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Check If Your Blog Is Eligible For Matched Content


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Matched content recommendations are based on topic similarity and are personalized for the reader. Our experiments show that on average Matched Content recommendations increase the number of pages viewed by 9% and the time spent on site by 10%.


At present Matched content is available only for blogs with multiple pages and high volumes of traffic. You can easily find out if your blog is eligible for Matched content by checking the "My sites" section in your AdSense account.

Jut follow these steps to check the eligibility of your blog:

Step 1
First you need to Sign in to your AdSense account.


Step 2
Then click the gear icon and then select Settings.

Step 3
At the sidebar, select My sites.

Step 4
Then under "My sites", click Matched content.

Step 5
In the "Sites" section, check to see if your blog is listed.

Step 6
If your blog is listed, you can surely place Matched content units on any of its pages.

If your blog isn't listed, then it's not currently eligible for Matched content.
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  1. I can't find that "matched content" in my adsense dashboard. Please what do I do?

    1. Matched content ads are not yet available to everyone. Google will send you an invite if your web site is eligible to participate in the matched content ads program. Currently they are available to websites that have many pages and a lot of traffic.

      You can check if the feature is available for your website by logging to your adsense account and going to site management. If one of your websites is eligible it will show as “Ready” in the Matched content column.

  2. Ok only for those with adsense.

  3. Nice article it was really creative writing


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