Fundamentals of  SEO-Copywriting

Fundamentals of SEO-Copywriting

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Sopuru Egbodo is an exceptionally good freelance content writer and digital marketing expert. He has worked with two different Nigerian digital marketing companies where he wrote contents for their blogs and also managed their clients’ online accounts. 

When it all comes to content marketing, the aims usually are to enlighten your blog or web audience by feeding them with contents that speaks to their pain points and equally solves their problems. The actions that follow, like purchasing from the business often comes as a reward for doing those well. In doing this, there is the need that web contents are optimized to rank high in search engines. This ensures that your content reach the intended end users.
Fundamentals of  SEO-Copywriting

But then how can a web content writer write contents that combine solving customer problems and as well rank high on search engines? This is the aim of SEO-copywriting.

What then is SEO-copywriting?
To understand this properly we need to separately explain the two terms involved. – SEO and copywriting.

SEO. Search engine optimization is an online marketing practice that involves efforts at increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or blog through organic search engine results. To achieve optimization for your website or blog there are various SEO tactics to use. SEO-copywriting is one of them.

Copywriting. Copywriting on its own involves the strategic delivery of words that get people to take some form of actions. It is a form of marketing technique that educates, engage, and move people to actions that benefit a business.

SEO copywriting then means, a specialized type of writing that involves the creation of useful contents which rank high in keywords searches in search engines. Neil Patel  describes it as being all about the creation of useful, compelling and valuable contents that targets specific key phrases which moves people to engage and share your content. When people engage with and share your content, it increases the authority and relevance of your content and improves its ranking in Google for the selected keywords.

SEO-copywriting services are one of the highly paid services rendered today by writers.

Elements of SEO Copywriting
Though search engines do not reveal how they rank websites, SEO experts know that there are certain procedures that get web contents to rank on search engines. To be able get your SEO content or SEO articles ranking high on search engines, there are certain procedures that SEO experts apply. They are:

Increasing Site speed. The site speed of a website affects the ranking of websites. According to an Akami study referenced by Neil Patel, 47% of end users expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less. This means that users who attempt to read content on your website bounces off once the website takes more time loading.

Use of Keywords. This perhaps is the most popular of all the SEO copywriting techniques and involves the use of key phrases which people search for on search engines. These keywords help websites appear on search engines when specific keywords related to them are searched for. A deficiency of keywords in contents renders them non-rank worthy for keywords in their niche.

Increasing the number of inbound links. To get your website ranking on search engines, linking to contents on other websites gives search engines the nudge that your website interacts with other websites and can serve as a resource for people needing information online. Search engines rewards websites like that with high rankings on their platforms.

Crafting attractive headlines. Who could ever think that a headline could wield any impact on the rankings of a website? But it does. Search engines reward seo unique content that has search-able headlines. But most importantly, seo articles with captivating headlines attract readers to your website organically.

No matter what topic or niche a copywriter is writing on, there’s need to do a thorough keyword research and write unique contents that would gain traffic for your website and make sure to stay away from sharp SEO practices that will lead to search engine penalties.

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