Label is similar to what we know as categories on some websites but on blogger it is totally different in times of how it is being displayed if we should base on niche blogging i dont' see any essential use of this categories expect if you want to share some topics into different level so that your visitors can know where the belong when the visit your blog.

Blogspot is a lot more easier and cheaper to manage but has little features unlike WordPress just checkout Naij one of the Nigeria most popular news and latest gossip site which has not less than ten (10) different news category but all are the same news.

Now follow this steps below carefully so that you can know how to delete your labels on blogger.com or blogspot

Step 1
First you need to log into your account at Blogger.com dashboard then select your blog form the menu.

Step 2
Then click the "Edit Posts" link next to the title of the blog that you want to delete certain labels from. This page displays all of the posts that you have published to date.

How to Delete your Labels on Blogspot

The labels attached to each post are displayed in green text next to the post titles. To make the list longer, enter a number larger than "25" in the "Posts per page" field.

Step 3
Just click on the check box next to each post that you want to delete a label from immediately.

How to Delete your Labels on Blogspot

Step 4
Now click on the "Label Actions" drop-down menu above the post list. The bottom of the menu has a section titled "Remove Label." The section displays all of the labels in the posts that you checked.

Step 5
Now finally click on the label that you want to delete. Now blogger displays a confirmation message such as "Label "(name)" removed from 20 posts on your blog." continue this process until you have removed all labels that you no longer need and thats all.