10 Bloggers Shared Why They Choose Blogging

10 Bloggers Shared Why They Choose Blogging

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Every Blogger has their reasons why they ventured into the blog sphere. It could be positive or negative, though some bloggers can’t really tell why they blog. Maybe it’s a hobby they later took seriously and most of them are always in search for ways to make money blogging. Personally, I started blogging just to prove it a careerbase on the circumstances I found myself and also to share my knowledge and of course, money will fly to me when am due.

Generally, people blog to express themselves and share their passion, share their knowledge or maybe to build a professional network. It took me over two weeks to interview some successful bloggers on why they choose to blog.

Let’s know why this 10 Bloggers started Blogging!

1. Mathias Amodu of zealmatblog (www.zealmat.com)
First i started blogging because that is the only way to reach people far and near and add value to their life's both  young and old minds around the world in my bedroom. Starting a blog is a self choice either in a negative or a positive way but you get frustrated when you don't know how it works. First when starting a blog it is advisable you know what type of niche you are going for and how good you are in such niche.

Your blog should be your dairy but a profitable one that can stand for a long period of time which most people just believe blogging is just all about the money but end up getting frustrated we blog, we learn more than our boons around us and that make us outstanding.

2. Veethee Dixit of Dainty Angel (Daintyangel.com)
There is a lot of information I wanted to share with my people out there and that information could have been really useful for most of them.

Blogging was the best way to do this. Blogging is really important to me because it’s my passion and profession. It started as a hobby, but now I can monetize my blog with different advertising networks. So it’s a profession now.

3. Emmanuel Ekanem of Noble Loaded (Nobleloaded.com)
I’ve always wanted to solve problems that people are facing day in – day out, and this triggered the desire to start a blog because it will be an avenue that I can reach out to the world with my writings and solve a problem. I see it as something that if I don’t do it, a lot of people will actually not find the solution to their problems.

4. Henry Ijogu of Bulletin (Bulletin.com.ng)
I actually didn’t choose blogging, Blogging chooses me instead. Lol, it chooses me out of boredom. I was always bored, being in a family of six of which I happen to be the second amongst my nagging siblings who always bore me with unnecessary discussions.
It was at that point, I and blogging found each other out of boredom. I blog to create awareness and to bring notice to people about something I and them find pleasure in.

5. Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging (Mostlyblogging.com)
I get to help people who need my tips, I connect with people who share my passion for writing, and I’m in a community of like-minded people where we discuss our interest in mutual blog topics. I have a chance to make money doing something I love.

6. Lexhan Menkiti of LexHansPlace (Lexhansplace.com)
Went into blogging to share my personal life experience to the world and also to earn a decent income from my site and work effort.

7. Jenny Chisom of Jenny Chisom Blog (Jennychisom.com)
I choose Blogging because I needed a cheap option to market my small business back in 2009. Later I discovered it is a global content marketing tool if deployed properly can make me an authority, so I expanded on its use.
I making money while making impact

8. Prosperity Kenneth of Cyber Geak (Cybergeak.com)
Every successful blogger has his/her reason for choosing to blog. “ I choose blogging because I had the keen passion to share my knowledge with everyone”.

9. Kayode O Emmanuel of Daily Guide (Dailyguide.com.ng)
I wanted to exercise my passion for writing. Writing led me into Blogging and as a writer, one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach out to people even when my books are yet to be published is via Blogging.

10. Maryanne Theodore of Maryanne Theodore’s Blog (Maryannetheodore.com.ng)
I choose to blog because it’s one of the platforms where I can easily express my opinion about things happening around me with the world and as well share the things I have learned with others.
I was advised to blog so I could be able to promote my graphic designs and it has now become a medium to voice my ideas, thoughts, and feelings, share my knowledge through writing.

At times success comes from motivation and I hope you’ve found motivation in their reasons for choosing blogging and you can connect and try to find out more from them.

Now your turn; why did you choose Blogging?


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  2. My reason would have been way different. If you ask me. ehehe

  3. Blogging is an impeccable medium to share one's repertoire of knowledge. Great write up! :-)

  4. It is always good to read about fellow bloggers and what brought them to the podium. Nice post, I started blogging to help people know that professional & personal life is easy, don't complicate them.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Abhinav, i could totally relate to your reasons

  6. Thanks popsI for Sharing my view here. Blogging is great and interesting when the purpose of getting into it is defined and known.

    Getting in with a good purpose and not just for money will be a great idea.

  7. Believe me, I do my research on this unknown stars you have listed, I find out that they are passionate about what they do. They inspired mea little.

    1. Hello Yunus

      Thanks gfor finding time to checkout their blogs! Its pretty good to collaborate with other bloggers

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    This is my first time of reading and commenting on your post. You Really did a good work here.
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