How to Buy Domain names from

Garanntor has become the best place to get Web Hosting, Domain Name or vps. Garanntor recently gave most of it customers some free coupon code  to use for any of it product  and it was an amazing time for some webmasters here in Nigeria and abroad. one of the best thing on the net as a web master is to get a domain name and also getting it from the right source. Although you can Buy Domain names from Garanntor with a one click and no long stress at all with the steps below.
How to Buy Domain names from 13
Today we are going to be teaching you how to buy domain name from with some simple and easy steps. Just follow it carefully and if you have any issue integrating it to your blogger blog let us know.    

How to Buy Domain names from

Step 1

First you need to navigate to their website on your browser.  here Garanntor.  
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Step 2

Now login to  your account or if you don’t  have an account  just click on “Register ” button at the top.  

Step 3

Now “Login” to your account if you already gave an account  and click on “Products  ” tab at the top.  

Step 4

Then a drop down list  will display  just click on “Register  Domain “.  

Step 5

Now search for your  domain name using a given to you and if it is available you will get a congratulation message. During  this process if you have any coupon code given to by garanntor you can insert it to a little  box at your right below and get some instant discount for any domain name you are buying.  

Step 6

Now if you are buying this domain name for a year  then just click on “Add Domain “.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 7

On this page all you need to do now is to click on the two check box you see in the image below but if you want to get the ID protection you can just click the check box too it will cost you.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 8

Click on “Next Step “.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 9

Now a page with your contact  details will display just move your mouse down and click on any payment system you want to use like bitcoin or payza .  

Step 10

Click on the complete order button below.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from

Step 11

Now if you are using the “Visa/Master Card/ Bank debit (N)”  you will see something like this after inserting your card number and cvv number at the back.
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How to Buy Cheap Domain names from
Just insert your “ATM pin ” and then you will get a successful message just wait it will redirect you back to garanntor portal.   Step 12 Now click on “Click Here ” to go to client area and that’s all hope you enjoyed  it.
How to Buy Cheap Domain names from
Step 13 Now what next? We need to “configure/map ” this domain name to our blogger blog so this tutorial will guide you on that manually if you don’t want to contact  the customer service for assistance.  
Domain Name Server is the Achilles heel of the Web the important thing is that its managed responsibly Mathias Amodu
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