Sometimes we must rise through any adversity and do whatever it takes to be successful, when you know you have to do it, you will commit to it.
Best Way to Make Money Online

It might get hard, you might struggle, but you must never quit and never stop believing in yourself.

What you can do is find a niche that you enjoy or have knowledge already about, and think about how YOU can solve someone elses problem.

When you are able to learn something, and give back to others in the form of value, they will respect what you have to offer them and buy from you.

Here is a strategy I use and is working well although I have not made any sales:

  1. Find your passion. You know stuff you like doing and you enjoy doing it. For instance, I wrote an ebook on "How To Stop Worrying and Start Thinking Right"
  2. Find out if people have problems in that area:eg google "how to stop worrying forum" without quotes. Join just three of the most busy forums and do up your profile. Do not be quick to add a signature yet. Most forums will make you jump through the hoops before you can do this. Just hang around, see what kind of discussions are going on and be helpful.
  3. Find out if people are paying for such services and get an idea of how much they are willing to pay. Use amazon.com or ebay or clickbank
  4. Flaunt your solution: write your ebook and sell it on jvzoo. Grab your url and use it as a forum signature once you are allowed to. Make sure your picture is on the sales page (it proves you own the site) or
  5. Do a one page weebly or blogger site with a helpful write up and put your affiliate links to a helpful product.
  6. Make your signature offer benefits to whoever reads it.
  7. Continue to be helpful and see what happens!

This strategy works and the only money you need to pay is your internet connection. You can see it is a lot of work initially but wait till it starts to flow in. With your earnings, you can scale up to more automated business models. I hope that works and all the best.