Best Place to Place Keywords For Search Engine Rankings

Best Place to Place Keywords For Search Engine Rankings

I am very sure you would love your blog posts to hit Google's first page thus driving in tons of clicks.

It all begins with understanding the art and fully applying SEO best practices.

If you have given yourself to studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you would agree with me that the place of keywords can never be over-emphasized.

Keywords play a crucial and vital role in making your site optimized for search engines.

The cornerstone of your entire SEO campaign would be your keywords. Without the right keywords, you’re going on the wrong direction.

Without the right keywords, everything you’re doing is a waste. Your keywords will be what you’re going to build on.

What exactly is/are keywords?

Keywords are terms used to match the query a person enters in a search engine to find a specific information.
They are phrases you would like your site to rank for in search results.

This goes to show that a proper use of keywords would do wonders in getting your blog/website on Google's first page of search results which would in turn fetch you an increased amount of traffic.


The wrong usage and placement of keywords would adversely affect and dampen your chances of ranking which I am sure isn't what you want for your site.

So as not to misuse keywords considering it's adverse effects, the points which I would be outlining are the best places to put keywords for optimal search ranking.

1. In the <title>...</title> tag

2. In the <meta name="description"> tag

3. In the <meta name="keyword"> tag

4. In <h1> and other heading tags

5. In the <a href="http://domain.com"> keywords </a> link tag

6. In the body of the blog post

7. In alt tags

Note that search engines red flag sites which they consider to be stuffing keywords. Be careful in using keywords.