The Ultimate Guide on Profile Backlinks for SEO

The Ultimate Guide on Profile Backlinks for SEO

First of all, getting a niche related forum is hard these days, because many of them are just general. The specific niche ones are so small it just doesn't matter.

The Ultimate Guide on Profile Backlinks for SEO

But one things that is truly important is the quality of that backlink you create. And yea i know quality is also from relevance, but it's also about how many backlinks your backlink have. Think about it ! The common mistake is creating a profile on some random forum and setting there homepage and whatever, and forgetting all about it.

You can create backlinks on forum that have 'like' functionality and than you can participate in discussions. Because everytime you get involved in this kind of activities, it creates a link to your public profile page, and there you can have your homepage link ( have you notices those kind of links like "the following people find these useful " ? ). You can also add friends to some forums, and lots of other things that create backlinks. Not to mention that you can have a signature and get natural clicks.

And the same things applies to blogs from tumblr or blogger ( where you can follow people or comment with your own profile, reblog etc ) , and any other social profile you can think off. It's all in the quality. Quantity is nothing these days. Just like eating in a restaurant

Yes, social media Profiles give benefits in the rankings if you use accordingly. Like first you need to create a blog post or article on the high PR article directory after live then you can share this on all social websites using your profile and get direct traffic on it. You can promote your back links by these profiles and get quality traffic on it.

Creating backlink profiles for generating tons of backlinks is very profitable. i saw two sites rankings in the 2nd and 3rd position for a very competitive keywords based on backlinks generated through profile links only ... and this user did not even post one single post on that forum ... it was all coming through the same profile but i could see (through backlin watch) that there were more than one link pointing to their money site ... i think it is very important but just don't over do it ... try to use the mix of forum posting, blog posting, social media posts, youtube videos, and blogging, and commenting to make it as natural as possible .

Let's look at a specific profile: Google+. Whenever I write a new article, I immediately post it to my Google+ profile. Sometimes within minutes, that article shows up on Google's first page if I search for my title's keywords. The SERP result is not directly to my new page; it is to my Google+ profile, where I can click the link and go directly to my new page.

Opinion and Experience for profile backlink and link building

1) It always good thing if it’s WHITE HAT and related to your industry.

2) Avoid too many backlinks (at least in short period)

3) Always get backlinks from niche specific sites and be sure about quality like Page Authority, Domain Authority & Page Rank etc.

4) Try to avoid automated software especially for backlinks

5) I prefer to use tools for Social Media marketing, ranking checker, ranking position, traffic updates, SEO suggestion etc. but never use for link building.

6) Content is KING So, always use content for marketing as well as update to sites.


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