How to Improve Your Domain Authority

How to Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority refers to the authority of the domain, the website or blog as a whole, while the Page Authority refers to specific pages of your web page. This means that by improving the Page Authority of each internal page of our website we can finally improve the Domain Authority.

How to Improve Your Domain Authority


To improve the domain authority you have to dedicate a lot of work Link building and try to get links from different domains, emphasizing domains with a high authority, remember that the quality of the domains that links you is more important than the amount of these.

For your content to be linked in the beginning is quite complicated. No matter how good your content is, it will not be linked by third parties as well. In the first place, you must link it yourself in the pages that you can of high Domain Authority, the social networks are a good starting point, besides forums, advisory pages, etc.


The correct use of advertising marking combined with useful content and quality is the best tool to make it attractive to users and to access it, to improve the Domain Authority you must know how to promote and disseminate it correctly.

A viral content, a title that engages or the use of marking techniques can be a great help to advertise your products, services or web content and ultimately improve the domain authority.


Above we commented the importance of having links in other domains that aimed at yours, usually domains of good authority, so you have to check your backlinks to not have links from low quality sites, directories of links (low quality or suspicious) or sites that may have been penalized.

Not only does it prevent and prevent links from this type of site, but you regularly have to check your Google Webmaster Tools, to find out if you are linking some of these pages and "disindexing" those links if there are suspicions that they may be harmful.


Internal links refer to those that from a page within your web lead to another page within the same web. Every time you create new content, always try to naturally link other related content that you have previously created. Whether they are entries from the same blog or internal promotional pages.

This technique is also useful for users who are reading your article and want to expand the information with additional articles within the same website. In addition this has a positive impact on SEO and web positioning. It is also a highly recommended practice that will help you to improve Domain Authority.

To create a good internal structure of links in your web follows these recommendations:

Use different anchor text, do not abuse it again and again.

Try to maintain in each post a balance between internal links and external links.

Here's what Google says about how many links should appear on each page:
When we thought about how many links a page might reasonably have and still be under 100K, it seems about right to recommend 100 links or so. Google would truncate the page and it would not index the entire page.


A continuous update of your website through a blog with exceptionally good content is an essential feature and of high value for your readers.

The novelty with respect to your content is something highly valued and the expansion of similar contents, improving them and expanding them. Be ca


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