Five Simple Steps to Become a Better Writer

Five Simple Steps to Become a Better Writer

Have you wondered why your blog traffic seems to be going down?
Have you considered if your style of writing is pretty too conventional and your blog readers are not finding you or your posts interesting?

Writing like every other skill demands mastery. You've have got to work on yourself and be extra good in the art.

Just updating your blog isn't all that makes you a blogger but writing unique valuable content.

To become a better writer, to be able to write unique, valuable contents then consider these five steps;

Step #1: Write Daily

Practice makes perfect. To become a better writer you've got to cultivate the habit of writing everyday.

Set aside at least 30 minutes everyday to free-write. Just write whatever thing that comes to your mind.

Step #2: Read Daily

As you write daily also endeavor to read daily.
A daily reading habit helps develop your vocabulary and build your writing skill.

Step #3: Think About Your Audience

When writing always think about your audience. Do not write for search engine bots but for real human audience.

Be formal in grammar and do not be stilted or old-fashioned.

Step #4: Capitalize When You Are Supposed To

Capitalizing at the right places makes your writing look orderly and attractive.

Blog posts headlines, beginning of paragraphs, report titles, and email lines should be capitalized.

Step #5: Read Your Writing Out Loud

One of the founding fathers of tech blogging in Nigeria (I've forgotten his name) said: "when you are doing well or you are making progress no one needs to tell you, you would feel the conviction yourself".

After writing read what you wrote to yourself and if it is good to your ears then you are good to go.


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