How To Create a Vitual Credit Card with

Virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created using the State Bank Internet Banking facility for ecommerce (online) transactions. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card. Barter makes it easy for Finance for developers for startups for individuals for sales to track team spending.

Create virtual cards and give them to your business partners and colleagues. Keep track of upcoming expenses and manage your teams spending all in one place.

Step 1
First you need to visit their website Here

Step 2
Then signup and fill correct details and make sure you kept your email and password save.

Step 3
After successful sign up now login to Your account wallet.

Step 4
Then click on Cards at the Sidebar.

Step 5
Then finally Click [+] Virtual Card to create new card.

After successful creation of card, you will be prompt to make payments with your choice of card! Select NGN from the Tab there, Type in amount in USD you want to load into the card, minimum amount is 1 USD, follow the rest process and violaa your card is created and ready for use!.


  1. Virtual Credit card created uses the expiry date of the card used for its loading

  2. If you want to get your CVV code, simply hoover on the created card. They are three in numbers.
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  1. hey, this is cool to know, will check them out.

  2. Thank you sir, this post is more than useful

  3. Thank you sir, this post is more than useful

  4. No merchant accepts this card either in Nigeria, China, or even US. my biggest mistake. credited $500 to it already