How To Make Your Blog Url An House Hold Name

How To Make Your Blog Url An House Hold Name 11
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Mathias Amodu

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How To Make Your Blog Url An House Hold Name 11
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Kayode oluwatobiloba is a blogger at dailyguide, hoping to help you and your business.

One of the best things a man would ever seek or hope for is to be
successful at what he does. And to this, I bet you will agree with me
that fame is one of those things that makes up a career success.

How To Make Your Blog Url An House Hold Name

In my own view of things and those who would believe with me, I stand
to say that blogging is not just one of those online stuffs but a
business that is worth venturing into.

It saddens my heart to announce that so many bloggers who carry vision
and value are quitting the business because the fame is not coming as

So many blogger are pained because of the sleepless nights they spend
writing articles, the data bundles they invest in making research just
to make quality posts and yet the popularity is not coming fast.

Here is a message for you, don’t be bored reading, we have a gold to
dig out of the ground here so that your blog url can also become an
house hold name in Nigeria.

I have been able to collate 5 working strategies that will make your
blog url an house hold name and we are going to be discussing the one
by each below.

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1. Offer Value :
The blogging world is growing everyday and people keep strolling in
with different concepts and reasons.

So many bloggers care less of the values they can add to their readers
but are of more concern of what they can get from them.

Who pays for no reason ?

Your reader aint fools, they know when you are giving them value and
when you are not.

They know when your article are helpful, they might not be commenting
yet, they are just watching to see if you will be consistent.

If your blog url must become an house hold name, you must know that it
will be mentioned for one reason and that is the value you add.

Forget about your niche, every niche has the potential of offering
something great, it only take dedication to fish it out.

You are one this blog because it adds value.

2. Be Consistent :
Remember I said earlier that blogging is not just one of those online
stuffs but a business.

A business in its real sense has got lots of ups and downs. No
business booms in just two or three months. It takes time and

Will you take your time to go visit the footer of some great blog you
see today and you will discover things like;

(C) 2010-2017 or (c) 2005-2017.

They have been in the business for long and despite the odds, they
never chickened out and now you hear their names.

When the building of Rome started, they were like when will this be
fully made but they continued and now it is not just a building but a
city, not just known locally but internationally.

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If you have quitted, about to or still in, you had better arrive at
what value you want to offer and be consistent if you really want your
blog url to become an household name.

3. Invest and Sacrifice :
If you really believe your blog is your company, your organisation,
your establishment and you foresee a great future in it then you must
invest in it.

Take it or you leave it, blogging is as engaging as an office work.
You have got to sacrifice time and resources, and guess what, we work
on weekends, no public holidays.

You have got to write quality posts and share them.

If your blog url must become an household name then, you must be ready
to invest in it. You have got to pay to make needful changes, buy
necessary things, do marketing and blog promotions so as to reach your
target audience.

It is not a joking matter.

4. Bare Your Audience In Mind :
The gospel truth you must hold with your left hand is that I as a
person won’t speak about a blog that doesn’t add value or bare me in

Forget it, you created you blog to meet a need, to serve a purpose and
to quench a thirst and that is why people visit you. Traffic don’t
care about anything else except how your blog can be of help to them
and what will prompt them to tell their friends about your blog is the
result of the value added to them or the services rendered to them on
your blog that was of great quality.
You must know you visitors, understand them, relate with them, hear
their views, see how you can fit in to their wants and they will
spread you.

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5. Be Humble :

I perceive you might be wondering what this has got to do with making
your blog an household name.

May I let you into one secret today, humility is one of the key
factors that pulls up a blog and the blogger. When you see a proud
blogger, you see a proud content and when you see a proud content you
see an irritated audience and when your audience start getting
irritated on your blog, I will advice you put it on OLX and sell it.

Getting to make people know what you offer and how constantly visiting
your blog can be of help to them requires you to be humble beyond

Give them the impression that you want to serve them an not the other
way round. Stay genuine and you will soon hear your neighbour tell you
about your own blog.

See, the fact is that there are absolutely no secrets to some things
in life, all they need are just principles. These are just a few
principle to follow, tips that will help.

If you really had passion for blogging before entering into it, then
let your passion drive you.

I am interested in getting your views and ideas, let’s rub minds
together via comments.

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