Bing love updated content, the more you can give them, the more often they will visit your site.

Google is quit slow in this ratio, and i have noted bing updated my sites more often during my site updates. Its 100% automated, and google need manual fetch page to get informed.


Focus on content first, everything will come. Some guidelines and tools that you should know

Bing Webmaster Guidelines – These guidelines of using Bing are actually pretty easy and, unlike Google’s guidelines, are very short. So read it as soon as you can.

Bing Webmaster Tools – These tools that Bing provides are really helpful. Not only can you explore the backlinks, you can also check keywords that you rank for, and site index.

Bing SEO Analyser – Enter your website’s URL on the Bing SEO Analyser to find if your page is following the recommended practices of Bing SEO. Moreover, it will give you advice and suggestions about ranking higher.

Bing Search Quality Blog – This blog keeps you updated about the world of search engines, and provides insights on what new features Bing is testing these days.