How many Backlink we can Create in a Day?

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Backlink are link from other site to your website or blog either quality once not but the are all called backlink.


I watched a video lately about this subject. It was a Matt Cutts (Head of spam in Google) video. He said you can create as many links as you want as long as you don’t violate Googles rules. Just don’t spam.

And here is how you don’t spam …

1. Create links from commenting on blogs and forums, but it must be relevant and helpful. Not only a link, but provide a helpful information.

2. When you create articles, write useful articles, not just articles to get a link.

So basically build links that help others, not bother them. Build where it is logical and useful.

And you don’t have to build a lot of links to rank. 1 quality link is much better than 1000 spamy links.

Also I recommend that you focus on quality links, focusing on getting at least one quality backlink a day, if youre serious about it. This can either be a guest post, a press release on a good website, a social media share on a decent active page. Stuff like that, focus on those things and you wont have to worry of the number of backlinks.

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man


  1. You've just displayed the exact attitude the poster is taking about.

    Backlink is essential to any serious blogge, apart from it numerous benefits it's also a tools to boost blog traffic which will in turn means MORE MONEY

  2. Sure a single backlink from pr9 website is better than 1000 backlinks from lower pagerank websites. Rather spend you time building smart backlinks not huge backlinks. Take time to do pr dr research and learn necessary ways to make this backlinks relevant or else you are doing more good than harm. Cheers!!

  3. Mat, actually this is the truth. Many focus on many spam backlinks forgetting that 1 quality backlink from PR9 site is better off than 1000's of spam of sort. Good article for helping bloggers to know the takes in building backlinks and getting traffic in return.

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