11 Tips on How to Create Good Backlink

11 Tips on How to Create Good Backlink

Well, what does good back link means.. ? In layman's language it means you have a back link which passes the link juice i.e. the SEO to your site, in order to get a good back link what you need to do is keep a look onto the niche. It means get the back link from the sites having same niche as yours, do keep a look at the Alexa, Page rank, Page authority and Domain Authority of the site you are trying to get back link from.

You can increase your search engine rankings if you create one way backlinks to your website. Below are the steps;

1. Submit articles based on your subjects based on knowledge in a particular field. articles sites like; Ezine, Squidoo etc.

2. Find opportunities to guest blog about your area of interest or your business.
3. Find sites on which you may be able to submit a guest blog.

4. Post Comments on external blogs in your industry so that you can able to give the quality ans.

5. Use PR networks or post/submit press releases for your industry you will get good backlinks from PR sites.

6. Submit videos related to your product. Choose popular sites like YouTube for post videos.

7. Search some good Q & A sites and create 100% catchy profile or bio for those sites. Participate in Q & A sites like. Yahoo, Quora etc.

8. Submit URL to link-building directories from directorty sites you will get some backlinks also.

9. Participate in social bookmarking and post urls in SBM sites. For example, link on Reddit, Digg or StumbleUpon, folkd, scoop it, diigo etc. Try to find out site with high page ranking.

10. Submit RSS feed to RSS directories.

11. Make profile in G+ with Anchor text and comprise the link. Go for interaction on Social net working site like; Linkedin, FB, Reddit, Hubpages, Twitter.

12. Try to keep update yourself. You need to listen what Google tell us.

Content based backlinks will really work great for you. It is important to select good websites related to your niche for posting the articles. Also, make sure that the article content is unique and useful to the readers.


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