Reasons Why Traffic So Hard To Get

There is a small secret to it, or well, not a secret but a method I discovered when I first got into blogging for income.

Stop thinking about traffic, income and all of that. Blog about something YOU like and that you KNOW something about. How does this work?


Simple, I used to run an old blog in the gaming niche, I wrote maybe ten posts and after a month, no results. I kinda gave up. Then suddenly one day, I got a traffic report that I had over a thousand daily visitors. I was quite shocked as the only SEO I actually did was using my keywords in the posts.
What made the blog fairly popular in that specific niche was simply that I was human. I didn’t act like someone who wanted to make a quick dime. People liked my content and how I interacted with the readers.

While remembering SEO and all related to it, it’s still important to write naturally, when it comes to blogs that is. Look at the biggest blogs out there, they write about something they love and get famous for it because of it.

And yes, writing more posts increases your traffic obviously, however make sure to write good. But remember, blogs are blogs, not ecommerce sites, not company sites but blogs.

Note: My blog also offered free products in the niche so that also helped a great deal to get traffic. Also, the niche wasn’t saturated, I only had about thirty competing sites, so beating them wasn’t hard when I was the only passionate and active person in the niche.

Second note: I just realized that I made a huge post when I could have summarized it all..

3 tips that I have found critical to success:

  1. Headings with questions rather than answers stimulate interest if your audience truly relates. For example, “Are you having a problem losing weight?” rather than, “Weight loss solutions”. Then, once they are stimulated to read, connect in to the question in your header. For example, “If you’re having a problem losing weight, you’re probably feeling discouraged. I know I was, but what I found was……”
  2. Write for your audience not for yourself. Have you got a specific target audience with a real need? Because you need to be writing for them rather than yourself.
  3. Make your content viral by making it entertaining or enlightening and then syndicating it on social media sites.

There’s no guarantees in the blogging world, but I hope you find these tips helpful and have great success in the future.

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