Benefits of Using Yoast SEO  For Your Website or Blog

Benefits of Using Yoast SEO For Your Website or Blog

On-page SEO takes into account many factors. Yoast is good by providing you with an outline of where to plug in keywords and a few other options, but it does not help with creating a well-rounded SEO strategy.

Benefits of Using Yoast SEO  For Your Website or Blog

For example, you might be optimizing for the wrong keyword. Wrong as in, this is not a keyword that will convert well for you, or it is not a keyword that you should be competing for because it's far too competitive and you're a small site without the resources to rank for it.

SEO can factor in mobile responsiveness, backlinks, and more. So Yoast is good at what it does, by providing an outline of where to plug in the keyword, but it is not a one-stop solution.

Yoast is a good plugin but now a days another plugin SEO Framework is getting grounds and i am using the same one on my blog and its pretty impressive. Anyway back to your topic, Yoast will definitely help you out but it will never drive organic traffic for your blog. You have to struggle it for yourself and Yoast will boost your efforts. Things to do:

=> Whatever your blog niche is, find what people are mostly looking for and write articles on those topics (Google Trends will help you out)

=> If you are new, target Long tail keywords and use them in your articles.

=> Write attractive post titles and Use keyword http://learningcms.com/writing-traffic-driven-titles-how-to/

=> You have written a master piece, no one will bother unless you share it with world. Be social on Facebook, twitter etc...

=> Sit back and see organic traffic rolling.

Its not Yoast, its YOU!!! Yoast is just helping you out. Hope this helps.


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  2. Hi Mathias,

    Definitely Yoast SEO Plugin serves its title in your
    blog or website.

    I agree with all of the benefits highlighted on this post and also on the fact that yoast does not bring taffic or organic traffic to your blog unless you work for it.

    Now having all green by yoast in your article does not guarantee that you are really going to rank for your targeted keyword because you would of course need backlinks and other ranking factors.

    Yoast does play a very important role of letting writers craft a good post and as well optimize for Search engines.

    Great Post you have here. Have a nice day buddy!

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    Not only that, I also do my keyword research before writing any post, See my best free keyword research tools that helps me to rank well in Google