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Tips For Having Optimized Meta Tags

Meta tags are page data tags that lie between the open and closing head tags in the HTML code of a document.

The contents of Meta tags are not displayed.
They are parsable and tells the browsers (or other web services) specific information about the page. It simply gives the browser information about the page in a way the browser understands.

There are so many meta tags but I would be giving out tips on getting the two major tags optimized for SEO. And they are:

1. The Meta Description Tag

This meta tag tells search engines what your site is about. 

It should look like this:

<center> <meta name="description" content="Your Description Here"> </center>

For a description that is search engine friendly, these tips would help; 

— Input 2-3 keywords when drafting out your description. 

— Do not repeat words overly too often. Use multiple syntaxes instead.

— Do not use more than 150 words when writing your description. 

2. The Meta Keyword Tag

A keyword is a term used to match with the query a person enters in a search engine to find a specific information. 

The tag should look like this; 

<center> <meta name="keyword" content="Your Keyword Here">

To make your keyword tag optimized for search engines then you've got to follow these tips; 

— Use unique keywords. 

— Make use of synonyms. They convert better. 

— Do not repeat any given phrase. A spammy meta keyword tag is unfit for search engine ranking

— Do not repeat a word. Only do so in different forms e.g "football, live football score" 

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How to Structure Your Blog for Search Engine Recognition

The first blog was created in the year 1994 since then blogging has evolved from what it was then into today's microblogging platforms.

According to, there are more than 440 million blogs and websites in the blogosphere today and each day more blogs are opened.

Looking critically at the large and growing amount of blogs and websites it would be wise to note that the workload on search engines in crawling and indexing these sites is pretty enormous.

Thus, ranking becomes a little harder than it should be. But, by structuring your site in the right way, search engines would be forced into recognizing your blog/website and concurrently rank it.

To structure your blog and website for search engine recognition, you have to follow these SEO best practices on structuring your blog for search engine recognition. And they are:

1. Search Engine Friendly URLs

Have you ever visited a page in a site and the link looks like this

This is an embarrassing mess!
The length of URLs is capable of confusing search engines and site visitors who would want to share your blog updates by the directly copying and pasting the post's link.

Sites with clear, short URLs are always search engine friendly as they rank better on Google search engine.

To get a shot at ranking well on search engines make your URLs as short as possible.

Blogging platforms like Blogger for example allows you to customize your URL of a post.

2. Site Navigation

It is a general rule that making it easy for your blog readers also makes it easy for search engines.

Keep your site simple. Make sure your site is easily understood by visitors.

A site that is not properly designed to suit easy navigating confuses search engines when they try to pick out the contents on the site.

Your website navigation should be made up of real text links and not images.
As an additional boost, You can include the links to pages you want search engines to crawl on your homepage.
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Five Simple Steps to Become a Better Writer

Have you wondered why your blog traffic seems to be going down?
Have you considered if your style of writing is pretty too conventional and your blog readers are not finding you or your posts interesting?

Writing like every other skill demands mastery. You've have got to work on yourself and be extra good in the art.

Just updating your blog isn't all that makes you a blogger but writing unique valuable content.

To become a better writer, to be able to write unique, valuable contents then consider these five steps;

Step #1: Write Daily

Practice makes perfect. To become a better writer you've got to cultivate the habit of writing everyday.

Set aside at least 30 minutes everyday to free-write. Just write whatever thing that comes to your mind.

Step #2: Read Daily

As you write daily also endeavor to read daily.
A daily reading habit helps develop your vocabulary and build your writing skill.

Step #3: Think About Your Audience

When writing always think about your audience. Do not write for search engine bots but for real human audience.

Be formal in grammar and do not be stilted or old-fashioned.

Step #4: Capitalize When You Are Supposed To

Capitalizing at the right places makes your writing look orderly and attractive.

Blog posts headlines, beginning of paragraphs, report titles, and email lines should be capitalized.

Step #5: Read Your Writing Out Loud

One of the founding fathers of tech blogging in Nigeria (I've forgotten his name) said: "when you are doing well or you are making progress no one needs to tell you, you would feel the conviction yourself".

After writing read what you wrote to yourself and if it is good to your ears then you are good to go.
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Three URL Shorteners You've Got to Try Out

You have researched, drafted out, proof-read and published that amazing post. What next? Sharing to get traffic right?

But the link looks long and unprofessional. Then you think URL shortening.

Even if you decide to leave the link that way you might want to share on Facebook where link sharing is usually red-flagged so whichever way URL shortening is an indispensable tool.

Today, three URL shorteners you would find very helpful would be reviewed.

1. is not just a URL shortener but also a social media sharing automaton tool.

After you sign up on, you connect your social media profiles to your account. provides a free and premium plan.

The free plan allows you to connect just three social media platforms and share a maximum of ten posts daily. When you exceed the posting limit it automatically stops link sharing. connects to your blog's RSS feed to be able to automatically share your blog updates. It shares your blog updates to the connected social media profiles moments after you hit publish, automatically.

Sign up for and enjoy auto shares together with link shortening.


Unlike, With you do not have to sign up before you can shorten URLs.

They do not support auto shares or social media automation but they've got a kind of analytics system.

This analytics system tells you how many clicks the shortened URL gets.

Try it out via .


Last but not the least is Google's URL shortening tool,
We all know Google is never going extinct and anything from them is completely legit and their URL shortener is no exception.

It has got the exact features has and can be considered in place of it.

Shorten your URLs with . So while looking for url shortners, keep the above three in mind – they are effective and simple to use. Also,if you are a tech enthusiast seeking the latest trends in the tech world then make sure to visit Techno Philes Blog . The site has a multitude of articles providing great insights on the latest happenings of the tech world..
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Best Place to Place Keywords For Search Engine Rankings

I am very sure you would love your blog posts to hit Google's first page thus driving in tons of clicks.

It all begins with understanding the art and fully applying SEO best practices.

If you have given yourself to studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you would agree with me that the place of keywords can never be over-emphasized.

Keywords play a crucial and vital role in making your site optimized for search engines.

The cornerstone of your entire SEO campaign would be your keywords. Without the right keywords, you’re going on the wrong direction.

Without the right keywords, everything you’re doing is a waste. Your keywords will be what you’re going to build on.

What exactly is/are keywords?

Keywords are terms used to match the query a person enters in a search engine to find a specific information.
They are phrases you would like your site to rank for in search results.

This goes to show that a proper use of keywords would do wonders in getting your blog/website on Google's first page of search results which would in turn fetch you an increased amount of traffic.


The wrong usage and placement of keywords would adversely affect and dampen your chances of ranking which I am sure isn't what you want for your site.

So as not to misuse keywords considering it's adverse effects, the points which I would be outlining are the best places to put keywords for optimal search ranking.

1. In the <title>...</title> tag

2. In the <meta name="description"> tag

3. In the <meta name="keyword"> tag

4. In <h1> and other heading tags

5. In the <a href=""> keywords </a> link tag

6. In the body of the blog post

7. In alt tags

Note that search engines red flag sites which they consider to be stuffing keywords. Be careful in using keywords.

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How to Increase Link Popularity

Link popularity is the result of the SEO practice, Link Building.

Link building is the SEO practice of obtaining links from external websites to your own for the sole purpose of improving search engine rankings and direct referrals. Not only does link building improve your rankings and direct referrals, link building helps your domain gain more authority and it enhances your search presence.

The place of link building/popularity in Search Engine Optimization can never be over-emphasized. Search engines do attach alot of relevance and importance to sites whose links are deemed popular.

To increase your link popularity you've got to do the following:

1. Submit your site URL in popular search engine MANUALLY. Do not use automation when summitting your link.

2. Get your site listed in Open Directory Projects like Dmog and

3. Provide high quality content so people tend to naturally link to your site.

4. Participate in link exchange program although old-fashioned it is a cool means of building link popularity.

5. Leverage your personal relationships with other bloggers and webmasters.

6. Put Your site links as signatory on forums which have got no restrictions on link sharing. Be very discreet in doing using your links as signatories in forums.

7. Submit your site to bookmark sites like DIGG and Slashdot.
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Filenaming Best Practices that Boost SEO

You've applied all the SEO tactics and tricks yet your blog/website doesn't hit Google's first page.

Getting fed up already? You do not have to.
You must be neglecting some very important or have neglected tips on file naming and how they affect a website's rank.

Many experts on SEO fail to talk about this as a tool for better search rankings and many webmasters take file naming to be an art that has got no use in today's blogosphere setting.

Against that back-drop, File naming remains one of the simplest methods of improving your website's search engine optimization.
Giving your files relevant file names and following the file naming best practices would in no small way boost your site's SEO.

These tips on best practices in filenaming would yield you an amazing 101% boost to your SEO. Yes, you read that right.

Without further talks, the SEO file naming best practices are summarized in the following lines of this piece.

Point #1. Always Make the File Names Short and Descriptive

There is no need for long, bulky file names. All that is needed is for the file name to describe the file completely and most importantly brief.

Point #2. Use Same Keywords on Page title in File Name

Looking to make sure your files most especially images rank well on search engines then in naming your files use the same keywords you used in drafting out your post in the filename.

In doing this, remember that the file name must be able to describe the file itself and if the keywords you are using doesn't describe the file you can as well desist from using therm.

Point #3. File Name should only contain 3-4 Words

Like I stated in point #1, your file name mustn't be long and bulky. The maximum amount of words that should be used in naming a file should not be more than four.

To achieve maximum search ranking, the amount of words that should be used per filename should be within the range of 3-4 words and nothing more than that.

Point #4. Separate Words with Hyphens rather than Underscores

In naming files, separation isn't by using spaces or by the old conventional way of separation using underscore.

For better SEO separate your filenames using hyphens as they convert better and are search-friendly.

The above points laid out as filenaming best practices are proven, tested and trusted tips which most definitely would give a supersonic boost to your site's SEO.

Reading Alone doesn't cut it! Make sure you apply the aforementioned tips.
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Best Way to Make Money Online

Sometimes we must rise through any adversity and do whatever it takes to be successful, when you know you have to do it, you will commit to it.
Best Way to Make Money Online

It might get hard, you might struggle, but you must never quit and never stop believing in yourself.

What you can do is find a niche that you enjoy or have knowledge already about, and think about how YOU can solve someone elses problem.

When you are able to learn something, and give back to others in the form of value, they will respect what you have to offer them and buy from you.

Here is a strategy I use and is working well although I have not made any sales:

  1. Find your passion. You know stuff you like doing and you enjoy doing it. For instance, I wrote an ebook on "How To Stop Worrying and Start Thinking Right"
  2. Find out if people have problems in that area:eg google "how to stop worrying forum" without quotes. Join just three of the most busy forums and do up your profile. Do not be quick to add a signature yet. Most forums will make you jump through the hoops before you can do this. Just hang around, see what kind of discussions are going on and be helpful.
  3. Find out if people are paying for such services and get an idea of how much they are willing to pay. Use or ebay or clickbank
  4. Flaunt your solution: write your ebook and sell it on jvzoo. Grab your url and use it as a forum signature once you are allowed to. Make sure your picture is on the sales page (it proves you own the site) or
  5. Do a one page weebly or blogger site with a helpful write up and put your affiliate links to a helpful product.
  6. Make your signature offer benefits to whoever reads it.
  7. Continue to be helpful and see what happens!

This strategy works and the only money you need to pay is your internet connection. You can see it is a lot of work initially but wait till it starts to flow in. With your earnings, you can scale up to more automated business models. I hope that works and all the best.
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How to Change Address Bar Color of Mobile Browser in Blogger

author-pic About author
My name is Nzekwe Godswill and I'm a "Tech" blogger and writer. I help Bloggers with online tutorials in order to create great blogs at

Sure you have observed few websites use their own blog template color in mobile Chrome browser. The URL bar gets matched according to their Blog template. This makes your site looks great and more professional on mobile devices.

How to Change Address Bar Color of Mobile Browser in Blogger

Generally, the website owner does it for branding and also it changes the chrome address bar color and gives it a smooth look to the website and probably gives a feeling of a mobile app as well. And dramatically compliments the look and design of the template in the chrome mobile browser.

In this post i will show you how to change your address bar colour of a Blogger blog. we have made it easier for you to do that. It won't take much of your time. All you have to do is to sit back and follow the below procedures:

Follow the process below.

1. Login to your blogger account.

2. Then go to Theme settings.

3. Click Edit HTML button.

4. Now press Ctrl+F and search for </head> tag.

5. Paste the below meta tag just above/before it.

Copy All Code

<meta content='#c94c4c' name='theme-color'/>

6. Add the meta tag as shown in the screenshot.

You can change the color code to your prefferd choice.

7. Save your work! 
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Best iPhone Monitoring App Facilitates Protection To The Users

iPhone spy programming are programs by which a man can stay up to date with action on someone else's mobile phone. The telephone must be perfect with the product being utilized.


Establishment is simple and once downloaded, the product can't be distinguished by the client of the wireless. The individual who introduces such programming will get by method for a web account all movement that has happened on the phone.

For each hour of consistently, and each day of every year, this enhanced innovation now gives the client various accessible choices. Block attempt of approaching and active instant messages are recorded in full revelation alongside all cordial email informing. The most recent in best iPhone monitoring app, which likewise watches the call history of the mobile phone client. You will have the capacity to know who the client is conversing with and the to what extent the call keeps going.

  • GPS following is another element accessible with this product. This is a component that many individuals find generally accommodating. 
  • You can monitor a man's developments whenever and know where they are found. 
  • With the majority of the observing gadgets now accessible, one needs to ask why anybody would need to keep such close tabs on any other individual. 
  • Two of the most basic territories would be in monitoring our youngsters and watching suspicious individuals that you utilize. 
  • Indeed, even in these cases it is the good and ethical issues must be considered and the utilization of these gadgets is not to be trifled with. 
  • On the planet today where medicate utilize is ordinary, most guardians will set aside moral thought for the security of their youngsters. Indeed, even in families where medication or liquor mishandle is not an issue, guardians must know that their kids can be compelled into medication and liquor manhandle by their companions. 
  • We have all perused the awful stories encompassing the utilization of date assault medications, and drugs that are furtively added to non-mixed refreshments. 
  • What's more, the most dependable teenagers have been known to fall prey to peer weight and offer in to things they could never regularly consider. 

A few teenagers and youthful grown-ups will contend with their folks and finish on their risk to leave home. Others might be taken in by pedophiles that reach them in spots, for example, Facebook and set up a meet. What better time to have GPS checking then when your kid has all of a sudden vanished. Guardians can never again cover their head in the sand and imagine that these things just occur with other individuals' kids. In the expressions of Carol Burnett who at last lost one of her kids to tranquilize manhandle, "Love your kids enough to give them a chance to loathe you." No more noteworthy words were ever represented on the off chance that we are to protect the security of our kids, we should persevere through their wrath on various events.

The second most basic utilization of best iPhone monitoring app is in the business and representative relationship. It is a miserable reality of nature that many individuals enlisted to work inside our utilize are not to be trusted. Despite a sparkling resume and an exhaustive historical verification, things can regularly go astray in the work environment.

Workers who travel and have a cost record will regularly abuse it. Representatives who deal with a commission premise may locate their base pay deficient to cover their costs when deals are moderate. There are business people working only for organizations that will indicate items created by another organization at a less expensive rate and offer them instead of the items got from the fundamental organization and pocket the benefit.

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The Name You Choose For Your Domain Will Define Your Brand

Naming your new domain is harder than you may think at first. When it comes time to check available domain names in order to choose the best one for your website, you will need to take several factors into consideration. To begin with, how unique and original is the name that you have in mind? Is it simple, snappy, stylish, easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and easy to spell? These are some of the major points that you need to consider before you make your final choice. Beyond that, you will need to make sure that the name you choose isn't owned by anyone else.

The More Unique and Original Your Domain Name, the Better
The reason you need an original and completely unique name for your domain is as clear as it is simple: So that you don't get sued for infringing on someone else's copyright or intellectual property. If someone else owns the name and is currently using it or even just holding it in reserve for a possible future use, it's their property. This means that you will quickly find yourself in court facing a serious lawsuit if you attempt to tread on someone else's toes. The best thing you can do if you find the name you want is in use is to give it up and try to come up with something else.

It's Important to Brand Your Business With the Correct Domain Name

When it comes to giving a name to your new domain, the most important factor will be to choose one that gives it an immediate identity. Domain names have consequences. Words can conjure very strong associations in the mind of the reader. This is the secret to the future success or failure of your brand. The right domain name will give you an immediate head start when it comes to building and strengthening your brand. The wrong name will leave a foul taste in the minds of viewers and cause them to move on to your competitors without giving you the benefit of a second look.

You'll Have to Live With the Domain Name You Choose

It's all the more important to make the correct choice for your domain name because you may have to live with it for a very long time to come. It's hard to close up a site and start all over again at a new location with a completely new brand name. It disrupts the flow of your business and causes it to be "missing in action" for several weeks or even months. It's much better for you to choose a name that is as evergreen as possible and won't go out of style before the ink is dry on your domain hosting service contract.

The Correct Choice of a Name Will Have a Positive Impact on Sales

You may not be a believer in the tired old cliché, "What's in a name?" Making the right choice when it comes to naming your domain will make a convert of you, especially when you see the results that a strong brand name has on your public reputation and resulting sales. This is a choice that will have a far ranging impact for years to come.
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Review On Best Advertising Network Other Than Google AdSense.

author-pic About author
Udochi Chibuike is an undergraduate of engineering and a techie, a passionate blogger who never relent in giving out tutorials to help others he currently owns and runs

Well of a truth most bloggers get frustrated when they found out that google AdSense disqualified their applications, yeah kind of frustrating I can really tell based on personal experience but note that that alone tend to kill the career of most bloggers, most of them having in mind that they are just blogging and can't earn a revenue.

Well that won't be the case any longer because am here to give a review on the best advertising networks have worked with some, and I'd also advice that bloggers desist from the idea of buying an AdSense account.

Best Advertising Networks Other Than Google AdSense.

Well google AdSense is termed the best because of its terms and conditions most of the other ads network you have to have a huge traffic to be able to use them, but that's no problem to anyone who has his/her blogging career at hearth. As you do have the AdSense for google this is also owned by a search engine called bing and we all know that apart from google bing is the best when it comes to search engine they were the top before google took over the market. After doing a little research I found out that the terms of ain't that easy but trying isn't a bad idea so if your not accepted by AdSense work on your blog the more and then try Is a private advertising company that emerged sometime in 2008 in new York getting mgid ads is quite easy and their pay is quite nice there are so many sites that uses it like the toxicwap you know uses it and a host of others so if and AdSense won't take you mgid is your best alternative meanwhile the more daily traffic you have the more you earn so its a traffic thing . : Is another advertising network that pays per click this doesn't really work on your traffic impression and sort although impression do matter and you also get paid if the clicks on ads turns to conversion and its cashout its $10 unlike the rest that go for $100 so literary speaking you'd agree with me that this is the coolest.

Let's hear your comments and experience on the various ads and don't forget to share with friends.

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