5 Ways to Promote Your New Blog Fast and Get Instant Traffic

5 Ways to Promote Your New Blog Fast and Get Instant Traffic

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Blog Promotion is necessary if you want your blog to get targeted traffic. Traffic equals money in the blogosphere. But here is a truth; some blog promotion strategies are too slow in producing results. Sometimes it takes months if not years to get results from your promotion efforts.

We need results that are relatively quick. Yes, success takes time but are you willing to spend money and time that long without seeing any fruitfulness with the hope that after some months or perhaps a few years, you will see the results coming? I don’t think so. You need good cash flow to run the business and cover expenses.

There are alternative blog promotion strategies that can get you results in a short time. These strategies have been proven and tested of producing good results for top bloggers that dominate their niche. Here are the strategies.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a very quick way to promote your blog fast and gain brand recognition for your blog. When you begin your blog, your blog remains like a small plant in the middle of a forest. You need to get out there and let others know about your presence.
A good guest posting strategy is to meet other bloggers in your niche and ask for an opportunity to guest post on their site. If they respond and welcome you, go ahead and craft a nice article that will make their audience want to visit your blog after reading it. You get to earn backlinks and a mention in the bio section of the article.

2. Social Media Posting / Bookmarking

Sharing your blog post on social media is a very quick way of getting your blog known. What you need to do is to interact with others and join groups and conversations related to your niche. Interact with it and share your links. You get a chance of getting new readers to your blog especially if you provide valuable content consistently.
Popular social media networks are facebook, twitter and google plus. Social Bookmarking sites are reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. You can share your links to this site and watch your blog traffic skyrocket almost immediately.

3. Sponsored Advertisements

Running advertisement on popular sites or social media like facebook sponsored post or twitter ads is the fastest way to gain traffic and following to your new blog. These ads are relatively cheap and you get exposed to targeted readers. You can get people to like your blog’s fan page or read a specific post or buy a product from you like an e-book, podcast or video tutorials. Ensure you learn the ropes about running a sponsored advertisement before venturing into it to promote your blog so as to minimize chances of running at a loss.

4. Blog Commenting

The blog commenting strategy if used properly can drive thousands of visitors to your site daily. It involves going to other sites in your niche that have high traffic and leaving an insightful comment with a link back to your blog. This gives you a two-way benefit: First, you get a good backlink to your blog. Second, you get new readers to your blog.

Always remember, try to be among the first five commenters. The reason is so that you can always be visible to readers who loves to scan through the comment section briefly. And don’t leave short comments. Read the article and leave a contribution or suggestion of reasonable length. This will make the admin happy to approve your comment.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your blog's visibility in the search engines. If you are knowledgeable about the various seo techniques you need to rank your blog high in the search engines within a short time, then SEO becomes one of your best blog promotion strategy.

The advantage of SEO is that if you succeed in it, you tend to get traffic all day whether you are frequent in publishing or not. Your blog post remains in the SERPS for as long as possible provided you follow the best search engine practices.


These are favourite blog promotion strategies that can produce results relatively quick, do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Let us hear you in the comment section below.


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