Verifying Ownership of your WordPress Site with Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. Monitor your site's performance in Google Search results if you have issue you can hire your webmaster or a marketing specialist to help you set up your website

Step 1
First sign in to the Google search console dashboard

Step 2
Click the red Add a Site button in the upper-right corner.

Step 3
Enter the URL for your website, for example:

Step 4
Then Click on continue.

Step 5
Then you will be prompted to verify the domain.

Step 6
Just Click the Alternate Methods tab to verify the ownership using an HTML tag

Step 7
WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast (recommended), there will be a field in the plugin settings for you to verify your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Step 8
Copy the HTML tag from the Google Webmaster Tools page and paste it into this field.

Step 9
Here’s what it looks like in the General (Dashboard) Settings page for the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Step 10
If you are using the Jetpack plugin (which is the only way to verify the site if you are hosted on,

Step 11
First you need to go to Jetpack

Step 12
Click Settings and activate the Site Verification module. (It is probably already activated.)

Step 13
Then, go to Tools > Available Tools and you will see this page where you can paste your Meta tag from Google

Step 14
Click Save Changes for the plugin settings. (Note: If you view the Page Source of your site in your browser window, you should now see the verification meta tag in the header area of the HTML.

Step 15
Go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click the Verify button. Be sure you are still in the Alternate Methods tab and have selected HTML tag.

Step 16
If the site does not verify, be sure you copied the content of the meta tag correctly by viewing the page source of one of your web pages in the browser.

Step 17
If you can’t see the meta tag, be sure that you have cleared the cache for any caching plugin you may be using. If you still have difficulty, you can verify using the “Recommend Method” and download the HTML file Google provides and upload that file to your public_html directory, then click Verify.

Step 18
Once the site is verified, click the red Add a Site button again. This time, add your site using the www version of the site, e.g.

Step 19

Click the Alternate Methods tab to verify the ownership using an HTML tag as you did in Step 5 above.

Step 20
However, this time, you do NOT need to add this tag to your website because it is identical to the one you just added.

Step 21
All we are doing is verifying ownership of both the www and non-www versions of the site (which seems silly, I know, but must be done).

Step 22
Click the Verify button, and the site should verify just fine.
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