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Blog bounce rate reduces your blog trust to search engines like Google and Bing. The number of times a visitor spend on a blog after Surfing through search engines is used to determine how relevant a particular content is on a keywords.

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This is very common to understand if you learn how to keep your visitors for long on your blog especially those entering through the windows (search engines).

This metrics is simple to understand.
Let's take for instance; an entrepreneur searched for a keywords "seoclerks affiliate program" and on the first page the searcher found 10 top most relevant and informative content with the keyword, if the visitor click on any page search engine takes into account the page the searcher actually stayed long and which did he actually read to the end by mouse trigger.
The annoying part!

If the searcher visit a page and could not find relevant information about what he/she is searching for, they quickly go back to click on another page if it could answer their questions better.

At this point search engines may think your page wasn't relevant enough for that keyword and the next time a searcher search for this keyword, you may notice that your search position to that keyword have changed to either second or third page.

Another most annoying part
Have you wondered why you actually know you rank well on a particular keywords and yet you don't get clicks from search engines? I will surprise you now! 😂 and I will try to be very specific with this and straight to the point without much of your time.

Search engines value click through ratio which tells them how important your content headline is.

If for instance I searched for seoclerks affiliate program and on the first page I saw an headline "Seoclerks affiliate program: How I made $2k" and another content said "How to make money with seoclerks affiliate program"

You see that this two are very tempting to click. But I may decide to go for the one that has a personal experience first and on this keyword, he would be happy having more clicks than anyone else because he actually talked about personal experience with seoclerks affiliate program.

Funniest but interesting part•
People want to hear what you actually experienced in a particular service so they don't make the same mistakes you made. So they will pay more attention reading your experience than a mere article from a writer. I hope Now you understand.

How to keep visitors on your page for more than 10 minutes to reduce blog bounce rate

  • Draft catching heading but don't spam: a lots of people don't know what spamming is all about. If you understand the reputation you are building online with your brand, you don't need to mislead your audience with wrong headlines because you want them to click your pages. But give headlines related to your contents and very informative.
  • Squeeze important keywords you intend to rank for in first paragraph of your copy to gain clicks: this is important to search engines. I advice people's not to always set pages meta description. Do you know why? If you should do that you will lost potentials of gaining clicks if the search keyword do not appear on the meta description of your page. By default, Google or other search engines takes any part that best described the searched keyword.
  • Write long articles: an article that a reader can used just 59 seconds to read may tend to have more visit bit will increase your bounce rate. I keep my articles on a minimum of 1.5k words if not I should used 2k and above. Don't just write but be as detailed as possible.
  • Use Call to Actions or authority words: don't be too serious with your articles, at a point make the reader feel there's still best thing to read hereafter. Words like Now, Today, Quickest, Simple and Free could convert more on SERPs.
  • Don't just reveal every information at ones: when writing an article it's advised you reveal most powerful clue to what you are going to be discussing from first, second and third page so you will keep the reader on suspense to expect something more; by doing this, the reader will want to read every part of the post till the end. This will make them spend more time on your blog.
  • Give life to old articles and interlinked your content to attract more stays: a lots of people just write content, I call it plain contents. Search engines value pages interlinking. Look for potential phrases words to fix your links. No how, you should use your regular keywords which you could have similar articles on then hit up the interlinking. By so doing, a visitor might likely want to see what is in that link and may end up going from one page to another if you have a proper interlinking.
  • Make use of your header tags properly (h1, h2, h3, h4 etc): if I as a reader visit a page, what I really look for is the real information about what I want. I quickly scan through all header tags to see the one that speaks sense about what am looking for and right there do I spend more time. So properly arrange your header tags to let the visitor know what a particular section is going to be discussed on.
  • Go for Contest: many bloggers and internet marketers don't know the value of contest. It might be funny to note that people want to know what you do and how professional you go about it before they could contest for you and will want to stay longer on your pages to reduce blog bounce rate.
  • Offer Freebies: if you offer freebies to your visitors, after reading your content they will likely want to download the freebies like e-books, infographics etc.
  • Enable commenting on your blog: fellow bloggers will like to comment on your blog and you know what? They will want to read every single part of the article so to have a clear knowledge of what you are talking about before commenting so their comments don't look spamming.


  1. Hey Matthew,
    Glad to see you here on Zealmat.
    Amazing post you have up here.

    Really Having a high bounce rate is a "blog killer". What do I mean?

    A blog with high bounce rate as you say are being hated by search engines because they tend not to be a good fit for their target keyword.

    If you do not take the time to reduce bounce rate on your blog, you'd definitely lose money and as well targeted visitors. Most targeted visitors come from search engines.

    You've highlighted all of the steps one can take to reduce bounce rate on his or her blog and I can see most of them demonstrated here in this article. I must say you do what you say and that helps build more trust with your readers.

    One technique I have used, that's helped me reduce my bounce rate is the Benefit Driven Subheadings by Backlinko as well as the bucket brigades.

    I once emphasized on it in one of my articles lately.

    Anyone can follow this tips and reduce the level of the bounce rate on their blog.

    Take Care and Stay Cool!

    1. Yea Prosper, I hate high bounce rate and those things I listed there, I used them personally to reduced my blog bounce rate to 40% and still coming down. Thanks for your word on this

  2. Thanks One bro

    Well explained and detailed


    1. You are welcome bro. Hope you had good time reading the post.

  3. Hello Matthew,
    this is interesting post you have here. I want to contribute to this post. I Published a post on my blog, it is titled THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REDUCING YOUR BLOG'S HIGH BOUNCE RATE.
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  4. Hello Matthew,
    What an Fantastic post! You have really shared an something worth reading about.

    I really visited this post because of the headline like you just shared as one way to reduce bounce rate and it kept me reading till the end.

    As an SEO freelance writer, I read lots of blog post on blogging and SEO so I can get inform on areas I am behind. You are absolutely right in what you just shared about using Catching Headings and Writing Long Articles to keep visitors longer on your blog.

    I can testify that when I started doing that with my blog posts, my bounce rate went from 33.45% (according to Alexa) to 11.23%. Readers now spend more time on my blog than before.

    Fantastic post!
    I am sharing this post right away.

    1. Hi Joseph, happy you find this interesting. Blog bounce rate shouldn't be above 40% at all except for a new domain. You are doing well having 11% keep on the good work

  5. I will sure try this.... . my bounce rate is around 40% tho...... I want it lower....

    1. Hi Henry, please go ahead and try these quick tips to reduce your bounce rate to gain more search engines trust.
      Stay cool!

    2. Nice post thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks so much,my bounce back rate is very high 94

  7. Very helpful post, Will try that on my blog

  8. I commend your efforts, i really need this because my bounce rate is really killing me. 60%

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