Top Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

Top Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has a huge amount of great plugins to use, especially when it comes to page builders. Knowing which ones to use can be difficult. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the top front-end and backend page builders for you to view. If you want to create a stunning WordPress page, then these will definitely help you out.


Before we start with the best page builder plugins, please note the difference between theme builders and page builders. The list here only focuses on the latter and if you’re just looking for help with the theme, you might want to consider other plugins.


If you want a fast and intuitive builder, FastLine should be at the top of your list. The plugin has a free version, which is enough for most people that are just creating a personal and semi-serious site. If you want something a bit more advanced, you can also upgrade the version.

FastLine has pre-built layouts that make it quick to get started. There’s a slide out window, which you can use to search additional elements and adding widgets and customised layouts won’t take more than a few clicks.


Upfront is a great builder and the basic version is free to use. However, if you really enjoy using it, you can always upgrade to reveal some more advanced features.

What can you do with Upfront? The tool allows you to drag, scale, customise and position your elements in real time. It’s perfect for those looking for a simple design and those wanting to create something super innovative. You can add sticky navigation, mega sliders and even Google maps in an instant.

Live Composer

The builder used to be a premium plugin but you can now enjoy it for free. Live Composer offers a lot of elements to help you add images, galleries and stylised fonts to your site. It can also be used to create columns and add new rows to existing layouts. It’s quite easy to use and works well on simple and more demanding sites.

Drag and Drop Builder Plugin

Another super easy to use plugin is the Drag and Drop Builder Plugin. If you’re just starting out and you don’t want to spend hours learning to use the builder, this should be your pick. The free builder does have a solid text editor and it allows you to include sliders, tabs and buttons. It’s great for including basic elements to your site, but you won’t find any fancy features here.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin’s plugin is free to use and it’s great for sites that feature plenty of widgets. The builder allows you to add a number of widgets on the site – including things like self-hosted videos, calls to action, and galleries. Its price boxes are also perfect for websites selling items.
 SiteOrigin is rather basic, but if you don’t require a lot of fancy elements, it might be just what your site needs.


For those looking for a more advanced experience, VelocityPage is worth considering. The drag-and-drop builder is not free, but there are different packages available to cater to your needs.

It works with most of the WordPress themes, although you definitely want to consider using one of the plugin’s own themes for best functionality. There are enough features to create customised designs with VelocityPage and using the site is rather intuitive and simple.

WR Page Builder

WR Page Builder, which was previously known as IG Page Builder, is a great free builder. It also has the option for paid upgrades, if you require a bit more juice from your builder. WR Page builder is super simple to use – perfect for those that are just starting out in WordPress. The layouts on offer are responsive and good for creating innovative pages.

You can also use the builder for posts or pages. It provides you with widget support, built-in shortcodes and tons of other styling options. There’s also a preview mode, which guarantees you don’t need to worry about unfinished designs going live.

Visual Composer

If you’re willing to fork out a bit of cash, you should consider Visual Composer. The builder is a popular plugin, as it’s been used to create themes on sale at Themeforest.


However, the plugin is not the easiest to use if you have no experience on page builders. The editing is a bit more complex and the layouts can be harder to implement than in some of the above drag-and-drop builders. However, if you’re willing to learn and you’re already seasoned in WordPress, then give this builder a go.

So, if you are looking to create yourself a WordPress page and you need an innovative way to build the page, consider some of the above page builders. Don’t forget that you can find books to learn more about WordPress and web building online. Check out www.hotuksavings.co.uk for savings codes to retailers like Amazon and AbeBooks.

Once you pick your favourite page builder from above, you can start building your dream site!