Online Business Vs Offline Business Which Pays More?

Online Business Vs Offline Business Which Pays More?

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Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel He is a Blogger, a Freelancer, a Business Psychologist and a Motivator.

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Firstly, I want to give kudos to everyone in the business world, it takes the hunger and thirst for greatness for one to leave his/her comfort zone to venture into this present competitive business world.

This is a very controversial issue I decided to write on, I have seen people argue on this topic and I have also seen investors pounder on which of the market to venture in.

May I start by saying both the online business market and offline business market has their own respective advantages and disadvantages.

It is normal for online business gurus to want to defend their market and the same with offline business people.

Holding to the above statement, I still maintain that they both pay and they pay well. Irrespective of the on you go for, what matters most is your ability to groom and build your business.

If offline business happens to be better of, if you don't still manage it well, it will still be as good as useless. Venturing into the business world requires you to think which one you really want to do and can handle.

Most mistake of people often come from covetousness and indecisiveness. Just because you heard there is this online deal that pays like ritual you jump into it whereas the main place where you can function and get cool cash and recognition is offline.

I can categorically say that the online market is getting new people on daily basis.

• Everybody wants to be a blogger

• Everybody wants to be a site owner

• Everybody wants to be a content marketer and so on.

Offline business are also getting lots of intakes on daily basis. Different types of products being introduced.

There is money online and there is money offline. None is better than the other, there is none that won't give you the returns you want. All is based on your;

1. Management skill and

2. Marketing skill.

Below I will be stating some business idea in the online market.

• Affiliate marketing

• Blogging

• Auction selling –eBay

• E-Book Publishing

• Website flipping business

• Research and sell information online

• Start Trading Forex Online

• Web hosting reselling business

• Web Design

• Social Media Consultancy

• Web Promotion

• Become a Freelance Writer

• E-book cover designer etc

From the offline business market, we have

• Bulk sms business

• Web design

• Photography and video coverage

• Event management and decoration

• Uni-sex saloon

• Cleaning agency

• Supplies

• Advertising Agency

• Laundry Service

• Cosmetics Supply

• Career Counseling

• Catering service etc.

Both platforms carries wonderful opportunities and business ideas, none can be said to be better than the other.

Getting into any of the market requires you to seat and think on how much capital you have and how good you will be able to give in what it takes.

Use the comment box for questions,contribution and advise seeking on any of the businesses.