How Drones are Changing Tourism Marketing

How Drones are Changing Tourism Marketing

Drones constitute an extremely good advertising tool for the tourism enterprise, which has constantly been one of the quickest to adopt new technology. The ability to produce modern and inexpensive aerial motion pictures and pictures has been one of the primary motives drones have created a stir in this industry.

Visuals are the brand new language of the virtual generation. And movies are, really, the most compelling and tasty visible form. Google showed of their Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube observe in 2014: the online intake of travel movies is highly growing. Travel movies attract and have interaction purchasers greater than textual content and stills and tour motion pictures sell extra than any other type of content material. Hospitality and travel marketers know this. Thanks to drones, they can now offer their audience with revolutionary video content material, showing a completely unique view of a lodge, a tourist attraction or a destination.

Drones are indeed getting used to create video content promoting accommodations, inns, locations, points of interest and excursions. Luxury inns and hotel chains were a few of the first to apply drones, typically outsourcing the manufacturing to expert aerial filming corporations. In 2014, Vista Celestial, a boutique resort positioned at the Pacific coast of southern Costa Rica, employed Sky Shots Productions, an aerial video production enterprise primarily based out of Los Angeles, California, to help them promote the hole in their hotel.

The foremost purpose for hiring an aerial filming organization changed into that “with a fifteen acre property, surrounded by the jungle and number one rainforest, nestled 2km up inside the mountains, overlooking the Pacific ocean with surreal views from every factor of the property, a widespread video or image without a doubt could now not do the property justice”. The use of drones allowed them to focus on the whole property and provide capacity visitors a chicken’s eye view of what they'll enjoy upon arrival, and the video became a tremendous achievement inside the motel’s advertising:

Destinations had been quick to capture directly to the trend, commissioning or producing videos that combine aerial and ground pictures to better showcase their amenities and surrounding points of interest. In 2013, the Norwegian town of Trondheim and its tourism board commissioned a video to exhibit the stunning metropolis and its outskirts. The video showcased specifically drone obtained aerial photos.

The idea become to head beyond the “traditional” easy of supplying a vacation spot: “The production organization desired to mix helicopter and drone pictures in a manner in no way earlier than visible so that you can get towards the points of interest and to get a better view. I suppose this is the destiny of presenting locations, showing the audience something they are able to it do themselves, despite a incredible digital camera”.

The video, which went live in February 2014, turned into produced by way of the Norway-primarily based film production organization Fram Film and Natural Light, with drones operated by means of aerial cinematography and pictures company Cinecopeter. The very last price of the video was much less than $30,000, which includes licensing and agreements – a fraction of the price of some destination videos.

The first-rate and style of filming we will gain through the usage of drones is more similar to big finances films, now not relatively modest region advertising budgets. With sturdy place making ideas behind a campaign, using drone footage allows us to visualize the values and essence of an area we've recognized and show the integrity of these messages that we could not do earlier.

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