Three URL Shorteners You've Got to Try Out

You have researched, drafted out, proof-read and published that amazing post. What next? Sharing to get traffic right?

But the link looks long and unprofessional. Then you think URL shortening.

Even if you decide to leave the link that way you might want to share on Facebook where link sharing is usually red-flagged so whichever way URL shortening is an indispensable tool.

Today, three URL shorteners you would find very helpful would be reviewed.

1. is not just a URL shortener but also a social media sharing automaton tool.

After you sign up on, you connect your social media profiles to your account. provides a free and premium plan.

The free plan allows you to connect just three social media platforms and share a maximum of ten posts daily. When you exceed the posting limit it automatically stops link sharing. connects to your blog's RSS feed to be able to automatically share your blog updates. It shares your blog updates to the connected social media profiles moments after you hit publish, automatically.

Sign up for and enjoy auto shares together with link shortening.


Unlike, With you do not have to sign up before you can shorten URLs.

They do not support auto shares or social media automation but they've got a kind of analytics system.

This analytics system tells you how many clicks the shortened URL gets.

Try it out via .


Last but not the least is Google's URL shortening tool,
We all know Google is never going extinct and anything from them is completely legit and their URL shortener is no exception.

It has got the exact features has and can be considered in place of it.

Shorten your URLs with . So while looking for url shortners, keep the above three in mind – they are effective and simple to use. Also,if you are a tech enthusiast seeking the latest trends in the tech world then make sure to visit Techno Philes Blog . The site has a multitude of articles providing great insights on the latest happenings of the tech world..
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