How do i Start Blogging  and How Much to Start With

How do i Start Blogging and How Much to Start With

Building a blog has to do with thinking and putting every idea you have in place like choosing a niche, also selection of platform is one thing you must be ready to do so that you won't be stressed out.

Writing a blog has easily become one of the most famous methods for interacting and growing facts and details. There are basically large numbers of weblogs online (don’t fear, you could create yours get noticed and get noticed!).

How do i Start Blogging  and How Much to Start With

The biggest question you will have to answer is what kind of content will you provide. Are you going to write about internet marketing? Are you going after a particular niche? I think once these questions are answered you will be well on your way to knowing your target market, audience, etc.

If you are going in the general field of make money online "mmo", then I suggest getting content ideas from places like this forum, and other similar forums that you can find with a quick google search. If you are going into a specific niche, make sure your offers are congruent with your blog type.

The last piece of advice is to leverage your time. As much as you can automate your business do it. As much as you can post, do it consistently. Start out with 1-3 posts a week and make sure to post your articles on syndication platforms and follow what leaders in your niche do.

It’s a great way to show yourself and also a amazing way to discuss details with others.
You become a better individual and a better author.

The best reason? You can generate income doing it!

5 Actions on How to Start a Blog

There’s five primary steps you need to go through in to set up your weblog. If you adhere to this information and the five steps, you’ll have your own weblog set up in Half an hour or less.

Get a domain for less than 12$ then your hosting plan  and get started but you don't need any hosting on blog all you need is just a domain name.

  • Choose your chosen weblog platform
  • Choose web hosting service for your blog
  • Setting up your weblog on your own domain
  • Design your blog
  • Useful useful blogging

Irrespective of anything few things you have to do else you will be in the loser category of blogging starting and ending in few days.

1. Good domain name.
2 dedicated quality server - most important
3. Don't get any paid theme or plugins downloaded for free and installed.
4. Change your Admin panel name from admin to some other.
5. Read ways to bring traffic.
6. Consistent but dedicated postings is the key to success.
7. Social share plays a major role.
8. Last backlinks , backlinks and backlinks else your blog will end within a month for sure....Personal experience which no one will till you...I too came to knw much later.


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  2. How do i get backlinks to ma blog it an entertainment niche

    1. Hello Sylvester, to get backlink to your entertainment blog, you need to comment consitently on other blogs related to your own. That is blogs on the same niche with yours, then you must leave a link back to your blog.