion suppliers are within a identical cost variety.

If you’re doubtful about SMS promotion, you could try it first with your VIP record. you will have protected your price. In this example, that will make for a transformation amount of 1%, although most SMS strategies have a transformation amount that’s nearer to 8%.

3. Short information are to the point

With SMS promotion, your concept is to the factor, rather than being hidden in a 600 term e-mail. Although there is a moment and place for both, SMS promotion is better designed for special provides, fast up-dates, and time-sensitive provides.

4. Greater start rates

It’s not unusual to have several unread information in your e-mail mailbox, but most people will study a written text in no time of its appearance. Research reveal that 98% of sms information will be started out, and most will be within the first 3 moments of being obtained. This is a extreme impact on e-mail marketing’s regular start amount of 19.91% in the elegance and personal care market.

5. Greater transformation rates

Conversion prices regular on 8.22% for SMS promotion, which is far more than e-mail with its 1.73% regular transformation amount. SMS marketing’s budget and high achievements amount makes it one of the more significant resources in your promotion tool kit.

6. Product positioning

All of your business’s actions improve your brand identification. By using SMS promotion, you’re placing yourself another step forward of the remaining. You’re informing your clients that you’re technical smart and up with the styles. You’re displaying them that you’re willing to try new and easier ways of interacting with them.

Check out Nigeria best Bulk SMS portal
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Reasons Why Traffic So Hard To Get

There is a small secret to it, or well, not a secret but a method I discovered when I first got into blogging for income.

Stop thinking about traffic, income and all of that. Blog about something YOU like and that you KNOW something about. How does this work?

Simple, I used to run an old blog in the gaming niche, I wrote maybe ten posts and after a month, no results. I kinda gave up. Then suddenly one day, I got a traffic report that I had over a thousand daily visitors. I was quite shocked as the only SEO I actually did was using my keywords in the posts.
What made the blog fairly popular in that specific niche was simply that I was human. I didn't act like someone who wanted to make a quick dime. People liked my content and how I interacted with the readers.

While remembering SEO and all related to it, it's still important to write naturally, when it comes to blogs that is. Look at the biggest blogs out there, they write about something they love and get famous for it because of it.

And yes, writing more posts increases your traffic obviously, however make sure to write good. But remember, blogs are blogs, not ecommerce sites, not company sites but blogs.

Note: My blog also offered free products in the niche so that also helped a great deal to get traffic. Also, the niche wasn't saturated, I only had about thirty competing sites, so beating them wasn't hard when I was the only passionate and active person in the niche.

Second note: I just realized that I made a huge post when I could have summarized it all..

3 tips that I have found critical to success:

  1. Headings with questions rather than answers stimulate interest if your audience truly relates. For example, "Are you having a problem losing weight?" rather than, "Weight loss solutions". Then, once they are stimulated to read, connect in to the question in your header. For example, "If you're having a problem losing weight, you're probably feeling discouraged. I know I was, but what I found was......"
  2. Write for your audience not for yourself. Have you got a specific target audience with a real need? Because you need to be writing for them rather than yourself.
  3. Make your content viral by making it entertaining or enlightening and then syndicating it on social media sites.

There's no guarantees in the blogging world, but I hope you find these tips helpful and have great success in the future.

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Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

SEO is an abbreviation of search engine optimization which has served as a profitable skill for our internet marketers in our society today. SEO is not basically ment for WordPress alone but this task can also be perform on other platforms like blogger, Joomla, Wapka and many more but all this platform has it separate style of performing SEO aside submission to search engines like Google and bing which are the top guys in time of search engine.


WordPress SEO is more stronger than blogger reasons are because of it premium plugin which most webmasters or blogger prefer WordPress because of the encouraging traffic and SEO and always remember that without seo traffic is going to be zero p you need more work on seo.

And you need  to submit your site to Google search console for proper submitting and indexing with some high directories too


SEOquake is a SEO tool available as browser addon for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers. It provides SEO related information for any website. These information parameters include page rank, age, last updated, alexa rank, and many other parameters. It is one of the most downloaded browser addon by SEO professionals.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This the best and most downloaded WordPress plugin in the world. Yoast WordPress SEO is a fast and instant solution for all your on-site SEO problems

You can add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site. Also write custom title for your main site, archives, category and tag pages. It also adds Open Graph meta data, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps and ping search engines whenever you update your site.

Google Keyword Planner
The Google Keyword Planner is a very strong and heavy tool created by Google itself for easy discovery of some great and useful keyword that could rank your website well. Google has the highest and largest insight of what people search for daily so it help Google advertisers to know the specific keyword to go for and how to make it rank well on search result.

It also helps most people especially bloggers or webmasters to rank their blog and website well.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Links are error links that doesn't have a destination which could result to removal of site from Google search, lost of visitors,
Image is an advanced Keyword Tool that gives your easy and free keyword research access. It allows you to simply generate keyword ideas by typing in a keyword. These keyword suggestions are gathered from Google’s auto suggest feature. is amazingly fast, and most importantly it is completely free for anyone to use. You can use it to optimize content on your WordPress site. It also allows you to get keyword suggestions from YouTube, Bing, and App Store as well.


This feature allow you to monitor all the outgoing links on your site, find out which links are giving away link juice, and more.

LinkPatrol is a premium WordPress plugin which allows you to control all the links on your website.

It provides a quicker and efficient way to clean up all your anchor text, spammy links, and link juice problems with a very intuitive and super fast user interface.

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Best SMS portal in Nigeria - SMSJUT.COM

SMSJUT is the best Bulk SMS Nigeria website that offers cheap bulk sms service for online sms text messaging, sms marketing. Our portal is one of the cheapest bulk sms sites in Nigeria.  You can send sms in bulk to be delivered to thousands of GSM and CDMA cell phones in Nigeria with a click of a button. Our premium sms services also supports international sms texting.

Features of Our Nigeria Bulk SMS Gateway

  • FREE SMS credits on registration to send free bulk sms
  • SCHEDULE bulk text messages for later delivery
  • Upload and Store cell phone numbers in online Phone book
  • Bulk Phone Numbers Duplicate Remover
  • Online Card payment for SMS and get credited instantly
  • Mobile friendly; site displays fine on mobile phones
  • Free api for bulk sms resellers and developers
  • 1 sms credit=1 sms message(160 characters)
  • Sms credits do not expire.

Fast customer care reply  and many more you can buy as many units you need and it doesn't expire.

visit today

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A General Overview about Professionalism in Writing

What is professionalism in writing?
Professionalism in writing is the virtue of writing style with a sincere and specialized focus on the designated subject and the purpose of written communication. Professional approach signifies professional writing skill of the writer along with best productivity out of the writing effort.  But before we lay our focus on professionalism, let’s check first what a professional genre of writing is.


What is professional writing?
Professional writing is a paid job a person does. Moreover, it may refer to a specific type of communication used in workplace, and people mostly use it to initiate communication relating to business or a specific purpose. Professional writing is done with a typical official tone and it is explicitly different from creative, artistic, or academic approaches. The main quality of professionalism in writing is about maintaining a formal tone in writing for achieving a specific output or purpose. General purposes of professional writing are the following, either any one of the reasons or a mixture of two or three reasons together:

  • To initiate actions from the readers
  • To instruct the audience
  • To influence readers
  • To inform your target audience
  • To assert an assigned goal.

What is professionalism in writing?
In this context if the question is raised “what is professional writing”, the answer will be an extensive list perhaps.  In short, the texts which are done for professional purposes, like business letter, business email, sales letter, white letter, press release, marketing communication, etc. are some common examples of professional writing. If the writing is done in an organized way, keeping complete focus on result/output, it adheres to the rules of professionalism in writing.

The rules of maintaining professionalism in writing
There is no formula for maintaining professionalism in writing because professionals consciously modulate their writing style according to target audience. Still, a few general rules help in maintaining professionalism in written communication. These are:

  • Straight approach of writing with comprehensiveness and clarity (for readers to understand the communication readily)
  • What is written has to be errorless in terms of language, approach, and spelling
  • Writing style should be to-the-point and mostly unbiased
  • Communication should be flawless in terms of authenticity and linguistic accuracy
  • Ability to identify the target audience and talent to create content for motivating the target audience.

These are the general rules of inducing professionalism into your writing style. Besides accuracy and authenticity, readability of a write-up also displays the professional talent of the writer.
Professionalism and technical writing
Technical writings are business writing and these are done with a specific target of communication. Business organizations employ writers to develop content in order to convey precise information to the target audience. Professionalism in technical writings means,

  • Authenticity, clarity, and accuracy
  • Comprehensive writing style that readers will understand and appreciate
  • Subject-centric, concise, and informative expression.

If a writer adopts a professional approach in presenting the topic via his write-up, he will be able to introduce smart professionalism in his writing style. However, it is still vital to know how to write with professional efficiency. Let’s check here.

How to write with professional skill
All professionals are not experts. Similarly, all writers are not professionally proficient. But following a few tips, a writer can add a smart professional pitch in his writing. A few professional writing tips are shared here for ready reference of newbies.

  1. Always maintain authenticity. As a writer, your duty is to convey best information to your reader. Maintaining authenticity of information is one of the obligations of a writer to his readers, which is a part of his professionalism.
  2. Be concise. A professional writer should know how to keep his readers captivated as readers expect peppy, concise, and relevant information from a professional write-up. Also, a consistent flow of language makes writing style crisp, which is a mark of writer’s professional proficiency.
  3. Introduce a format. An expert writer should maintain a format in his writing. There should be an introduction, the main context of writing piece, and a conclusion with a clear call to action on each communication.  The talent of inducing the format along with relevant readability is one of signs of professionalism.
  4. The writing has to be visually appealing. When a write-up becomes visually appealing, it becomes more memory-friendly and attention-grabbing. Adding subheadings, bullets, infographic, etc. will help readers to get the main point. This consequential communication is considered as the display of writer’s professionalism.

These are some aspects of professionalism in writing. In one word, when a written communication serves its optimal purpose of convincing its readers about the intrinsic purpose, it is considered that the writer has induced professionalism in writing. You may find more tips on developing your writing professionalism at, the hub hosting only best talent with the most advanced writing skills.

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Full Differences between and is independent while is dependent but all belong to the same company. WordPress has being the best place to create a website or blog fr your business with some nice design and and plugins.


Today we want to through more light on what and how this platform is being differentiate in our community just read and if you want to created a website for your business make sure you a good theme.

Hosting, your host your own website. is where you’ll find the free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server., you don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server. It is a dependent platform

Theme Design, you have the privilege to install as many themes you like. You will also customize theme according needs., you have to install custom themes or better more develop your own with PHP and CSS.

Plugins, you can upload all plugins free or paid according your requirements., you can not upload plugins.There are a lot of built in plugins.

Social Networks, integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks., you can install a plugin to enable sharing functionality on your site.
Popular features like sharing, comments and polls are included in But in, plugin is required to extend your site’s functionality.

First Registration, registration is required. registration is not required.

Support Assistance
Personal support and the forums are always available in, support forums is available for assistance.
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Start a Wordpress Blog For Your Business

WordPress blog or website is very easy to stay and it has a straight and easy steps to take but when creating it you need to get some things like domain name, theme, plugins and with your little knowledge too.

WordPress is easy and suitable for mini or large business website and also it is more seo friendly than any platform so today we are going to be discussing on how to start a WordPress Blog without seeking for advice or assistance.


Firstly you need a Domain name
Your domain name is a link or URL that every visitor type to have access into your website. It is called a website address.

Secondly you need Web hosting account either from whogohost or any web hosting site you like .....use the image above to get one for a start.

For the sake of people who don't understand the word hosting it means where your website reside.

Then you can make use of this steps on how to Install WordPress

Step 1
First log in to your hosting account.

Step 2 
Now move to to your control panel.

Read Also: How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog using Whogohost

Step 3
Search for the “WordPress” or “Website” icon.

Step 4
Then select the domain where you want to install your website.

Step 5
Click the “Install Now” button and you will get access to your new WordPress website.

Step 6
Select a Theme – Log into your WordPress dashboard to find thousands of awesome, professionally designed themes you can choose from and customize for a site that’s all your own.

Step 7
Finally Install Plugins to add extra features -Plugins are extensions that are built to expand WordPress.

Learn how to install Plugins on WordPress
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Online Business Vs Offline Business Which Pays More?

author-pic About author
Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel He is a Blogger, a Freelancer, a Business Psychologist and a Motivator.

He owns where he shares tips and secrets on business success and motivates youths for financial buoyancy.

Firstly, I want to give kudos to everyone in the business world, it takes the hunger and thirst for greatness for one to leave his/her comfort zone to venture into this present competitive business world.

This is a very controversial issue I decided to write on, I have seen people argue on this topic and I have also seen investors pounder on which of the market to venture in.

May I start by saying both the online business market and offline business market has their own respective advantages and disadvantages.

It is normal for online business gurus to want to defend their market and the same with offline business people.

Holding to the above statement, I still maintain that they both pay and they pay well. Irrespective of the on you go for, what matters most is your ability to groom and build your business.

If offline business happens to be better of, if you don't still manage it well, it will still be as good as useless. Venturing into the business world requires you to think which one you really want to do and can handle.

Most mistake of people often come from covetousness and indecisiveness. Just because you heard there is this online deal that pays like ritual you jump into it whereas the main place where you can function and get cool cash and recognition is offline.

I can categorically say that the online market is getting new people on daily basis.

• Everybody wants to be a blogger

• Everybody wants to be a site owner

• Everybody wants to be a content marketer and so on.

Offline business are also getting lots of intakes on daily basis. Different types of products being introduced.

There is money online and there is money offline. None is better than the other, there is none that won't give you the returns you want. All is based on your;

1. Management skill and

2. Marketing skill.

Below I will be stating some business idea in the online market.

• Affiliate marketing

• Blogging

• Auction selling –eBay

• E-Book Publishing

• Website flipping business

• Research and sell information online

• Start Trading Forex Online

• Web hosting reselling business

• Web Design

• Social Media Consultancy

• Web Promotion

• Become a Freelance Writer

• E-book cover designer etc

From the offline business market, we have

• Bulk sms business

• Web design

• Photography and video coverage

• Event management and decoration

• Uni-sex saloon

• Cleaning agency

• Supplies

• Advertising Agency

• Laundry Service

• Cosmetics Supply

• Career Counseling

• Catering service etc.

Both platforms carries wonderful opportunities and business ideas, none can be said to be better than the other.

Getting into any of the market requires you to seat and think on how much capital you have and how good you will be able to give in what it takes.

Use the comment box for questions,contribution and advise seeking on any of the businesses.

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Grow your money by 40% on GiversColony!!

Better than MMM and GHW!! Its Active merging starts next week!!! Register now! It's 40% in Naira and 60% in Bitcoin...


Note that minimum donation for local currency is 1000 and maximum is 3000000 while for bitcoin it is $10 and $1000

Upon maturity i.e 30 days, you would be able to request for help and your principal donation + 40%/60% interest would be remitted to you.

Referral bonus is 10% but with the ongoing EASTER BONANZA YOU GET 20% TILL THE END OF MAY.

Registration Bonus: Every participant gets first time bonus of :

$50 - $499 : $10
$500 - $999 : $50
$1000 - $1000 : $100

10,000 - 49,999 : 4000
50,000 - 99,999 : 10000
100,000 - 3,000,000 : 20000

Video Bonus:
Record a video testimonial showing your face , upload to youtube and submit the video link to support. Once it is reviewed and approved you would recieve fixed reward of 10000

Credit score:
Every new participant starts with a credit score of 100% ,this rating grows higher with time. That way participants wouldn't be in a rush to break the rules or commit atrocities. For every unmatched donation cancelled, a 5% credit score is automatically deducted A 24 hour payment time extension would cost you a 25% credit score Whenever a participant is discovered guilty of uploading a fake pop , 30% is deducted and second default leads to deletion of account. Credibility score also grows whenever participant upload picture, provides help, write a testimony...etc

Register now on
Contact 08160710786 for more info

Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post for [ ]. I have been compensated tthrough. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”
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4 Factors That Can Kill Your Blogging Career

author-pic About author
Chivalry Benson, a passionate Blogger, The Brain Behind [].

A slow website will result your loss of conversions from visitors who are currently on your site, this in turn results in loss of potential readers and fans, some factors which can make your website slow include:


[i]. Unoptimised pages
[ii]. Uncompressed https
[iii]. Javascript issues
[iv]. Website layout (this is very important because visitors mainly scan through the contents rather than read them)
[v]. Too much flash etc.

In 2010 Google added site speed to the list of parameters for determining site rankings, now the speed at which someone could view the content from a search result would be a factor.

This boost your site SEO and ranking which definitely increases conversion rates and more clicks. A slow website will not be able to achieve good google ranking and SEO conversion.

2. Web Hosting plan Actually: Your hosting account depends on the price you are ready to pay. The truth is a cheap hosting account could lead to low pagespeed performances. As seen today, a blog starts with little or no traffic and gradually begin to have very large traffic. It is important to know when to upgrade a shared hosting plan or migrate to a virtual server. Having the right hosting account and company to power your blog will ensure you maximum uptime and vice versa.

 3. Uninteresting Content: Many bloggers spend most of their time making their homepage interesting and the rest pages uninteresting. According to Forrester Research , in 2015, 54% of internet users found websites/blogs through search engine results, 32 percent through social networks, and 28 percent said that they found websites through links from other websites, so your homepage visits will reduce. Homepages are not a blog’s main entry point anymore. It is vital to note that articles, blog posts or any other content that you add on your blog is also attracting traffic, which means every post should be interesting. Always use words everyone can relate to when posting, this makes your content more interesting and relatable.

 4. Much traffic to your blog will reduce when readers find only old, outdated information and no new posts. If they have nothing new to read, do you think they will visit again? The answer is NO It is very important to have at least a juicy post on a daily basis. It’s also important to maintain a balance between posting too much and not posting at all. Posting less frequently will make your readers lose touch with your blog.

It is much easier to keep a loyal reader base when they have got information to read about each time they visit your blog. It’s also important to maintain a balance between posting too much and not posting at all. Posting less frequently will make your readers lose touch with your blog. It is much easier to keep a loyal reader base when they have got information to read about each time they visit your blog.

A reader’s intention of visiting your blog is not to look at the design or layout, but rather it is to find the solution and get informed. Whogohost BizGrowth is the perfect way to start an excellent blogging career, she presents the solution to the above mentioned factors. BizGrowth, gives you the best packages for less, it offers the following:-

1. Fully optimised and user friendly website designs
2. Fast and reliable Hosting
3. Result oriented digital marketing
4. Branding services, Etc

Am Sure With The Aids of this Article, You are expose to the (4) Factors That Can Kill Your Blogging Career.

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Top Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has a huge amount of great plugins to use, especially when it comes to page builders. Knowing which ones to use can be difficult. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the top front-end and backend page builders for you to view. If you want to create a stunning WordPress page, then these will definitely help you out.


Before we start with the best page builder plugins, please note the difference between theme builders and page builders. The list here only focuses on the latter and if you’re just looking for help with the theme, you might want to consider other plugins.


If you want a fast and intuitive builder, FastLine should be at the top of your list. The plugin has a free version, which is enough for most people that are just creating a personal and semi-serious site. If you want something a bit more advanced, you can also upgrade the version.

FastLine has pre-built layouts that make it quick to get started. There’s a slide out window, which you can use to search additional elements and adding widgets and customised layouts won’t take more than a few clicks.


Upfront is a great builder and the basic version is free to use. However, if you really enjoy using it, you can always upgrade to reveal some more advanced features.

What can you do with Upfront? The tool allows you to drag, scale, customise and position your elements in real time. It’s perfect for those looking for a simple design and those wanting to create something super innovative. You can add sticky navigation, mega sliders and even Google maps in an instant.

Live Composer

The builder used to be a premium plugin but you can now enjoy it for free. Live Composer offers a lot of elements to help you add images, galleries and stylised fonts to your site. It can also be used to create columns and add new rows to existing layouts. It’s quite easy to use and works well on simple and more demanding sites.

Drag and Drop Builder Plugin

Another super easy to use plugin is the Drag and Drop Builder Plugin. If you’re just starting out and you don’t want to spend hours learning to use the builder, this should be your pick. The free builder does have a solid text editor and it allows you to include sliders, tabs and buttons. It’s great for including basic elements to your site, but you won’t find any fancy features here.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin’s plugin is free to use and it’s great for sites that feature plenty of widgets. The builder allows you to add a number of widgets on the site – including things like self-hosted videos, calls to action, and galleries. Its price boxes are also perfect for websites selling items.
 SiteOrigin is rather basic, but if you don’t require a lot of fancy elements, it might be just what your site needs.


For those looking for a more advanced experience, VelocityPage is worth considering. The drag-and-drop builder is not free, but there are different packages available to cater to your needs.

It works with most of the WordPress themes, although you definitely want to consider using one of the plugin’s own themes for best functionality. There are enough features to create customised designs with VelocityPage and using the site is rather intuitive and simple.

WR Page Builder

WR Page Builder, which was previously known as IG Page Builder, is a great free builder. It also has the option for paid upgrades, if you require a bit more juice from your builder. WR Page builder is super simple to use – perfect for those that are just starting out in WordPress. The layouts on offer are responsive and good for creating innovative pages.

You can also use the builder for posts or pages. It provides you with widget support, built-in shortcodes and tons of other styling options. There’s also a preview mode, which guarantees you don’t need to worry about unfinished designs going live.

Visual Composer

If you’re willing to fork out a bit of cash, you should consider Visual Composer. The builder is a popular plugin, as it’s been used to create themes on sale at Themeforest.


However, the plugin is not the easiest to use if you have no experience on page builders. The editing is a bit more complex and the layouts can be harder to implement than in some of the above drag-and-drop builders. However, if you’re willing to learn and you’re already seasoned in WordPress, then give this builder a go.

So, if you are looking to create yourself a WordPress page and you need an innovative way to build the page, consider some of the above page builders. Don’t forget that you can find books to learn more about WordPress and web building online. Check out for savings codes to retailers like Amazon and AbeBooks.

Once you pick your favourite page builder from above, you can start building your dream site!

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How To Transfer Wordpress From Wordpress.Com Site To Self Hosted Site

WordPress is divided into two segment which are and this two platform are similar to Google blogger but has it own separate links so for you to be able to acess.
The creation of a WordPress website or blog is somehow confusing because most newbies have this thinking of creating the blog before buying a domain which is not possible in but you can use to create a free one.


First we need to start by Installing WordPress on your hosting account or if you don't have then you need to read this steps here

Steps on how Export the files of your site.

Step 1
First you need to navigate to

Step 2
Then log in to your  dashboard.

Step 3
Move to the left-hand navigation menu,

Step 4
Now click Tools >> Export.

Step 5
Then Download the XML (WXR) file to your local computer.

Steps on how to Import the files of your site into your hosting account

Step 1
First you need to Log in to the WordPress dashboard installed on your hosting account via

replace domainname with your new custom domain you have on Whogohost

Step 2
Then on your left-hand navigation menu, click Tools> Import>WordPress.

Step 3
Now in the browse box, navigate to the export file that was downloaded to your local computer.

Step 4
Then click the Upload & Import File button.

Step 5
When all the files have been imported, just refresh your wordpress site to view the newly imported contents.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you want to know more on how to set up a wordpress blog using whogohost
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Blogger.Com - Create A Unique And Beautiful Blog

Blogger is a platform that helps you create a beautiful blog and easy to customize with less coding. Blogger has being in existence for so long and has some wonderful features and theme which was recently updated.

Blogger is powered by Google and it is very cheap for it users because you just need a domain name with a good design and that's all.

Just follow this steps carefully and if you have any issue try to drop it in the comment box below

Step 1
First you need to visit your

Step 2
Now click on Sign In. It is located at the upper-right corner of the screen

Step 3
Enter a Display Name and click Continue to Blogger.

Step 4
Then click on Create New Blog tab at the top.

Step 5
Now type a title for your blog, short and simple

Step 6
Type a URL for your blog most time it might be unavailable just be sensitive.

Step 7
Enter the word verification and click Continue.

Step 8
Then select your template or theme, the main design and layout of your new blog.

Step 9
Now finally click on "Create blog".

Step 10
Click on "Theme". It's near the bottom of the menu on the left side of the page. This allows you to customize the look of your blog beyond the elements contained in the starter template.


Step 11
Customize the design by Clicking on "Customize button" for easy customization.


Click on "Edit HTML" if you know more about HTML coding

Step 12
Scroll down and click on Settings, here you can adjust other settings like "language", search engine visibility, and many more

Step 13
Then click on "Posts, comments and sharing". In this menu, you can adjust publishing, comments, and if or how your blog is shared beyond the Blogger platform.

Step 14
Finally Click on "Basic" and then +Add authors or admins.

Learn How to Create Post, Draft Post And Publish Post on Blogger Blog
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How To Transfer Funds To Another Payoneer Card Via The Make A Payment Service

Payoneer is a large financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard Incorporated. The company is headquartered in New York City.

Below are some few steps on how to transfer funds to another payoneer card via the make a payment service, just follow it carefully.

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Step 1
First you need to log in to your Payoneer online account using your email and password.

Step 2
Now go to Pay and then Make a Payment.

Step 3
Then fill in the payment details

Step 4
Now follow the on-screen instructions.

That's all hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
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Protect Your Wordpress Blogs Or Websites From Spam

Spam simply means irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading.


Today we want to show you how to make good use of Akismet as one of the best anti spam for every website on self hosted WordPress site.

Akismet is an advanced hosted anti-spam service aimed at thwarting the underbelly of the web. It efficiently processes and analyzes masses of data from millions of sites and communities in real time. To fight the latest and dirtiest tactics embraced by the world’s most proficient spammers, it learns and evolves every single second of every single day. Because you have better things to do.

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Below are some few steps on how to protect your wordpress blogs or websites from spam just follow the steps carefully.

Step 1
First you need to Login to  wordpress website with your email and password so as to access your Dashboard.

Step 2
Move to your Plugins >>> Installed.

Step 3
Then you need to click on Akismet Activate button.

Step 4
After activation of the plugin you need get API key

Step 5
Now Click on Activate your Akismet account and Click on Get your API key

Step 6
Now Signing up using your correct details.

Step 7
After signup process, you will get an API key in your registered e-mail id. Enter API Key in following box

Step 8
Finally click on Use This Key to complete process.

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