8 Myths About Blogging You Should Stop Believing Now!

8 Myths About Blogging You Should Stop Believing Now!

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A myth is known as a widely held but false belief or an idea. In the world of blogging, there are many blogging myths. Here I am going to reveal some myths!
8 Myths About Blogging You Should Stop Believing Now!

  1. Myth #1 If You Build It Reader Will Come
There is a myth that they will come if you build it. No, it’s not true, they won’t because it’s only a Building minor blogging part. Thousands or millions of blogs are published every day and if you want to get your work seen then the right way is to develop a real strategy to make your content get seen.

  1. Myth #2 300-700 per Posts Are Best
There is a myth that has grown too much that a blog containing 300-700 is the best. No, it’s not true because the audience wants to see helpful and interesting content, they don’t consider a number of words or they don’t have any issues with that. Their main focus is on the quality of material written on the blog.

  1. Myth #3 Blogging - All about Writing
It can be a yes but a no too. Blogging is actually not about writing. It is a way you provide interesting material which catches eyes of the audience. So it’s just not about writing. It’s about content that is helpful, entertaining and according to recent issues.

  1. Myth #4 Bloggers try to avoid Sharing Blogs of There Competitor’s
It’s usual and natural to feel unsecured by someone who has a better blog than you or a  big audience than you but it can be helpful if you share the blog with your competitor's posts .it shows your followers that you want to help them, even if it’s going on someone else blog than yours.

  1. Myth #5 If Blogger Get One Influencer to Share My Post I’ll Be Golden
Many bloggers think that It is great when your posts go famous or someone with millions of followers uses them. It helps in boosting traffic but keep in mind that this kind of traffic is for short time period only because if your blog is not designed attractively so it is too hard for the reader to search the answers relating to his question.

  1. Myth #6 Blog Daily
Many people think that by increasing there a number of posts can make there blog successful but it’s a wring thinking. The blogs with most followers are the one who has material based on extraordinary skills and valuable content, great research and analysis. So do not work to increase to blog post count. Try to produce valuable content. 

  1. Myth #7 Having Stylish Fonts Is More Important Than Quality of Material
Yes, this true that colours and style catch the eye but do remember in blogging your readers are looking for content with quality so be sure your content provide easily readable and full of quality content. Do remember in blogging appearance is secondary. In the busy lives of people, they don’t want to spend extra time in understanding the font.

  1. Myth#8 Blogging Is an Easy Way to Earn Cash
Well, nowadays money is everything. Lots of bloggers start blogging with a thought that it is an easy way to earn cash but it is not true it is not an easy way. Even people start posting, they see that there is no income coming so they quit. An important thing to keep in mind is It isn’t going to be easy without hard work and requires a lot of dedication.


  1. wow very interesting will implement what you wrote thanks for sharing this

  2. You so on track. Some do also believes bloggers earn per user visit. That user data converts to money..