Blogger.com is one of the most simplest platform and easy to use base on how it was being built.

Having a blog is very important  and also adding a label  to your post is a nice idea that allows your visitors to be able to get the right information properly without any issues.

So today we are going to be talking on how to add a label to your post on blogspot and make sure you add label to those  post which you haven't add to before.

Step 1
First  you need to create a new post or you can just click on an already published post to edit. On the right hand side you will see “Post Settings.” Click on “Labels.”

Blogger label

Step 2
Then add or write all the labels that you would like to categorize your post and Make sure each label is separated by a comma and a space then before publishing your post.

How To Add Labels To Blogger Posts

Step 3
Finally  try to view your published post, you will see your labels appear at the bottom of your post.

Step 4
Then for additional  purpose just click on layout and add a gadget that has many options to list your labels on your sidebar for easy reference and that's  all.