Google will never disappear. There are many decent search engines out there doing exactly what Google is doing. Bing is a perfect example. They have grown in popularity and relevance and even have products similar to Google's (Webmaster Tools, Bing Ads, and so on).


Where Google seems driven solely by profit and even uses algorithmic updates to weed out "spammy" or "irrelevant content" (can someone say no new or small websites?), leaving only the big spenders in the top spots of the search results, Bing is offering major incentives to use their search engine in the form of Bing Rewards. That's right, by simply using Bing's search engine, you can get gift cards and other great rewards.

The fact is, Google could cease to exist tomorrow morning and by tomorrow afternoon, one of the other major search engines will have taken its place.

Google is really a shi*ty search engine these days. It is motivated solely by greed and couldn't care less about relevancy. The only reason it remains the king of search engines is because people are reluctant to change. Let enough people get fed up with the bullsh*t though and Google will collapse.

In this era of Information Technology life without Google is like a philosopher without information. Obviously the Google is best. It has created a great impact on the lives of the whole.

  1. Anything from informative search to online shopping is done under the google.
  2. For education purposes, the students can find out their related info.
  3. for online shopping and selling, Google is used.
  4. For getting job and etc.

The Yahoo and Bing are also the Good alternatives but I prefer Google much more than these two.

Our life without google is going to be very difficult, as our life and daily routines of many peoples are totally dependent on google. It provides us accurate results, it makes our life easy by providing us the better of all search results. Google is similarly like our elder brother as it guides us properly. Now a days 84% of total population prefers to use google instead of all the other alternatives that are available. Simply life without google is terrible.

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  1. Life without Google...mehnn...I wonder how it will be oo....where some people depends on Google a their living sef.