Backlink Methods That Are Profitable In 2017

Backlink Methods That Are Profitable In 2017

Getting backlinks from high authority sites is the best strategy. You can also consider niche based guest blogging, web2.0 creation, high social bookmark etc.

Permanent back linking is honestly a hard task. It will so much hard when you wanted to practice it in different forums and blogs or other authority area. If you wanted to do high and permanent back linking then paid able way will be best for you.For qualityful free backlinking you have to acquire knowledge about On page SEO, OF page SEO, Google anlitis etc. Of page SEO is best for more traffic collection.

Backlink Methods That Are Profitable In 2017

There are some qualities to make good Back-links for SEO. The first quality is Relevancy, the search engines want to understand that your website is a trusted site within its category, and links to your site from theme related websites help the search engines decide that. This is not to say that if you have an automotive blog link to your cookery website it is a bad thing, though a large volume of links to your site are from unrelated websites is suspect.
Another quality we can say is Autority. You know Google have a system called Page Rank which measures the trustworthiness of a web. There are more measures used by SEO exponents to grade a pages authority, such as the Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics used by tools such as Moz and AHRefs.

Here are a few methods which are commonly used to build high quality backlinks:

  • Guest posting, Participation in questions and answers sites, Social bookmarking, social media, YouTube video submission etc.
  • Internal linking to your website.
  • Create an Infographics.
  • Content Re-purposing. (Convert your infographics or blog posts to pdf, ppt, doc, video etc. and share it over relevant websites.)
  • Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories.
  • Blog commenting on .edu and .gov websites.


  1. Nice Article. Just that to get good and quality backlinks are hard to gone by. But all the same it worth it.
    Thanks for the Article

  2. Nice article tho.
    The hardest part in link building is commenting on .edu and .gov blogs.
    I am working now on getting good backlinks for my new blog.

  3. Well said Mathias.
    The issue now is how to discover .gov websites related to ones niche. I blog at Bookerpage and my niche is about records, both local and international but mostly local.
    How do I get connections to high DA .gov and .edu blogs on my niche?

    Permit me to show you one of my post for reference sake... The list of top ten richest African countries

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