What Celebrities Say about Homework

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Homework remains a crucial aspect of the learning experience. However, homework has been an interesting topic to debate in the academic circles for years. Educators, parents, students and other people have shared their opinions about homework.

Celebrities have also been drawn to this debate as you will see in our infographic. But, regardless of these opinions instructors still give students tasks to do outside the school. That’s because the homework concept is so ingrained in the learning culture that instructors can’t think about teaching without homework. On the other hand, students that are bombarded with too much work use different means, including online homework help to beat strict submission deadlines.

The Situation

Studies reveal that 38% of parents say that their children get too much homework. 26% say that homework is just right. 33% report that their children spend 5-10 hours doing homework every week while 14% report that their children spend more than 10 hours on homework. Clearly, homework remains a battleground for teachers, students, and parents. It’s for this reason that homework has always attracted the attention of many people. For instance, recent studies show that homework improves understanding and retention. On the other hand, some parents and celebrities argue that learning takes place anywhere rather than just at school or while doing schoolwork.

Key Benefits

Apart from fostering understanding and retention, homework helps in developing essential skills among students. These include discipline, study skills, responsibility, and independence. These skills are very important because they make learners responsible adults that can deal with life challenges on their own. Additionally, homework involves parents in the learning process of their kids. This enhances their appreciation of their kids’ education thereby developing a positive attitude towards the schooling process. Nevertheless, parents, celebrities, and other education stakeholders agree that students should not be given too much work such that they struggle to accomplish everything in their homework planner. Let’s now check out what some celebrities say about doing homework in our infographic: 

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