Preparing a delicious, tasty cake, you have to combine the right ingredients properly. The same goes for an outstanding on-the-page SEO architecture.

SEO 101: OnPage SEO Guide

Combining factors, such as: unique content, proper use of long tail keywords in clusters, more multimedia content and social media conversation could be helpful and rewarding. However, if you are not producing valuable content, there is no strategy that could help you in building good reputation.

On Page is the most important issue of SEO. It displays the quality of your site or contents. Here is a list of some key issues of On Page SEP:

  • Keywords research. Select long tail keywords. Use LSI keywords.
  • Competitors of your keywords. If all the competitors are very much stronger than you, skip those keywords.
  • Attractive title and add keywords at the beginning of your title.
  • Keywords in the first ad last paragraph.
  • SEO friendly permalinks. Use only keywords in permalinks, skip stop words such as on, of, must, with and more.
  • Use all the keywords(main keywords & LSI keywords naturally)
  • Use subheadings such as H2, H3 and more. Add keywords in all heading tags.
  • Use bullet point, bolt, Italic and more.
  • Use multimedia such as attractive images and relevant videos.
  • Internal linking and external linking.
  • Long and unique content.

There is some points that you should keep in mind while doing on-page SEO:

1. Page title
2. H1, H2, H3, H4, etc...
3. Meta Description
4. Meta Tags
5. Keyword Density
6. Image SEO
7. Internal Linking

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