10 Most Annoying Stereotypes about Slavic Women

10 Most Annoying Stereotypes about Slavic Women

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It is always annoying when strangers start treating you according to their “deep knowledge” which is nothing but banal and total cliché. In the most cases, this doesn’t have anything in common with the truth but it is difficult to understand if you don’t live in the country and all your knowledge is based on some news, rumors and strange stories of the acquaintances. There are many Ukrainian women stereotypes which annoy the women not less than some stupid and unfunny jokes.
10 Most Annoying Stereotypes about Slavic Women

1. All the girls want to emigrate.
If you are sure that all the Slavic girls give eye-teeth for moving to another country for a chance at a ‘better life’, get your mind off all this. Many Slavic girls are smart and well-educated, they know several languages and like to travel. Of course, every person is looking for some better life conditions and the girls want to find them too, but they do not dream about leaving their own countries.

2. These girls are emotionless.
It is difficult to say since when the foreigners started to think this way about the beautiful and passionate Slavic women. Maybe once a beauty has rejected a man with a poker face and he has decided that all the beauties are so cold and emotionless. Rumors can play a big role in cliché creating! In order to understand these women better, learn how to read Ukrainian girls body language.  
10 Most Annoying Stereotypes about Slavic Women

3. Slavic girls cannot do without men.
Girls cannot live without men because they need love and attention, but they are able to do almost everything without men. Historically, women are used to waking up earlier than the whole family in order to prepare breakfast and devote time to themselves or to go to the gym. They are amazing housewives and cook. If it will be necessary some of them even will be able to chop wood. 

4. Most girls are blonde with blue eyes.
You might be surprised but there are so many girls with different hairs and eyes colors. You can meet all shades of fair-haired and blonde as well as natural brunet and even red-headed. Besides, many girls like to experiment with their looks, including hairstyle.

5. Girls’ makeup is like war paint.
If you imagine that all the girls make smoky eyes with blue eye shadow for every occasion, you are quite wrong. This fashion left in early 90-s. Most of the girls use just basic set of makeup, which includes mascara and lip balm in order to highlight their natural beauty.

6. Slavic girls are just fortune-hunters.
It has nothing in common with a nation. You can find such girls in any country with any skin color and shape of eyes. In fact, Slavic girls are more tolerant with financial status of their men than many other. Do not use such unpleasant labels in relation to the nation and personal qualities of the girls if you do not know them personally.

7. Girls get old too quickly.
This nonsense can be told only by envious people who try to cheer themselves up because they have not conquered these beauties. Slavic women watch their nutrition and continue to do exercises even after late 50.  

8. Slavic girls are not smart.
If you look carefully at the statistics, you will see that the majority of Slavic girls are very intelligent and well-educated. Moreover, many women with Slavic roots take serious positions all over the world.

9. These girls are lazy and do not want to work.
You will hardly find more hardworking girls than Slavic girls are. If you think that they buy nice clothes or go to travel because they have rich parents or boyfriends, you are wrong. Most of them work really a lot. 

10. Slavic girls are “fashion victims”.
The time when the girls wore heels for no reason in combination with too short skirts is already passed. Nowadays, girls wear outfits in accordance with the occasions but they still try to look feminine and charming. 

10 Most Annoying Stereotypes about Slavic Women

Now that all myths are dispelled, go find a Ukrainian girl.