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Power banks are fastest growing charging electronics on the market. The main reason for that is because power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Before power banks existed, we were forced to use USB wall chargers and the thing with wall chargers is that our devices that are charging must stay close to the USB charger in order to charge.

Power banks have solved that problem though, as we’re able to charge our devices while we’re on-the-go. With that said, since power banks have become so popular, there are quite a lot companies that now sell power banks. This is both a good and bad thing. The part of this is that there’s more variety to choose from among power banks and there are more innovations. However, the major flaw of this is that there are lots of companies that sell low-quality power banks.

Ultimately, it can be difficult to know what power banks are right for you and what you should be looking for when you purchase a power bank. In this article, I’ll be going the major points that you should look for in a power bank when you’re about to purchase one.

The Kinds of size and Power Capacity that you’re searching for 


A power bank is built on its power capacity and the reasons that I say that is because that’s what makes it a portable charger. With that said, the power capacity is in control of two major things. That would the amount of full charges that your devices are able to get; as well as the size of the power bank.

Which means that there are two main types of power banks are the market. These two types are basically present with every type of power bank on the market and that means you’re going to have to have a little bit of sacrifice when you choose one over the other.


Power banks that have Low Power Capacities - Power banks that have low power capacities are ones that are used the most. The reason for that is because since they have low power capacities, it means that there are fewer batteries being used. In most cases, with power banks that have power capacities of 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh; those types of power banks just use a single battery. As a result, they’re able to fit into your pocket and you can hold them.

Of course, with many things in life, there’s equivalent exchange when it comes to Mini power banks. And in this case, it would be that you’re only able to charge most smartphones once or twice before they’re fully depleted of their power. So they’re not long lasting.


Power banks that have high power capacities - However, there are power banks that have higher power capacities and these ones are not used nearly as much as those Mini power banks. The reason for that is because they have many batteries that are larger; so the power bank itself is larger. For what these power banks lack with their portability, they make up for it with their powering. That’s because they have power capacities that are high enough to charge most smartphones and tablets to full power many times.

Charging Power


Charging speeds are very important for power banks because it’s the way that you can actually experience a power bank. If get a power bank with slow 1 Amp charging speeds, then it’s going to take a while for your smartphone to fully charge and even longer if you’re charging a tablet with that kind of speed. Which is why it’s vital to purchase a power bank that has fast enough charging speeds that your devices charge to full power at a good pace and then you can stop relying on the power bank.

Which is why it’s best to own a power bank that has a charging speed of 5V/2.0A or higher. The reason for that is because most smartphones are able to charge at their max charging speeds at 2 Amp. For tablets, a 2.4A charging speed is a max speed.


With that said, it's also important to know about special charging techs like Quick Change or USB-C ports that some power banks may feature. Since there are lots of power banks on the market that feature such charging technologies and it’s best to use those devices with the technologies that they’re compatible with; because that would result in faster charging speeds.

Another important part about charging is the recharging speed of a power bank. A fast recharging is vital because it’s basically how fast you’re able to use the power bank again. Most Mini power bank has somewhat slow recharging because they have low power capacities and they’re fast to refill anyways. As for high capacity power banks, those are the ones that are the most important to have fast charging speed with. The reason for that is because you don’t want a high capacity power bank to have a single Input port to have a recharge speed of 5V/1.0A. Since that would result in a very long recharge time.

Instead, most good quality power banks have a 2A Input speed, some of them use two Input ports for double the recharge and some even use Quick Charge or USB-C for recharging.

 Brands of Power Banks

Since there are so many companies that sell power banks on the market, it’s vital to purchase from companies that know what they’re doing. I say that because there are quite a lot of companies that sell power banks, and they state how their portable chargers are among the best. Yet their power banks have slow charging, larger sizes than needed and they have short warranties.

Companies that sell good quality power banks are ones that know what their product is capable of and they know what they’re selling. This means they have special techs like USB-C or Quick Charge, their power banks have good reviews, and they have long warranties that basically affirms that the company stands behind their products.