Why You Will Never Get Rich As A Blogger

Why You Will Never Get Rich As A Blogger

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Today, I want to talk to all these bloggers that have been making me angry these days with the way they handle blogging business. I have been blogging for years now and every day I see bloggers make one mistake or the other regarding blogging.

Why You Will Never Get Rich As A Blogger

Every day I get approach by newbie bloggers or bloggers that have been blogging for years but are not seeing the fruit of their labour in the blogosphere.
But, before I go further with this post. I want to let bloggers know that they will never get rich with blogging if they continue to do the wrong thing. And this is one problem, they don’t even know the wrong thing they are doing.
Here is why you will never make money from your blog if you continue like this:

Your Only Goal is to Make Money
This one is very common. I do get so many inbox messages from bloggers asking me how they can make money as a blogger. They do complain about their Adsense earning being too low and how they can increase their traffic so their Adsense earning will increase.

They don’t spend time to see why they are not getting traffic to their blog. They spend time doing keyword research and when they find a particular keyword ranking high, they quickly go and create a post around the keyword so they can get organic traffic to their blog hoping to increase their blog earning.

They have forgotten that they are writing for human beings. They don’t even care if the keyword is related to their blog niche. The passion is not the driving force but the money is.
They just splash advert everywhere. I remember someone asked me to check out his blog. When I did, I close up to 3 pop-ups. I was mistaking advert content from his blog post that I clicked two advert contents thinking it was blog post.

I visited his blog because he asked me to check out one of his post so he can hear my input. I ended up not even reading the post because I was so angry with closing pop-up upon pop-up and the close button were very tiny.

Probloggers don’t make money that way. If I am to give you my two cent advice, I will tell you to go and study your readers and check out the kind of post that get the highest views.

Do not publish contents for content sake. Do it because you are writing for an audience.

You don’t Promote your Content
I know of many bloggers that spend up to 90% creating and publishing blog post and only spend 10% promoting their blog post.
If you don’t share your blog post, who will read it?

It still amazes me when bloggers spend hours crafting beautiful post and can’t even spend 20 minutes to promote that same post. Some still go as far as publishing up to 3 contents a day and don’t even promote them.

For crying out loud, good content needs good promotion.
What makes you think because your content is SEO friendly, you don’t need to promote the content? Google will crawl your post right? Continue!

You Are Not Asking the Right Questions
Do you want to know the most popular questions I get asked weekly? Here they are:

  • How do I make money with my blog?
  • How can I get more traffic to my blog?
  • How do I monetize my blog?

These are the questions I always get from newbie bloggers. They don’t ask the right questions.

You want to know what the right question should be?
What about if they ask me, ‘Is my blog capable of getting traffic?’ ‘Can I make money from this kind of blog?’
If your headlines are not engaging, why will people want to click and check out your post? Because you know that almost all blogs (excluding mine) do have content like “How to make money”, you still went ahead to write yours hoping that people will still check yours out.
Do people still read such kind of content online these days?
The headline rule still applies to your content. If your contents suck, nobody will come back to check on your new post no matter the topic.
You want to get rich with blogging? Learn how to ask the right questions.

You Are Simply Too Lazy
It is normal when I see bloggers fantasize about becoming the next 6 figure blogger. Yet, they don’t do what those 6 figure bloggers did to attain that position. Some bloggers are just too lazy. They won’t guest post at top blogs so their blog can gain good visibility.

They are ready to spend the whole day on online forums looking for the next SEO techniques to copy and try on their blog. Instead of them focusing on creating good contents for their blog, they are out there at another person’s blog downloading free eBooks they think will solve their problems.
To become a problogger, you just need to spend time creating good contents for your readers, create good network with top bloggers who can help you with counsel, drop guest post on niche blogs with your potential audience, and study what contents your readers read more so you know how to create more of such contents.

You Don’t Have a Product/Service
Bloggers, please stop this idea of just depending on Adsense as your only means of earning income from your blog. It will kill you as a starter. You will need to have a mass of traffic to be able to pull consistence earning from Adsense.

If your posts are solving problems for your readers and they are liking it and have come to trust you, why don’t you create a product or offer a service that can help them solve a particular problem you know they are experiencing regarding your niche of blogging?

I don’t need Adsense, maybe not yet. I provide freelance writing services and help success driven people start and run a successful blogging business. I render services, I sell products too and I also make money through affiliate.
With these, I rake in good amount of cash monthly.

Stop doing these things I mentioned above and make a change on how to make your blog life easier by working with a mentor or coach that can help you.


  1. 70% of those that started blogging started because of the monetary value attached to it.

    Most began with a simple Google search of how to make money online.

    However, most people continue with that mentality throughout their blogging career hoping to get rich quick.

    You have addressed this issue properly.

    It will help bloggers to know that just like everything else, blogging requires effort, skill and consistency.

    1. Thanks for finding the post interesting. The wrong mindset among so many bloggers is one reason they find it difficult to succeed with blogging.

      They even lack patience and persistent.

  2. 1 thing is missing
    most newbie bloggers cant develop the habits of reading other blog post related to theirs to know where they are lacking behind all the just do is to stroll across then spam.
    they cant even promote other top bloggers post so as to get more trust, they believe they can do it alone
    to succeed in blog-sphere you must be ready to learn and promote
    thanks for the food of thought.

    1. You are right. It is very common among newbies. All they are looking for when they visit is to spam the comment box all in the name of building links.

    2. You are right. It is very common among newbies. All they are looking for when they visit is to spam the comment box all in the name of building links.

  3. Nice post God bless bosss

  4. Educative piece! But dont u think money is a source of positive inspiration when it comes to blogging?

    1. Money is a motivation but should not be your only reason for blogging.

      You can build a brand with blogging. I see blogging more like a platform to promote your passion and let the world know you.

      I don't have problem dropping so many guest posts on many sites because I am building my brand.

      Tell me, how many newbies blogger has ever thought of dropping a guest post? They will prefer publishing it on their blog and look for other ways to drive traffic to it.

  5. God bless you for this.. Asin the way newbies sense revolve round adsense, u will get tired... Imaging one newbie added me and asked me if i was a blogger, i replied and said yes, he asked for my link, i gave him,he checked out the blog and came back asking me why i don't use adsense, and I was like who told you, you only need AdSense to make money from your blog and he was like bro you don't know anything.. And this is someone that is still running on a free .blogspot domain. I just had to ignore the guy... Because arguing with a newbie is the worst mistake ever...

    Well kudos to this nice writeup...i wish all this newbie bloggers can read this and learn...

  6. What sort of guest posts is this? Is this a curse or what

    1. I'm sorry it affects you. But, ask yourself why. Of all the people that dropped comments, you are the only one with a different view.

      There is a message from your reaction.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your time.

    2. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your time.

  8. You're right especially with the first reason. Some even tell you to link your bank account to the blog so that anyone visiting brings money to your account.

    As for me, I know I've touched lives with a few of my blogs, that's the aim. To communicate and reach out to many.

    The money can come when the people are very touched. If your services meets their needs, they'll request for it