Social Bookmarking Listing Can Attract Traffic

Social Bookmarking Listing Can Attract Traffic

Social bookmarking is now considered a very traditional way of promoting a website. But if used properly it still can be very effective. So what is social bookmarking? It is ideally just a way to organize, search, store and manage the bookmarks of different web pages.

It is normal for users to save links to various web pages that they like and want to share. And for this, they use the bookmarking site to store such links. Usually, these bookmarks are public and anyone can view them. Some examples of such bookmarking sites include digg.com and del.icio.us.

Social Bookmarking Listing Can Attract Traffic

Social bookmarking can help improve traffic to your website. Sites such as mentioned above give you an opportunity to attract lots of traffic to the site. Research suggests that these websites offer best types of visitors in the form of viral traffic.

Visitors reaching your site through bookmarking sites generally visit because your website appeared during their search for a particular topic they were looking for. It is very important that you choose the right strategy for bookmarking the sites and also pick up the exact sites that allow such practices.

Because there are certain bookmarking sites that also mark your links to other websites as ‘nofollow.’ If such a thing happens the search engines stop following these links and you will not be able to get any benefit.

Search Engines List Bookmarking Sites

Search engines are known to list results that come from bookmarking sites. Hence if the links to your site are bookmarked, they have the maximum probability of showing up in the search results.

It is quite possible that people who are used to bookmarking may mark more than one bookmarking site increasing your chances of promoting your website.

Add Social Bookmarking Buttons

Many websites have social bookmarking buttons to their website. With a social bookmark links to the website or blog, it becomes easier for the readers to share and save your content. So, others can easily find it.