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Off-Page SEO Strategies 2017

The biggest off-page SEO factor is the number and quality of backlinks to your website. Guest posts is still an effective technique. But you should do it right, create and maintain relationships with industry news sources and blogs, produce high-quality content and make sure that you link back to your site in a useful and relevant way.

Off-Page SEO Strategies 2017

Also Directories link building technique still works, but you need to be mindful with how to approach it. Directory link building requires judgement and critical thinking! so do not be tempted by low-quality directories, they will cause you more damage than good.

It doesn’t matter if its 2017 or 2020. All you have to know the algorithm and track the algorithm change.
Based on 2016 results, in my opinion..

  • Guest blogging (I do not mean blog commenting)
  • Socializing (post your business updates immediately on FB, Twitter and Pinterest, in addition, bookmarking the pages to 15–20 sites (not more than that)).
  • News Journals (Post your business news/updates with appreciate stats weekly or bi-monthly)
  • Article Submission on Ezines for sure! (Do not duplicate articles on multiple sites. A BIG NO!) Post on 1 and make it the best.

1. Guest blogging

2. Social Media Sharing

3. Press Release

4. Article Submission

5. Blog Posting

6. Blog Directory Submission

7. Classified Submission

8. Video Submission and Sharing

9. Infographic Submission

10. PPT Slide Sharing

11. Local Business Listing
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The Ultimate Guide on Profile Backlinks for SEO

First of all, getting a niche related forum is hard these days, because many of them are just general. The specific niche ones are so small it just doesn't matter.

The Ultimate Guide on Profile Backlinks for SEO

But one things that is truly important is the quality of that backlink you create. And yea i know quality is also from relevance, but it's also about how many backlinks your backlink have. Think about it ! The common mistake is creating a profile on some random forum and setting there homepage and whatever, and forgetting all about it.

You can create backlinks on forum that have 'like' functionality and than you can participate in discussions. Because everytime you get involved in this kind of activities, it creates a link to your public profile page, and there you can have your homepage link ( have you notices those kind of links like "the following people find these useful " ? ). You can also add friends to some forums, and lots of other things that create backlinks. Not to mention that you can have a signature and get natural clicks.

And the same things applies to blogs from tumblr or blogger ( where you can follow people or comment with your own profile, reblog etc ) , and any other social profile you can think off. It's all in the quality. Quantity is nothing these days. Just like eating in a restaurant

Yes, social media Profiles give benefits in the rankings if you use accordingly. Like first you need to create a blog post or article on the high PR article directory after live then you can share this on all social websites using your profile and get direct traffic on it. You can promote your back links by these profiles and get quality traffic on it.

Creating backlink profiles for generating tons of backlinks is very profitable. i saw two sites rankings in the 2nd and 3rd position for a very competitive keywords based on backlinks generated through profile links only ... and this user did not even post one single post on that forum ... it was all coming through the same profile but i could see (through backlin watch) that there were more than one link pointing to their money site ... i think it is very important but just don't over do it ... try to use the mix of forum posting, blog posting, social media posts, youtube videos, and blogging, and commenting to make it as natural as possible .

Let's look at a specific profile: Google+. Whenever I write a new article, I immediately post it to my Google+ profile. Sometimes within minutes, that article shows up on Google's first page if I search for my title's keywords. The SERP result is not directly to my new page; it is to my Google+ profile, where I can click the link and go directly to my new page.

Opinion and Experience for profile backlink and link building

1) It always good thing if it’s WHITE HAT and related to your industry.

2) Avoid too many backlinks (at least in short period)

3) Always get backlinks from niche specific sites and be sure about quality like Page Authority, Domain Authority & Page Rank etc.

4) Try to avoid automated software especially for backlinks

5) I prefer to use tools for Social Media marketing, ranking checker, ranking position, traffic updates, SEO suggestion etc. but never use for link building.

6) Content is KING So, always use content for marketing as well as update to sites.

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How to Rate the Quality of a Web Directory Website

When evaluating any other web site, you might first try to determine what it's purpose is, then make an assessment as to how well it serves that purpose.

With a web directory, the first part of that is pretty easy. A web directory is supposed to direct someone to something useful on the Internet. Of course, we also use web directories for their SEO value. But, to the extent that Google's algorithms make sense (and they don't always), a web directory that has sufficient content to be useful to a directory user, and which is organized well enough that someone might be able to find that content with ease, should do well in the SERPs.

That is not always the case, as relatively good directories are sometimes penalized, while some pretty horrid ones enjoy high PageRank from Google, but the fault there lies with Google. Often that gets straightened out in time; not always, but there's not much you or I can do about that.

Are there a large number of useful links in the directory? Is the directory structure sensible? Is it unique in some way, or is it simply another DMOZ clone? Think of a few topics at random, and check to see if the directory includes useful sites relating to these topics.

Does it include other features that might make it useful? In recent years, some of the better directories have begun adding other features, providing content other than categories and outgoing links.

Frankly, I wouldn't pay a lot of attention to Google PageRank as Google itself has deprecated its PageRank, and seldom updates it anymore. On the other hand, I would want to notice if it has no PageRank at all, if none of its internal pages have PageRank, or if it doesn't show up in Google's index, since these things might indicate a recent penalty imposed by the search engine gods.

Alexa Traffic Rank is a joke. There are several sites available for sole purpose of gaming Alexa's Traffic Rank, and they are quite effective. Once you approach 100,000, it gets more difficult and I didn't want to invest any more money in it, since it kwas just a curiosity on my part, so I dropped it at that point. My point is that two trained monkeys clicking on the refresh key of a browser with the Alexa Toolbar installed can earn a reputable Alexa Traffic Rank score.

The Moz number, supposedly, are a bit more reliable. It can take a long time for a new site to rank in Moz scores but a web directory that has been around for a while should have a reasonable score. I think the Majestic score is also worth looking at, as far as SEO metrics go.

In my case, before submitting to a directory, I do some home work such as checking the directory's
1. content quality
2. google serp ranking
3. alexa, moz or compete rankings
4. backlinks
5. dmoz presence
and finally the price for listing.
for example: digitalpoint forum also has a directory which has a good ranking in search engines even though it's bit expensive but worth investing.

Mostly though, I would suggest evaluating a directory for what it is. What is its purpose, and how well does it serve that purpose?

For the past couple of years, I have been reviewing 20 web directories each quarter, and I am always looking for ideas on how I might be able to do that better. I am pretty stuck on the idea that I want to look at each directory from a user perspective though, rather than from that of a site submitter. As I stated earlier, it is my opinion that, where the search engine algorithms are working properly, a directory that does well from a user perspective should also do well in the search engines. Usually, this seems to be the case but, over the past couple of years, I have seen a couple of my top ten directories dinged by Google, and I have found several simply horrid directories with PageRanks of six and seven. Is this a fault of my review criteria, is it a fault in the search algorithms, or is Google targeting even the better web directories? I'm not sure, but I am always looking for suggestions on how I might better review them.

I believe that web directories have served a purpose in the past, and that there is a place for them in the future. Like pretty much everything else in life, they may need to adapt to changing situations, however.


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10 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

author-pic About author
Anyaogu Ikechukwu is a blogger and editor at He loves helping young people start and grow their business. 

Have you created a blog? If yes, welcome to the blogging world. When people tell me they are bloggers, it gives me joy because they have decided to escape the “dangerous” unemployment in Nigeria.

Blogging is a passion and a business (to me). So you don’t have to joke about it. It may not be paying you now, but give it time. However, if you’ve decided to own a blog, that means you will be competing with more than 152 million blogs in the blogosphere.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistakes can ruin any business. Even in blogging, they are certain mistakes you must avoid if you really want to be a successful blogger.

In this post, I will share 10 blogging mistakes you must avoid.

#1: Having No Business plan
If you want to leverage blogging, you must be willing to make it a business, and writing a business plan is the starting point.

To be frank, I started blogging without a business plan.
Do you know what happened?

· At a point, I was fed up. I can’t move on again.

· I had no vision. I couldn’t determine the future of the blog

· I knew nothing about Niche. I was blogging about everything

In fact, my first post was a plagiarised content. I copied it from Google and posted it on the blog. I deleted it when I discovered that I might cause trouble to myself.

What are my trying to say?

You need a business plan for your blogging business. A business plan will include

· Your executive summary

· Your blog objectives

· Analysing your competitors and the keyword they are ranking for

· Sales and marketing plan

· Strategies to make money from your blog

· An exit plan

Yes, I included exit plan because I discovered a lot of bloggers don’t value it.

It won’t take you much time to write that. It took me four days to write mine.

#2: Not investing – Always looking for ‘freemium’
I am sick and tired of seeing so many, and blogs. If you want to go for a blogger blog, get yourself a domain name and connect it to your blog.

If you want to go for WordPress, get yourself a domain name and web hosting and then install WordPress as easy as that.

A domain name is not more than $12 (N4k). You can even get web hosting at NameCheap for as low as $10.

#3: Not posting often
Yes, you have to post often if you want to build a successful blog. Not just any kind of post, but a high-quality contents that give value to your audience or can push them to take action.

If you have no visited Linda Ikejis blog, do it now and Learn from her. She posts more than 10 articles per day.

Although it’s not easy for someone who is just starting out. But just try and post at least 3 times a week.

#4: Posting articles without promotion
Many bloggers hit the publish button, log out and then sleep. This is a blogging mistake that cannot fetch you any traffic.

In fact, more work needs to be done after you hit the publish button. What I do when I hit the publish button is

· I go to Google webmasters tool and index the post

· Go to Buffer and schedule the post to all my social media platforms

· Use pilot poster and schedule to all Facebook groups

Doing this constantly will increase your blog visibility and get your more traffic.

#5: Plagiarism
This is a blogging mistake you must avoid in your blogging career. I have discovered that Most Nigerian bloggers are very lazy to write their own posts.

In fact, if you can write, then no need to blog (Unless you have the money to pay people to write it for you)

This is what plagiarism can do

· It will tarnish your image online

· I can lead to an arrest.

· Google AdSense will ban you from using their platform

You need to desist from this, Even if you need to copy, do it professionally. Cite the blog you copied from and add a link to the post.

#6: Neglecting Email marketing
If you don’t have an email marketing account, you are losing. It has been proven that email marketing is the best marketing strategy on the internet.

This is because people value their emails more than any other thing. You can’t even do most things on the internet without your mail.

When you want to create a facebook or twitter account, they will ask you for your email.

When you want to buy web host, you must enter your valid email. Now imagine when you have 100,000 email subscribers, that money.

Bear in mind that it is better to have 500k subscribers thank 500k followers on twitter or facebook.

#7: Not building a social media audience
You have to start creating value on social media if you want people to know you and your business.

Don’t post too many links in your in your updates. Learn to post updates that people like and can make them take action.

You can add me on facebook. (

#8: Neglecting SEO
Search engine optimisation is very important in online business. Don’t ever do without it (Although GT Igwe Chrisent said it's for broke bloggers - link:

How do you get started?

· Index your posts in Google, Bing and Yandex webmasters tools

· Use SEO plugins like Yoast

· Writing quality contents.

· Build Backlinks

I want to let you know that SEO takes time to work. You have to give it time.

#9: Not networking
If you don’t get connected to your fellow bloggers, then how do you think you will succeed? Join blogging groups on Facebook. Follow popular bloggers on twitter and you will see how you will improve.

Don’t also forget the power of team work. Form your own team of bloggers with a similar mindset.

#10: Depending only on AdSense
Let me talk about money making. I don’t understand the reason why many bloggers will depend on AdSense. They are many ways you can make money online, You don’t rely totally on AdSense. Wrapping up Above all don’t ever quit.

Blogging is a big business that can make you richer than many bankers, Doctors, Engineers and even politicians (lols).

You can check out Pat Flynn income report for last most at

Your Turn

Which of these has really affected your blogging business? Share with us.

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5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

author-pic About author
Moses Dzarmah is a blogger and Founder of He Lives to write, when not writing, he's listening to Hip Hop.

Many people would agree with me when I say:

It takes more than just good writing to be a great blogger. Apparently, a good blogger should know how to write for people and at the same time optimize the article in a way Google will understand the topic.
That is why I have always being for the notion that Good writers are bred and not born.

Now, some readers may disagree with me but we should at the very least come to a compromise.

Can we?
Just imagine William Shakespeare came back from the dead.
And all of a sudden he starts writing plays with the old style of writing while using words that have perhaps gone extinct.
Imagine for a second how hard it will be for the modern age readers. His writing style of then that made a genius wouldn’t be acknowledged in our today.

What I’m I trying to say?

As an amazing blogger, the people you write for, how you write and the way you go about it will determine its acceptance among readers.

Hello it’s 2017:

We write to be understood. Not to display our prowess in literature and end up making our readers bored. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

So to give your writing more vigor to increase the chance of putting a message across. Continue reading the points I will make mention of as it will help spice up the way you write and people and Google love your work.

Cut down on redundant words.

You know that babe you try to avoid every time she calls. The one who sound like a broken record, starting up another out of nowhere. Repeating the same old story in the same manner without introducing something new.

She doesn’t just get it.
As Humans we tend to block out messaging we find redundant.  It goes beyond repetitive –As a matte of fact, repetition is regarded as an effective persuasion technique. Redundancy is said to be saying more than what is required without introducing anything new or compelling.
For example: An average Nigerian would say “but yet” you say But or Yet. But you don’t use both. It’s like saying babies are children– it’s already implied.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

The picture above shows you how to avoid redundancy.

Using apps like Grammarly will help you avoid using redundant words. It also gives you an alternative for sentences which appear unnecessary.

Keep Your sentences short & Precise

It’s one thing to write for books and another for devices.
This is because when we read on a screen it becomes harder to track a chunk of words. It is important to use short text & paragraph. It creates a navigable pattern for readers to digest.

For example:

Infinix is a Chinese led company known for their business approach of targeting the growing market in Africa and East- Asia in 2017.

That sentence can be changed to, Infinix is a Chinese led company. known for their business approach of targeting the growing market in Africa and East- Asia.
A good rule for concise writing demands you try to keep words around 20-30 words per paragraph.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

Use Transitional words and Phrases
Yoast – A WordPress plugin which helps users optimize articles for readers and search engines in their latest update included Transitional words as a metric for a good readability.

After all, transitional words & phrases help your writing sound fluent and less robotic.
Below are some examples:

Words which show an example: as shown by, to illustrate, for example etc.

Words which show event: First/second/third/ lastly, finally.
The picture below shows examples of transitional phrases and words.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

Furthermore, try to use transitional words in your article as I’ve done in this article.

Reduce the Use of That

When the word “that” appears a little too much in writing, it kills the brilliance of your work.
For example.  It’s the same woman that we saw yesterday in the market Square” you can say it’s the same Woman we saw yesterday in the market square.

I use an old trick of reading through the copy and purge superfluous use of “that”

Cut out Long words.
Apparently, readers get bored of the longer version of words.
If a short word can describe a word then forget how professional you may sound. Go for it.
For example. Instead of redundant, use surplus sympathetic for tolerant etc.
5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

The Moz about page is a perfect example how short should be used.
Tip: Short words are often effective for infographics.

When it comes to SEO, optimizing your post does little to take your post up the SERPS. However, good writing keeps it there.

When try out all the power writing tips I have listed above, you stand a high chance of getting loyal readers which means few people would bounce off your page.
I’d love to hear from you.
What are your favorite tips to make a perfect copy?

Use the comment box.

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How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

The internet  is starts  and end with domain name, buying a domain name has much advantage than using free blogspot, WordPress,  wapka, and many more extensions.

Recently we created a tutorial on how to Buy a domain name from garanntor which is the first step to take before you configure it to your wapka site.

First before you start you need to read on how to Buy a domain name from garanntor which is very simple and easy  the come back and follow this steps.

Remember you have to equally configure the domain at the Cpanel on garanntor or any web hosting company you are using.

Step 1
Now you need to Log in to your Wapka Account .

How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

Step 2
Then Enter to the site which you want to park the free domain .

Step 3
Now Under the "Basic Functions" Click on the "Domain Manager" .

How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

Step 4
Just click on the "Own Domain" .

Step 5
Now Enter the free domain address which you used to register with and click on the "Add Domain" .

How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

Step 6
Now I think we are done, You need to wait upto "24 hours" for refreshing the domain name server ,

Step 7
If successful your old wapka subdomain will redirect the visitors to you new free domain .
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Two Ways to Start an Online Business

author-pic About Author
[Ahmed Mukaila is an information marketer with a strong desire for delivering unique, engaging and traffic-generating content. Although relatively new on the internet marketing niche, he’s already creating waves in the industry. You can visit his blog, Money Mindset Dot Biz

Are you looking for a guaranteed way to start an online business? Do you know that there are two ways most online marketers start their online business? You for sure fall into one of the categories.
Here are there:

Two Ways to Start an Online Business

Category 1:
This is the category most internet marketers fall into and here is how it goes:
A great business idea flows into your mind. An idea that can turn your financial life around for good. The idea of the year. You do some research on the business idea to see if it will be a welcome idea. You talked to your friends about it and they approve of it. And then you go for it.
You executed the idea by making the product or services and put it up for people to buy.

The only problem?
They did not.

You start wondering what went wrong. Maybe you did not market it well or your landing page was not converting and need to be changed. It is not your marketing neither was it your landing page. Your marketing was fine, your landing page was also perfect.

Nobody bought because you were just one of the noise already in the noisy market. You are just one more online marketer trying to sell something in the online marketplace and they don’t have time for you. It is nothing personal, it is just the reality. But, what about category 2?

Category 2:
This is where I and otherwise online marketer belong and you will be surprised about the difference and the results. Here it goes:

You have a great idea, you do your research to make sure you are entering late into the market. You talk to your friends and potential buyers about the idea and you get positive response to carry on.
You made your decision to go for the business idea. But, you did not just start making the product or service. Instead, you decided to first find your audience and build a list around the audience.
You build a list of few hundred people interested in the exact product or service. You build a good relationship and conversation with your subscribers by sharing valuable contents with them.
Now, you get their attention.

Then, you build a product or service and let your subscribers know about it. They start showing interest about it by asking more questions about the product or service. When the launch day comes, you put it up for sale and 50% buys. Do you see the difference between the two categories? Here is a way I can explain the second category for you to understand very well:

Case Study 1: 250 Subscribers Generated $4,000 for a Launch.
Mike buys a product online from Paul Walker. Mike went through the product and realised that it will be very difficult for people to understand and execute what was stated in the product as it took him time to do, and they will need help with it. So Mike decides to create a list around this product and then created a course on how to use the product.

He got up to 250 subscribers who were interested in getting help with the product and he made $4,000 from the course he sold to them.

From the day he taught about the idea to the time he launched the product only took him a month plus. He sold the product for only 2 weeks. Imagine you get this kind results and repeat every month!

Case Study 2: 1000 Subscribers Generated $85,000 in Sales
Anita wanted to create a product that helps bloggers solve their SEO problems. So, he created a list around the topic of SEO for effective blogging.

She was able to grow and nurture her list from 0 to 1000 subscribers quickly. In the process, she was collecting data on what her subscribers really want so she can add them to the product. As she was collecting data, building a strong relationship with her list, she was building her product.
She launched the product, run the campaign for only 2 weeks and she was able to generate $85,000 in sales. This only happened within 90 days.

When thinking of selling online, building your audience should be your first priority before creating the product or service to sell. It is easier to sell when you already have an audience that KNOWS, LIKE, and TRUST you.

Here is What to Do When Starting an Online Business

Choose a Niche
Choose a niche with buyers already waiting for you. A niche with a lot of interest just like SEO, health, making money, business, dating etc.

Create an Offer
This offer will be your bait to get them to sign up to your email list. It should be very enticing that they have to give you their email address so as to get it. Sometimes it can be as simple as just telling them that when they subscribe, they can free daily or weekly update about that subject you are marketing on.

Build a Relationship with your Audience
Keep your subscribers and readers interested in what you share with them. Do it to the point where they see only you as their solution.

Test your Product
Validate your idea or offer to your subscribers to make sure you're on the right track. Ask for feedback and make any adjustments. This is very necessary to avoid you wasting your time creating what people will not buy.

Launch the Product
Launch when you have enough subscribers to make it count. The actual number will depend on your topic and niche. You saw from one of the case studies above that it can be done with just 250 subscribers if the topic is narrow enough. I know that you have been a condition to think that you have to build the product first before you build your audience. It is not as effective as building an audience first before you build the product. The next time you have an idea, give this technique a shot!

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog within 15 Days

author-pic About Author
Awogor Matthew is an internet marketer, a freelancer and a problogger who sees the need of helping people discover their online career on making money online. He owns and manage the award winning blog @ that teaches everything about affiliate marketing and how to make money online.

Blog bounce rate reduces your blog trust to search engines like Google and Bing. The number of times a visitor spend on a blog after Surfing through search engines is used to determine how relevant a particular content is on a keywords.

Bounce rate chat

This is very common to understand if you learn how to keep your visitors for long on your blog especially those entering through the windows (search engines).

This metrics is simple to understand.
Let's take for instance; an entrepreneur searched for a keywords "seoclerks affiliate program" and on the first page the searcher found 10 top most relevant and informative content with the keyword, if the visitor click on any page search engine takes into account the page the searcher actually stayed long and which did he actually read to the end by mouse trigger.
The annoying part!

If the searcher visit a page and could not find relevant information about what he/she is searching for, they quickly go back to click on another page if it could answer their questions better.

At this point search engines may think your page wasn't relevant enough for that keyword and the next time a searcher search for this keyword, you may notice that your search position to that keyword have changed to either second or third page.

Another most annoying part
Have you wondered why you actually know you rank well on a particular keywords and yet you don't get clicks from search engines? I will surprise you now! 😂 and I will try to be very specific with this and straight to the point without much of your time.

Search engines value click through ratio which tells them how important your content headline is.

If for instance I searched for seoclerks affiliate program and on the first page I saw an headline "Seoclerks affiliate program: How I made $2k" and another content said "How to make money with seoclerks affiliate program"

You see that this two are very tempting to click. But I may decide to go for the one that has a personal experience first and on this keyword, he would be happy having more clicks than anyone else because he actually talked about personal experience with seoclerks affiliate program.

Funniest but interesting part•
People want to hear what you actually experienced in a particular service so they don't make the same mistakes you made. So they will pay more attention reading your experience than a mere article from a writer. I hope Now you understand.

How to keep visitors on your page for more than 10 minutes to reduce blog bounce rate

  • Draft catching heading but don't spam: a lots of people don't know what spamming is all about. If you understand the reputation you are building online with your brand, you don't need to mislead your audience with wrong headlines because you want them to click your pages. But give headlines related to your contents and very informative.
  • Squeeze important keywords you intend to rank for in first paragraph of your copy to gain clicks: this is important to search engines. I advice people's not to always set pages meta description. Do you know why? If you should do that you will lost potentials of gaining clicks if the search keyword do not appear on the meta description of your page. By default, Google or other search engines takes any part that best described the searched keyword.
  • Write long articles: an article that a reader can used just 59 seconds to read may tend to have more visit bit will increase your bounce rate. I keep my articles on a minimum of 1.5k words if not I should used 2k and above. Don't just write but be as detailed as possible.
  • Use Call to Actions or authority words: don't be too serious with your articles, at a point make the reader feel there's still best thing to read hereafter. Words like Now, Today, Quickest, Simple and Free could convert more on SERPs.
  • Don't just reveal every information at ones: when writing an article it's advised you reveal most powerful clue to what you are going to be discussing from first, second and third page so you will keep the reader on suspense to expect something more; by doing this, the reader will want to read every part of the post till the end. This will make them spend more time on your blog.
  • Give life to old articles and interlinked your content to attract more stays: a lots of people just write content, I call it plain contents. Search engines value pages interlinking. Look for potential phrases words to fix your links. No how, you should use your regular keywords which you could have similar articles on then hit up the interlinking. By so doing, a visitor might likely want to see what is in that link and may end up going from one page to another if you have a proper interlinking.
  • Make use of your header tags properly (h1, h2, h3, h4 etc): if I as a reader visit a page, what I really look for is the real information about what I want. I quickly scan through all header tags to see the one that speaks sense about what am looking for and right there do I spend more time. So properly arrange your header tags to let the visitor know what a particular section is going to be discussed on.
  • Go for Contest: many bloggers and internet marketers don't know the value of contest. It might be funny to note that people want to know what you do and how professional you go about it before they could contest for you and will want to stay longer on your pages to reduce blog bounce rate.
  • Offer Freebies: if you offer freebies to your visitors, after reading your content they will likely want to download the freebies like e-books, infographics etc.
  • Enable commenting on your blog: fellow bloggers will like to comment on your blog and you know what? They will want to read every single part of the article so to have a clear knowledge of what you are talking about before commenting so their comments don't look spamming.

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Monetize Your Website or Blog As a Beginner

Monetize simply means to earn revenue from (an asset, business, etc.).

Working with a website will never end. Having a website can be such a long process involving time and energy devotion as well as some amount of money.

At the end, you will consider how to make your money back. Can you earn from the website? The answer is Yes, you can.

Here are some ways to monetize your websites

Accept a sponsored post

You can have a section on your website to feature posts from writers/ advertisers whose products are related to your niche. However, you still need to select the advertisers and edit the content to maintain the characters of your website.

Sell an E-book or course related to your niche

Share your knowledge through e-book/course. There are thousands of newbies that are eager to learn the field you are into. Make sure it is worth the price you offer. To make an e-book, you need to find an interesting topic, design a graphic, make sure the layout is neat and convert it to pdf. Buffer and Moz provide good examples.

Using CPC or CPM widget

There are many companies such as Google with its Google AdSense, Payclick, Taboola, Outbrain and Poptm that will help you to create a widget for a CPC or CPM ads.

My personal recommendation is Payclick as it is easy to use and local Support Manager is always ready to help via Skype.

Sell your space for ads

You might want to spare a bit of space on your website for a web banner. You can sell the space based on the size of the banner. Some big websites such as Destination of The World News, New York Times do it. Find the example on the New York Times, The Telegraph, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

Finally  try to Put banners from CPA offers and Use auto-monetization networks(not same with CPM model, much more profit)
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Benefits of Using Yoast SEO For Your Website or Blog

On-page SEO takes into account many factors. Yoast is good by providing you with an outline of where to plug in keywords and a few other options, but it does not help with creating a well-rounded SEO strategy.

Benefits of Using Yoast SEO  For Your Website or Blog

For example, you might be optimizing for the wrong keyword. Wrong as in, this is not a keyword that will convert well for you, or it is not a keyword that you should be competing for because it's far too competitive and you're a small site without the resources to rank for it.

SEO can factor in mobile responsiveness, backlinks, and more. So Yoast is good at what it does, by providing an outline of where to plug in the keyword, but it is not a one-stop solution.

Yoast is a good plugin but now a days another plugin SEO Framework is getting grounds and i am using the same one on my blog and its pretty impressive. Anyway back to your topic, Yoast will definitely help you out but it will never drive organic traffic for your blog. You have to struggle it for yourself and Yoast will boost your efforts. Things to do:

=> Whatever your blog niche is, find what people are mostly looking for and write articles on those topics (Google Trends will help you out)

=> If you are new, target Long tail keywords and use them in your articles.

=> Write attractive post titles and Use keyword

=> You have written a master piece, no one will bother unless you share it with world. Be social on Facebook, twitter etc...

=> Sit back and see organic traffic rolling.

Its not Yoast, its YOU!!! Yoast is just helping you out. Hope this helps.

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How to Buy Domain names from

Garanntor has become the best place to get Web Hosting, Domain Name or vps. Garanntor recently gave most of it customers some free coupon code  to use for any of it product  and it was an amazing time for some webmasters here in Nigeria and abroad.

Today we are going to be teaching you how to buy domain name from with some simple and easy steps. Just follow it carefully and if you have any issue integrating it to your blogger blog let us know.

Step 1
First you need to navigate to either or on your browser.

Step 2
Now login to  your account or if you don't  have an account  just click on "Register" button at the top.

Step 3
Now "Login" to your account if you already gave an account  and click on "Products " tab at the top.

Step 4
Then a drop down list  will display  just click on "Register  Domain".

Step 5
Now search for your  domain name using a given to you and if it is available you will get a congratulation message.

During  this process if you have any coupon code given to by garanntor you can insert it to a little  box at your right below and get some instant discount for any domain name you are buying.

Step 6
Now if you are buying this domain name for a year  then just click on "Add Domain".

How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 7
On this page all you need to do now is to click on the two check box you see in the image below but if you want to get the ID protection you can just click the check box too it will cost you.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 8
Click on "Next Step".

How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 9
Now a page with your contact  details will display just move your mouse down and click on any payment system you want to use like bitcoin or payza.

Step 10
Click on the complete order button below.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 11
Now if you are using the "Visa/Master Card/ Bank debit (N)"  you will see something like this after inserting your card number and cvv number at the back.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Just insert your "ATM pin" and then you will get a successful message just wait it will redirect you back to garanntor portal.

Step 12
Now click on "Click Here" to go to client area and that's all hope you enjoyed  it.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 13
Now what next? We need to "configure/map" this domain name to our blogger blog so this tutorial will guide you on that manually if you don't want to contact  the customer service for assistance.
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How To Make Money With Your YouTube video

YouTube has been rated as one of the best place to study online and it allows you earn money even while learning from it platform. The key is having videos that people actually watch.

How Make Money With Your YouTube video

That is a hard thing to do and you have to be ready for the long haul if you want to make REAL money from YouTube. Figure out the kind of videos you want to make and consider making a video every day. When it comes to YouTube, I always say that create Weird/Controversial/Hilarious/Informative content. And, it should transcend people's expectations. In this age, normal doesn't work. You've to challenge the views of people or present something which they weren't expecting. Once you do that, you're in - BIG TIME.

First It takes a certain personality to be on camera and it takes another personality to be a good speaker a good example is the guy that makes $5m+/yr and he puts out a lot of videos, visit source market and watch some of his crazy SEO videos Just go look at his videos, and you know why he gets alot of traffic...

All you need to know now is that All the money from YouTube comes from monetization if your in YouTube for the money then smash out quality videos don't worry about subscribers or comments just look at the views. With views they translate every thousand views depending on your location e.g. You have a video from 2015 that has 1 million views and growing and a video from now with 10 thousand views you still make money from the 2015 video as it still has monetization on it you could also get yourself a explainer animation video to tell people what your channel is about.

Just put his in mind that if you have enough knowledge about Adsense and Ad Network so it'll easy for you to making money from YouTube. I think you also have to acquire knowledge about YouTube SEO. It'll more helpful for you. If you already started then now you needed more and more traffic so now you have to search about how you can increase your traffic.

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How to Delete your Labels on Blogspot

Label is similar to what we know as categories on some websites but on blogger it is totally different in times of how it is being displayed if we should base on niche blogging i dont' see any essential use of this categories expect if you want to share some topics into different level so that your visitors can know where the belong when the visit your blog.

Blogspot is a lot more easier and cheaper to manage but has little features unlike WordPress just checkout Naij one of the Nigeria most popular news and latest gossip site which has not less than ten (10) different news category but all are the same news.

Now follow this steps below carefully so that you can know how to delete your labels on or blogspot

Step 1
First you need to log into your account at dashboard then select your blog form the menu.

Step 2
Then click the "Edit Posts" link next to the title of the blog that you want to delete certain labels from. This page displays all of the posts that you have published to date.

How to Delete your Labels on Blogspot

The labels attached to each post are displayed in green text next to the post titles. To make the list longer, enter a number larger than "25" in the "Posts per page" field.

Step 3
Just click on the check box next to each post that you want to delete a label from immediately.

How to Delete your Labels on Blogspot

Step 4
Now click on the "Label Actions" drop-down menu above the post list. The bottom of the menu has a section titled "Remove Label." The section displays all of the labels in the posts that you checked.

Step 5
Now finally click on the label that you want to delete. Now blogger displays a confirmation message such as "Label "(name)" removed from 20 posts on your blog." continue this process until you have removed all labels that you no longer need and thats all.
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How to Automatically Merge Contacts in iPhone 6 & 7

author-pic About author
Apoorv bhatnagar is working at Systweak Software , as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC tips , Android and Mac tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Apoorv on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Duplicate contacts keep on accumulating in different form on your device. You might have included two different information for same contact or you have synced your contact’s list with some other account, which eventually piles up duplicate contacts. This whole process will end up messing your contact’s list and affecting your device performance. You can clean all this clutter following manual process or you can use some duplicate contacts remover app for instant and accurate result. Let’s discuss ways to automatically merge contacts on iPhone 6 & 7.

Manually merge contacts on your iPhone: Apple offers a second way of merging contacts natively on iPhone. You can use this feature to merge two different information related to same person. To do this, follow these steps.

• Open the Contacts app on your device.
• Select the contact that you want to merge with main contact.
• Tap on Edit in the upper-right corner.
• Scroll down to find “Link Contacts” option and click on it.
• Now select the contact that you want to merge with it.
• Tap on the Link option in the top right corner of the screen to merge the contact.

This simple process will merge the same contact with different information. Inside the main contact of your device, the two contacts will display underneath the Linked Contacts section. To remove duplicate contacts in iPhone, you can also consider using different duplicate contact remover apps to de-duplicate your contact’s list. These tools work on advanced algorithms to merge and delete duplicate contacts effectively.

How to merge contacts in iOS 6: Apple has launched iOS 6 featured with tighter integration with Facebook. Seemingly, this feature has littered user’s contact list with all unnecessary contacts from Facebook. You can simply turn this feature off by accessing Facebook in Settings and toggle off Contacts sync. But if you have allowed Facebook to access your contacts list then you can merge your contacts with different information. To do this, follow these steps.

How to Automatically Merge Contacts in iPhone 6 & 7How to Automatically Merge Contacts in iPhone 6 & 7

Image Source: cnet

• Open your Phone or Contacts app and select the identical contacts you would like to merge or link. Select and tap on one of the duplicate contacts and then click on the Edit button in the top-right corner.

• From the Edit screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find “Linked Contacts” option. Click on it and select the other identical information you would like to merge.

• Here, it will display a second duplicate you have chosen to link. Tap on the Link button in the top-right corner to link the two contacts.

• Here, you will find the different information of same contact, click on Done button in the top-right corner to complete transaction.

How to merge contacts in iOS 7 using the Linked Contacts feature: The “Linked Contacts” feature in iOS 6 was quite inconvenient and depended on Facebook’s integration. Apple has changed this with iOS 7 version where merging contacts become easy and convenient. Further, Apple has assured that the “Linked Contacts” feature remains default editable option for all contacts on your iPhone/iPod/iPad touch. You can use this feature to link or merge contacts for simpler and faster access to contact’s list. To do this, follow these steps.

How to Automatically Merge Contacts in iPhone 6 & 7How to Automatically Merge Contacts in iPhone 6 & 7

Image Source: gadgethacks

• Open your Contacts app and tap on the contact that you want to merge.
• Click on Edit option from the upper-right corner of the screen.
• Scroll down to find “Linked Contacts” option and click on it.
• Now select the other contact that you want to merge with it.
• Tap on Link option to merge it.
• Once you have added the contacts, tap on Done to finish editing the contact.

You can follow these simple and effective steps to merge your contacts in iPhone 6 & 7. Following these steps, you can streamline your contact’s list for faster and smoother access. It will also help you improve your device performance.

Summary: Merging or deleting contacts on iPhone can help you get clutter free contact’s list. To do this, you can use the built-in feature or use different apps. Let’s discuss ways to merge contacts in iPhone 6 & 7.

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How to Install Wordpress at cPanel without Softaculous

WordPress as you all know is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL but over the years we have pass through different platform that are either better or similar to wordpress and we all knew how long it took us to setup some site even if we had some knowledge about programing.

WordPress is much more easier than most platform like wapka, wapact, joomla and many more but has being so expensive for most upcoming bloggers in the society but for you to scale through this you must spend to earn

This tutorial is not meant for those who want to use the Softaculous to Install WordPress, this method is used by proffesional and is a little bit technical than using the Softaculous to Install WordPress.

Below are steps on how to install without using softaculous

Step 1
Download the latest version of WordPress from the official WordPress Here site then login to your CPanel.

 How to Install Wordpress at cPanel without Softaculous

Step 2
Scroll down to Files section and click on “File Manager” Click on public_html folder then upload your zip file here which you have downloaded in your PC.

Step 3
Now you need to Extract file here for your WordPress site After that create new database and add user to database with full permission.

 How to Install Wordpress at cPanel without Softaculous

Step 4
Now search and select wp-config-sample.php file then click on rename located at top navigation bar and write

Step 5
Edit wp-config.php file and scroll down select the link from your config.php file as shown in the screenshot and open it in the new tab where you will get the authentication keys for your domain just copy the authentication keys and paste into config.php file as shown.

Step 6
Now you need to open in a separate tab. A page will shown on your screen Select your default language and click on Continue button.

Step 7
Now fill all the fields as follow:
 How to Install Wordpress at cPanel without Softaculous

Database Name: The name which you have entered while creating database.

Username: The username which you have entered while creating database user.

Password: The password which you have entered while creating database.

Database Host: Here you need to enter “localhost”.

Table Prefix: Table prefix always set to “wp_”.

Step 8
Click on the Submit button at the bottom left side a New page will open is just the confirmation from you for starting the WordPress installation. You need to click on the Run install.

Step 9
Now fill the fields with your Site title, username , password and email. Also you have check box for search engine visibility that you can use to discourage search engines from indexing the site.

Click on the Install WordPress after filling all the fields.

Finally Your WordPress is successfully installed in your hosting account. just open your WordPress dashboard by filling up the username and password that you was set while installing the WordPress then click on Log in Enjoy.
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Why Market Your Business/Blog Not Advertise?

author-pic About author
James E. T. Sunday is writer, online marketer and blogger, at bloggersgist “Marketing as been the foundation of  his Brain.

It really a complicated topic people would say but it the right meaning to what they actually mean. Marketing and advertising how are they done? Do they mean the same thing?

When contacting business owners or pitching a companies for aim of business, I opt the use of advertising and use marketing or promoting, you may think am stupid but there is always a different to this two words.

Let examine this two factoring words “Hand bills advertisement and “market, marketing”

Hand bills advertisement: is basically placing stuff like image, postal and banners with some featuring on it to attract passerby, your readers/subscribers to click, order and buy. Though, this objects or items are being static in a position and they come in different format like rotation/animation advert, projected advert, banner advert and the rest. That just the meaning of the words, why an individual who place such advert is an advertiser. Advertiser are crafty in the sense that, they position this items in a luring position or attractive position which will make the readers or passerby to be distracted from the original interest, which some will eventually click to see more, click to enquire and some will buy.

Advertising has been a long time ideology, everywhere even in your house there are adverts, either in form of political posters/banner and so on, this object do distract, so many people when walking easily get enticed or distracted by displayed adverts, about 75% will spend 1 or 2 minute reading or viewing it. So, advert is a form of distracting people attention from their original mind to accept or view what you are inviting them to choose as an alternative.

Funny to say, even human beings has made themselves an advert. Take for example, prostitute (harlot) do advertise themselves, if they don’t they will not have much traffic (customers). How do they do this? They stand in a wide open place seductively enticing passerby, some are lured and they click on the advert (lol, let not get too far).
I won’t deny the fact that adverts is very good to businesses and it has made new blog gain traffic in less period, business to gain, grow and become known in a short time.

What in for marketing when advert can do all that? Why do I say “Why market your business/blog not advertise?”
To tell you true, I was never a business student back in school times but even business student as of now can’t challenge me because I have carried out physical practical pertaining to this subject matter and my hypothesis are written, which I used in forming this theory am about to disclose right here. I will only summarize this aspect because I have the full drop down coming soon “why I choose marketing and not advertising?” with that you will get more from that.

Market, marketing: market is a place for commerce (i.e. business) which base majorly on buying and selling. This buying and selling do not limit to just the market place, it goes beyond the extreme of that location. We do see such in our environment, people carrying branded products selling on the street, this aspect is the marketing because they come to you. Unlike adverts you have to pass the location or site where they are place before you can see them.

An individual that takes the initiative to bring this items to you are called marketers. They study the needs of people and they bring the information, products, services needed at that environment. They deliver this product or services individually either via email, messages or also via advert format. There is email marketing, SMS marketing, executive/physical marketing. Though, we won’t chat more on this aspect.
Marketing teams in companies are one of the rigid part or team that cannot be tempered with, why is that so? They have 60% works to be done which other department or team cannot carry out.

If placing advert online or on street there will be less sales and low clients but with the marketing teams available, it a competence of stability for increase in clients, customer and sales. They don’t wait for people, company or Organization to come to them but instead the marketing team goes to them and strategically convince about their products or services which they are advertising. They go beyond the market place or company, advert are place but marketing moves from place to place making more in tell on the product or services been promoted.

In conclusion, both advertising & marketing is a stepping stone for any business or blog with low remark, the best two ways to increase their traffic (visitor) is via marketing. Thanks for taking with us and your comment will show you truly appreciate the time and effort used in penning this information.

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