Making Money Online is a way in which people or Company render services to some targeted internet users which in return get paid for the services they render. Today there are different ways people make money online  but we would be focusing on;


  1. How bloggers make money online. 
  2. What affiliate marketing is and how people make money from it. 
  3. What Fiverr is and how people make money out of it. 

For better understanding, in this article, I will explain what a blog is and who a blogger is.

Blog : A blog can be said to be an online magazine or news platform or a web page which is updated regularly, weekly or monthly by the owner(s)  pending on what motive the blog is created or designed for.

Blogger :This is an owner of a blog who updates and keep a blog  running to meet up with the satisfaction of his/her readers.

Making money online, you must either render services or offer services/products for sale. As a blogger there are different ways you can make money from your blog. These include

  • Selling of products 
  • Rendering services 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Google Adsense etc

A blogger can make money through his or her blog if they have two services they can render. These services may be in a form of advertisement for personal individuals or group of companies. As a blogger after an agreement is made with a client, you help them advertise their goods, products or services, you can get paid for such services.

This is a common way most e-commerce bloggers make money from the blog. Before I proceed, an example of an e-commerce website is; Konga, Jumia, eBay, Amazon etc.

On this kind of website /blogs, different product owner showcase their products for sale and interested person's make order for them by making payment to the owner of the product after which the goods would be delivered to the person.

Some Entrepreneurship blogs also sell rich and interactive e-books to interested users through  their Blog and at the end get paid.

Most bloggers increase their source of income by registering as an affiliate marketer to some e-commerce website /blogs or other online platforms. As a blogger, when you register as an affiliate marketer for any product selling website /blog, a referral link or customized code would be given to you. As a blogger you implement this codes /links to your blog also encouraging your blog readers to to make order through Your affiliate link and get paid after every purchase a user made through your affiliate link.

For example :I own a blog and registered as an affiliate marketer for Amazon, Amazon would give me a link /code to place on my blog which my blog readers can make purchase on Amazon through the link /image embedded on my blog. After every successful purchase on Amazon through the link on my blog, I get a commission .

This is also an advertising placement services owned by the world number one search engine Google. It is designed for blog owners /publishers who wish to make extra income from the blog. As a blogger, when approved for this program, you are requested to display the targeted text, videos or image advertisements on your blog and in return earn money which your blog readers /visitors view or click the displayed ads.

This means earning a commission by promoting other peoples or company's product on your blog or website therefore serving as a middle man I.e instead of buyers of such products or services to go straight to the company they can easily come through you. You can get a piece of profit from each sale you make. See more highlights above (how bloggers make money online).

fiver is a large market place where digital services are being rendered /offered.

Gig are services offered by fiver. The least gig you can get from fiver is $5 as a selling start point with your gig packages you can offer your buyers different service packages for different prices.

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