Display Matched Content Ads on Your BlogSpot Blog

Display Matched Content Ads on Your BlogSpot Blog

Matched content units can be display several per pag and  It is also advisable to display only two units. one should be below your article while the second should be on your sidebar. If you check i have added just one unit at the bottom of my blog posts.


Just follow these steps on how  to display matched content in your blogspot blog

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Step 1
First you need to visit your Blogger dashboard then select your approved blog for Matched Content Code

Step 2
Click on "Themes" Backup your template first.

Step 3
Click "Edit HTML" Search for this code below using Ctrl+F


Check screenshot


Note that this code will appear several times depending on your layout. Choose the last occurrence of this code.

Step 4
Then parse your Matched Content Code Here

Note that when parsing your code CLI k on convert once

Step 5
Paste your Matched Content Code just at the bottom/below the code in "step 3"

Note that when using the responsive code then kindly replace async with async='' inside your code to avoid getting errors in your blogger template editor


  1. I tried to do this but I cant see the option. Is it dependent on traffic ?

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