APPLICATION SOFT WARE This addresses the multitude of tasks for which people use computers application software are classified based on what tasks they can be used to perform. example are word processing, database management, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, computer aided design etc.

Computer Science: Application Software

Word processing package: this is the use of word processing for preparing  documents .these feature many edition function including insertion and deletion of selected areas of text search facilities and access to a variety of fonts the user could make multiple changes to a document without extensive retyping and could check it before printing. example Microsoft word note pad, word star, word pad.

Desktop publishing package: The ability to design and lay out a printer page is know as desktop publishing. example  are corel draw page makerprint artist, Harvard etc.

Spreadsheet programs: this program has become essential in many business operations since its introduction. It is named after an accountants spreadsheet, in which numerical or text data or formulas are displayed in row and columns .used spreadsheet program information's can be introduced that automatically and swiftly affects entries across the enter spreadsheet complex program exist for the transfer of spreadsheet information through word processing techniques.examples  lotus Microsoft Excel money accounting etc.

Tip: do you know that there are two additional categories of software that are neither system nor application software although they contain elements of both are network software , which enable group of computer to communicate and language software, which provide programmer with the tool they need to write programs. 

BOOSTING: booting simply means the process of starting or resting  a computer and allow it to load the operating system and needed driver into the computer memory before use.