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3 Ways To Earn Money From Blogging Aside Adsense

Making money from blogging or online in general has greatly evolved with newer innovations introduced by bloggers who have made use of their sense of exploration.

Income generation by bloggers would over has greatly increased. It is no news that blogging is gradually becoming one of the world's most lucrative businesses which can be performed even from the comfort of ones home.

For many bloggers, the easiest way and often the most preferred option in the subject of earning from ones blog is by the use of Google Adsense.
Even persons who do not blog or own one have beclouded their minds with the belief that Google Adsense is the most legitimate means of earning from blogging.

Quite true, Google Adsense offers what many consider the best advertising platform and sure the payout is very good. With Google Adsense, your passion can truly drive in profit but it is quite disheartening to note that getting Google Adsense approval is like forcing a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

The process of getting Adsense approval can be very frustrating with the incessant disapprovals and the likes. I have seen cases where because Adsense disapproves a person's application, he/she quits.

Funny enough, while so many bloggers are getting frustrated all because they want to earn from Google Adsense without considering other options, running blogs in the pattern of Non-governmnetal Organization (NGO), and earning little or nothing at all, blogs like Quicksprout, Hubspot, ProBlogger, Techmedias, Backlinko, TechCrunch, Mashable to mention but a few.

The blogs aforementioned explored and utilized other areas where income can be generated from, none of them solely depended on Google Adsense.
There are so many ways through which bloggers can earn money. I am going to be discussing three today.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be defined as the process of getting paid by promoting other people's or company's products. 

You earn a percentage of sales you bring in for the company. 

Logically, the best place to promote relevant products and services without any compromise of integrity of the content is via an author's blog posts. 

2. Events

This is one mode of earning that many bloggers neglect. 

Hosting events can help you generate income. Problogger's "ProBlogger Conference" has  gets hundreds of participants ranging from probloggers to startup bloggers and this helps them generate more income.

You could stage conferences, seminars, parties, get-togethers e.t.c with a bid to making some money under the auspices of your blog.
Now, online events are taking over, for example webinars.

3. Selling Something

This is one means which earn bloggers loads and tons of cash, selling products online.
Not only can you sell products you can also sell your services and get paid.

Products can take many forms. You can sell eBooks and courses. Such would take a lot of time to create but they are highly lucrative and when people get to see how valuable your eBooks, courses and services are they tend to come back and equally suggest to friends.

Mathias Amodu gives a perfect example of this mode of earning, If you scroll towards the footer or check the sidebars you would see advertisements. This advertisements ranges from SEO ready articles to sale of template and to hiring.

Drop the old fable of Adsense being the only means by which you can earn from blogging. Try out these proven and trusted ways today and grow your earnings.
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Three Most Powerful SEO strategies

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The subject deals with the process of optimizing a website for improved rankings and better search presence on search engines.

Three Most Powerful SEO strategies

 It is a technique whose necessity can never be over-emphasized as it forms the very basis by which websites, business and organizations get the desired audience which in turn helps them generate income SEO Training” and “SEO Companies.

SEO helps in:

  1. Developing and designing a site to rank well in search engine results
  2. Improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines.
  3. Marketing with the knowledge of how search algorithms works.
Many times, when the topic SEO is mentioned, the mind of the people drift off quickly to keywords, link building, meta tags e.t.c but I'd like to say that there is an outlook on SEO that is been ignored by many webmasters and bloggers.

I am not saying the usual SEO strategies are baseless. As a matter of fact, they still stand strong, stronger and more complicated than ever before.
But it would interest you to know that there are methods of SEO which has got nothing to do with keywords and the norms in search engine optimization.

It is that which makes some blogs rank better than others despite the owner or the designer of the latter been a professional in Search Engine Optimization.

Have you ever wondered why the blogs of some pro bloggers rank still rank higher than the blogs of newbies?

Have you ever wondered why there are regular blogs which always appear on Google's first page?

Why do other blogs fail to outrank these blogs?

The answers to the above questions are in the three powerful SEO strategy.

1. Trust

Trust is at the very core of Google's major changes and updates in the past several years. There is so much at stake in dealing online and users work only with sites they trust.

Google wants to keep poor-quality, untrustworthy, sites out of search results, and keep high-quality, legit sites.

If your site is found to be spammy and somehow useless for the keyword you are ranking for, Google would remove your site from its first page.

2. Authority

If your site is irrelevant or unpopular in the niche it is categorized under then you would find it hard to rank high on Google search engine.

Authority is your site's overall strength online and when it is weak, your site is considered useless.

How can you build authority?

You can easily build the overall strength of your site by making your blog's social media channels very active, interacting with influencers in your niche, getting backlinks e.t.c

3. Relevance

Ever seen a site rank on Google's first page for sometime and all of a sudden it disappears from the 1st page and moves as far as the 6th or 7th page?

I have seen loads of cases like that.

This is due to the sites irrelevance for the search query. 
When Google finds a site irrelevant for a user's search query it takes out the site from the ranking spot.

Sites with contextual relevance are rewarded with higher rankings by Google.

SEO is no longer about keywords, link building, meta tags and the other norms but also about Trust, Authority and Relevance.
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5 Tools That'll Help You Increase Your Traffic

Looking to increase your blog traffic, generate leads and drive in sales?

Unlike popular myths and grandpas' fables, improving your blog traffic is pretty easy, interesting and less stressful, thanks to the current online tools we've got.

In discussing traffic, apt attention must be paid to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The discussion of today actually focuses on traffic from search engines which is possible through the proper use and application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is at the neck of getting and improving blog traffic. Traffic gotten from search engines have proven to convert better than traffic from other channels. With properly optimized web pages you would not just be getting more traffic, you would be driving in traffic which converts.

Thus, the place of SEO in improving traffic and content marketing can never be overly emphasized. It is an integral part on the subject of improving traffic.
Here are 5 tools with which you can grow your blog traffic by 101% with the use of Search Engine Optimization.


Ahrefs is an online tool which helps you improve your search engine traffic by helping you improve your site's SEO.
Ahrefs is able to do so through the following processes.

1. Keyword Research: With this Ahrefs lets you in on the keywords your competitors are using and the ones they are ranking for.The knowledge of what keywords your competitors use and rank for would help you strategize on how to beat them to their own keywords. Thus, giving you a shot at ranking higher than your competitors.

2. Content Research: You would be able to know what content(s) in the niche you blog on are driving more clicks, getting more social shares and backlinks.

3. Link Building: Ahrefs lets you know where your competitors getting their backlinks from.


Buzzsomo is an online that helps websites and blogs to discover what contents are able to engage visitors and garner outreach opportunities.

Buzzsomo offers help on issues like growth hacking, organic means to build blog traffic; visitors and customers, building links with influencers, and providing value to the lives of people.


Ubersuggest is an online keyword research tool. With Ubersuggest you would be able to research keywords which are not available in Google's Keyword Planner tool.
It is a highly efficient way to generate a long-list of relevant keywords which would rank high.

Ubersuggest provides you with many keyword ideas to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per Click ads, and content marketing campaigns.


SEMrush have proven to be the bloggers choice among SEO tools as they have overtime helped bloggers and webmasters improve their site's search engine rankings . This list won't be complete without it.

SEMrush delivers analytical reports by giving it's users insight into a competitors strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and finally link building.

They provide metrics as regards keyword rankings, on-page search engine optimization, and your competitors.

Google Search Console

Formally Google Webmaster Tool, Google Search Console allows webmasters to check indexing status and to optimize the visibility of their websites.

Google is the world largest and most visited search engine in the world, so therefore, you must work in alignment to their terms and Google Search Console is the tool to help you stay in alignment with Google's search conditions.

Google Search Console provides tools which improves your SEO such as:

1. Sitemap.xml checking and submission
2. Checking and setting crawl rate
3. Robot.txt file submission
4. Listing of internal and external site links.
5. Visibility status
And much more.

With these tools, you are covered on the issues of improving your blog traffic with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Thursday Cheap and Fastest Web Hosting

Fastest web hosting at a price nobody can beat and 2017's Best Cheap Web Hosting with cheap domain names & premium specs. Get unlimited and cheapest WordPress website hosting with free domain & web builder.. As we all know is one of the best and reliable web hosting site that is is highly recommend for your website and blog also provides domain privacy. Cheap and Fastest Web Hosting

Whenever, a domain name is registered or updated, your contact details get published in an online directory/ database called the WHOIS database. This is in accordance with the laws formulated by the internet governing authority and on this great platform we gave some amazing features aside from it products which are:

  • Free Domain
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Quick 24/7 live support
The speed and experience of their support team is amazing and beyond what other company could give to their customers. Wherever it’s your first website or deep technical problem they are always there to help you 24/7/365

Free Domain Name
You can save more money with Free domains which are included in every Premium and Business cheap hosting plans. Park all your domains for free and enjoy.

We have lot more wonderful features about this platform like

  • Lighting Speed
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List of domain names that can be purchased on for your blogger blog or website are

  • .xyz $0.99
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If you purchase any hosting plan from this platform for your website or blog, we have a lot of benefits attached to it and this will help serve your viewers well and also it help you to Stop losing your potential visitors or customers everyday. Cheap and Fastest Web Hosting

  • Almost Unlimited disk & bandwidth
  • Free domain name & SSL included
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  • SSD website hosting for website speed
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  • 5X Optimized WordPress hosting
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Payments on this platform are commonly used globally 
visadiscoverpaypalbitpaymaestromastercardamerican-expressjcbdiners-club Website Builder is the best, easy & cheap for every webmaster who will like to build a website for his or her self. This feature is a Powerful web building technology and stunning beauty and Only with Hostinger's Website Builder you'll get a free collection of top-notch professionally designed website templates that will suit any tastes and any needs.

It is Mobile Friendly, 100% SEO friendly and has an intuitive user interface that enables you enjoy it as a business person.

Hostinger Affiliate program is one of the easiest ways of making extra money and is pretty much effortless. Starting an Affiliate is great for both you and Hostinger, since by promoting our services you will get generous commissions. affiliate program

Affiliate programs are quite common in today's web hosting industry. Hostinger is no exception, and it seems to follow the most basic affiliate system. is the best for your business visit them today and sign up.

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A Review on Blogger Content Policy (the needful in blogging safely on blogger)

Until it happened to me I never believed Blogger could delete or remove blogs. It certainly is one thing which must be looked into and measures be taken to avoid an occurrence wherein your blog would be deleted for violation of Blogger Content Policy.

What is Blogger Content Policy?

As it is in every organization, there are rules, regulations and guidelines laid down which must be adhered to and followed precept upon precept by every member of that organization.
We all know that failure to adhere to an organization's rules and regulations always warrants a penalty.

Blogger, like every other organization, has got rules it expects every member of hers to follow. One of such is the highly neglected 'Content Policy'.

I must confess, I never read through that policy until I lost my blog and I had to write up this review. Funny enough, I noticed how easy it was for you to lose years of hard work, money, time, selfless service, diligence and every other virtue you might have inputted in your blog work. 

Blogger Content Policy cuts across 13 major standpoints. They are:
  • Adult Content
  • Crude Content
  • Child Safety
  • Hate Speech
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Impersonating People
  • Illegal Activities
  • Regulated Goods and Services
  • Spam
  • Malware and Viruses
  • Personal and Confidential Information
  • Copyright
 These standpoint govern the kind of contents a blog on Blogger must contain. They make up Blogger Content Policy. 

Reviewing the 13 Blogger Content Policy Standpoints

Adult Content

Blogger allows its users to post adult content on their blogs. You can include images and videos which have attributes of nudity or sexual activity you just have to go to your dashboard>>settings and mark your blog as Adult content.

Even without doing so, Blogger would flag your blog as a blog for adult content always placing it behind an 'adult content' warning interstitial.


Oh Yes, they allow adult content but Blogger places some exceptions on it.

1. You mustn't use your adult content blog as a means of earning money. Creating a blog which is targeted at promoting and generating leads for commercial porn sites is not allowed.

2. Your blog should not promote or encourage illegal sexual acts like bestiality, incest, rape and necrophilia.

3. You are not allowed to post or distribute a person's nude or sexually explicit images or videos without the prior permission from the person. Not only do you face Blogger, you might face some court actions, Beware.

Crude Content

You would be violating the crude content policy if you post images which are usually unfit for the human eyes without a commentary. Images like accident scenes, gunshot wounds, disoriented body parts e.t.c when posted without an additional context or commentary are not allowed on Blogger.

Child Safety

Blogger does not tolerate content which exploit children. So therefore, If you must be safe from this policy do not post contents of images with child sexual abuse or contents that promote sexual attraction to children. 

Blogger has got Zero-tolerance for such.

Hate Speech

Even though Blogger claims to offer a service for free expression it doesn't condone content that promotes violence targeted with hate speeches at an individual or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, origin, nationality, sexuality or gender. 

If a blog's content incites hatred on the basis of the characteristics mentioned above, it has gone against Blogger Content Policy.


Writing contents which are a threat to other people go against the 'violence' section of Blogger Content Policy. 
Do not post death threats to a person or group and do not incite people to take violent actions against a group.


This does not only carry severe consequences online, it does offline. Content found to be harassing in whatever way would be taken down immediately and the site may be permanently banned.
Court action may follow too.

Your contents must in no way harass anybody; child, adult, or group.

Impersonating Others 

Do not pretend to be/represent someone, a group or an organization. Your blog content should not mislead people into thinking you are somebody you are not.

Blogger, although, allows you to publish parody which is a piece of writing that imitates the style of another so as to be amusing and satire which is the use of humour, irony, e.t.c to ridicule or criticize.

Never impersonate. It is not just against Blogger Content Policy but against the Rule of Law.

Illegal Activities

Your blogger blog mustn't be used for illegal activities or to promote or incite people into illegal activities. 

Using blogger to promote illegal drugs, drinking and driving, prostitution, pick-pocketing, destruction of properties, violence against the government is prohibited.

Regulated Goods and Services 

There are goods which have been regulated by Food regulatory bodies or associated organizations. Blogger would not condone blogs promoting this regulated products.

Popular among the folk of regulated goods include: tobacco, unapproved supplements, fireworks, alcohol e.t.c
For services, we have gambling and medical attention from unapproved medical personnel.


I don't think I have to explain this one.

Spam ranges from creating a blog to drive traffic to your other blog to posting comments on other people's blog to promote your site and your site's product to manipulate and gain search rankings, the list is endless.

Spammy content blog faces straight deletion.

Malware and Viruses 

Do not create blogs with the purpose of infecting a visitors PC or phone with a virus or for the purpose of gaining access to a person's private information.

Blogger must not be used to create phising sites, It is strictly forbidden.

Personal and Confidential Information

Do not publish someone else's personal and confidential information. Any of a person's information which when publicized could wreck havoc to the person or associates must not be featured on your blog.


If there is any part of this content policy that I can willingly stick my neck out would be violated is copyright.

There is a rise in plagiarized content especially among News and entertainment bloggers. Do not get me wrong, I do not mean they are the only ones that do copy and paste.

Yes, content is king but remember Blogger hates copyrighting.
I began by telling you my blog was deleted. The reason why it was deleted is this, an admin on my blog went against copyright policies.

Get this straight, He was not copying and pasting to my blog but it affected my blog. This goes to show how much Blogger forbids copyrighting.

To Enforce this Content Policy, Blogger would:

  • Put the blog behind an 'adult content' interstitial
  • Put the blog behind an interstitial where only the blog author can access the content
  • Delete the offending content, blog post or blog
  • Disable the author's access to their Blogger account
  • Disable the author's access to their Google account
  • Report the user to law enforcement
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Transfer Codes For All Nigeria Banks

Transfer Codes For All Nigeria Banks

Access Bank

to perform any transaction, simply dial *901# on your mobile phone. It is designed to work with any network and mobile phone.

For airtime recharge, Simply dial *901*Amount# e.g. *901*200# to recharge 200 naira airtime.

Zenith Bank

  • Dial *966*00# to get started and follow these simple steps:
  • Register by entering the last 4digits of your Debit Card
  • Create and confirm your 4 digit PIN
  • If successful, you will receive a “retrieving balance” message
  • An SMS arrives immediately with current available balance

You’ve been registered on the platform now. To buy airtime dial*966*amount*mobile number#, to transfer funds dial*966*amount*mobile number#, to pay bills dial *966*7*amount*SMARTCARD NUMBER#. To check your account balance dial *966*00#.

UBA Bank

The UBA mobile banking offers ease to various transactions such as money transfer, bill payments, airtime recharge, etc.

Simply dial *919# from a UBA registered mobile number to get started.

Fidelity Bank

To get started simply dial*770# on your phone and follow the subsequent commands. To transfer money from Fidelity bank to another bank account, dial *770*Account number*Amount# e.g. *770*3016125703*10000#, you will need the last 4 digits of your ATM card to validate the transaction. You can only make a maximum transfer of N10,000 at once. The maximum you can also transfer daily is N20,000.

To recharge your airtime dial “*770*amount# (this is accessible using all types of mobile devices). E.g. *770*200#. To recharge for family and friends, dial *770*Phone no*Amount#. e.g. *770*08023456789*1000#. Daily Limit is ₦5,000 Naira.


To transfer money to another GTB account simply dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g. *737*1*1000*1234567890# from the mobile number registered with the Bank. (This is accessible using all types of mobile devices).

To make a transfer to other banks simply dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g. *737*2*1000*1234567890# from your mobile phone. (This is accessible using all types of mobile devices). Then use the last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate each transaction.

To recharge your phone with airtime simply dial *737*amount# e.g. *737*200#

Wema Bank

To make a bank transfer to any bank account, simply dial*945*BENEFICIARYACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT#. To check your account balance, dial*945*0#, to change transfer *945*00#.

To recharge your phone with airtime from your Wema Account Simply dial*945*AMOUNT# e.g. *945*200#


Just dial *326# to get started and follow the subsequent commands. You can perform various transactions such as bill payments, airtime recharge and money transfer with Ecobank’s mobile money.

First Bank

To transfer money, just dial *894# and select

1; to withdraw money dial *894# and select

2, to make purchase dial *894# and select

3; to pay bills dial *894# and select

4; dial *894# and select 5 to buy airtime. Finally to manage your account dial *894# and select 7.

Stanbic IBTC Bank

With Stanbic IBTC USSD mobile money transfer code, various transactions such as salary payments, airtime recharge, one-on-one money transfers, goods and bills payments can be done.

Simply dial *909# to get started

To recharge your airtime simply dial *909*amount# e.g. *909*500#. Daily limit is 5000 naira.

Diamond Bank

To transfer money to any bank, simply dial *710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN#. To check you bank account balance, dial *710*556*PIN#.

To recharge your phone with airtime, simply dial *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#

First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

Account holders are to dial *389*214# from their mobile phone. Three options are displayed on the phone screen alongside a welcome message.

1. Activate with card

2. Activate with Account

3. Activate with Mwallet

Choose option 2 to activate with account number. Afterwards call FCMB Contact Centre on 01-2798800 to generate a PIN for your transactions, this will be sent within minutes. Further dial *389*214# on your phone, navigate to Security then select Change PIN from the on-screen commands. Enter the default PIN issued to by the bank then enter your new 4-digit PIN. Your USSD mobile transfer is now fully activated, for subsequent transactions dial *389*214#.

Skye Bank

With Skye Bank’s USSD mobile money transfer code, various transactions such as salary payments, airtime recharge, one-on-one money transfers, goods and bills payments can be done.

Simply dial *833# to get started

Unity Bank

Dial *389*215# to get started with Unity Bank’s Mobile banking on-the-go. Various transactions such as utility payments, airtime recharge, one-on-one money transfers, goods and bills payments can be done.

Sterling Bank

With Sterling Bank’s *822# code, you can bank on-the-go from anywhere. Dial *822# to get started and create a PIN code to authenticate transactions, note that for every transaction you will be charged a sum of N5.
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5 Reasons Why Bloggers Should use VPNs,

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Should use VPNs

The days where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were a tool used exclusively by big companies and security adepts to protect their data are gone. These networks have become a very useful accessory to a lot of people in their everyday internet navigation and the list of professions that can benefit from them becomes longer every day.

Bloggers are among the people who can get the most benefits out of the use of VPNs, so if you dedicate your life to this activity, then you should take a look at all the reasons you have to adopt VPNs as a tool for your job.

What do VPNs Do?
To understand the benefits, first, you need to understand how VPNs work. The first thing you have to know is that they are large networks of servers with the goal of bridging your internet traffic. Before they reach their destination, your connections are encrypted and sent through one of these servers, with the main goal of protecting your data and the information contained in it. Now, let’s discuss the ways a VPN can benefit a blogger in more depth:

Protected Communications: The fact that every bit of data is encrypted before it sails into the waters of the internet makes it impossible for eavesdroppers to access the information it contains even if they manage to intercept it. This is important if you usually handle sensitive information.

Privacy Over Public Networks: Public Wi-Fi networks are the least safe way you can connect to the internet. Using a VPN allows you to navigate as if you were counting on the protection of a router’s encryption and avoid data sniffers in public spaces.

Unblock Content: When you connect to a VPN server, you can fool the websites you access into thinking that you’re connecting from the location of the server instead of your actual location. This allows you to access region-blocked content and expand your list of sources of information.

Convenient for Trips: If you’re someone who travels a lot, then you can use VPNs to connect to websites from another location as if you were a local. This can help you before your trip to access content that’s exclusive for locals and after you’ve traveled, if you want to access things as if you were back home.

Bypassing Censorship: Some countries, like China, have very strict censorship policies that can limit the activities of foreign and local bloggers alike. VPNs can bypass these barriers and open your path towards freedom of speech and a broader audience. You can check this best VPNs for Hong Kong to know more about bypassing censorship in China.

In conclusion, VPNs are one of the most powerful allies you can have if you spend your days blogging. You should be aware that not all VPN services are the same and some may even try to scam you. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend you check IPVanish, ExpressVPN and PureVPN, which are our favorite VPN service providers and will surely give you the best experience and protect your privacy at all costs.

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For a Better SEO, Don't Do These

Search engine optimization is at the center of every online business. The subject of SEO is a crucial topic and one that can't be taken lightly.
To safely optimize your site for search engines, Don't
Copy Someone else's Content
Always provide your own, original content. Search engines are getting smarter each day and they've figured out how to detect sites which plagiarise. Once they detect that your site is filled with plagiarised content they stop favouring your in rankings.
Link too often to external sites
Not only those this affect your Site's SEO it also increases your bounce rate. Linking to external sites isn't bad but let it be done in a spam-free way, so your posts are clear and understandable.
Stuff keywords
This practice worked pretty well years back but with new search engine algorithms stuffing keywords would not only compromise your chances of ranking, it would also make search engines red-flag your site.
Use Conventional Means
Link schemes such as buying back-links, using hidden links, and participating in link networks are all archaic ways to increase SEO. With search engines becoming smarter, these techniques not only don’t work, but tend to be actively penalised. Not only will you be penalised, but the content you produce when using these tactics will be of reduced quality - a key factor in generating higher quality inbound leads.
Taking these pointers and applying them as part of an inbound marketing strategy should improve your SEO. But remember, SEO is a process that takes time, so be patient, and eventually your website will bring in high quality traffic and potential leads.
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Complete Guide to Setting up Twitter Ads Campaign

Twitter is an awesome channel for generating leads and driving in traffic to your blog or online business.
Statistics show that about 42% of Twitter users follow companies and brands. Making Twitter a very great spot to run businesses, hence you must urgently begin to fully apply social media marketing strategies.
If you do already have a Twitter account set up for your business, you might consider supplementing your organic efforts with some of the paid promotional opportunities that Twitter offers. 
 Twitter Ads, like Facebook ads and other ads from social media platforms helps your tweets in front of a larger audience not limited to those who just follow you.
So, how do you get started? 
I would walk you through four easy ways to setup Twitter Ads Campaign and they are;

4 Steps to Set Up a Twitter Ads Campaign

1. Choose Between Promoting Tweets or Promoting Your Account

To begin the Twitter Ads Campaign you've got two options to choose from. Either to promote your tweets or to promote your Twitter account.
How does these work?
Quite simple.
When you promote tweets people tend to see your tweets appearing in their Twitter stream (Like Facebook's "News Feed") and on Twitter Search results.
On the other hand.
By promoting your Twitter account, Twitter would display your account  Promoting tweets will allow your tweets to appear in users’ Twitter streams or in Twitter search results, whereas promoting your account under the “Who to Follow” section in users’ homepages.
Which is better?
The choice depends on what you want.
Looking to build a larger audience, a promoted account should be your preferred choice.
But if generating leads is your target then promoting your tweets would do just that.

2. Target the Right Audience
Setting up an ad campaign without first deciding who your target audience should be is the first step to failing as an advertiser.
You must understand what kind of audience fits your product or the service you are giving out. 
Imagine showing an audience interested in Sports content based on Technology. What a waste of money.
A targeted audience is more likely to generate qualified leads.
How do you target rightly? 
You can target your campaigns by interests and followers, or by keywords (only if you’re promoting tweets, not accounts). Twitter now also has a Tailored Audiences feature, which gives you the option to target your website visitors or lists pulled from your database. 
How does it work?
Targeting by interests and followers allows you to create a list of Twitter usernames, and then target users whose interests are similar to the interests of those users’ followers. A great use of this type of targeting is compiling a small list of the top influencers in your industry.
With this targeting option, you can also add a list of interest categories -- so I could say, for example, “show these tweets to people interested in Marketing, Social Media, or Lead Generation.” Again, this creates a broad audience focused on the topic of the content or products you’re promoting.
Targeting by keywords allows you to reach people that search, tweet about, or engage with specific keywords. You can also choose to have your tweets appear in either users’ timelines or in search results. The benefit of this type of targeting is that it helps you define a more qualified audience, since these people are actively looking for or engaging with those specific keywords that are relevant to your offer.
Twitter also included a feature that recommends additional keywords to include in your campaign (just click on “Expand your reach”) so you can make sure you’re not missing out on any highly-searched relevant terms:
Finally, targeting Tailored Audiences allows you to run retargeting campaigns through Twitter. You'll need to work with one of Twitter's ads partners to build audiences based on pixels on your site or by matching lists from your database. This option is a bit more complicated, so I'd recommend reading up on the details here.
How do I choose? Targeting by interests and followers is best if you’re looking to get in front of new audiences, or if you’re looking to focus more on brand publicity. This option will yield a larger, less qualified audience. Targeting by keywords, on the other hand, is useful if you’re looking for users with potential product interest or purchase intent. This option will give you a smaller but more qualified audience.
Note: I’d recommend trying both types of targeting. Set up an A/B test where you have a campaign of each type with the same tweets, and see which performs better for you.. If you're looking to do more advanced retargeting, try Tailored Audiences.

3. Explore Other Targeting Options

Beyond targeting certain interests and keywords, you can also choose to target your audience by location, device, and gender.
To do this, you’ll have to target by location if you run a local business, or if you sell primarily to specific regions (whether that’s your city or North America).
You can also select which devices you’d like your promoted tweets to be displayed on -- any combination of desktop and the various mobile devices. This is a great targeting option if your product or service caters more specifically to people on the go, or if your website visitors are most likely to convert on your offer when they’re in the office.
Finally, if your product or service caters primarily to either males or females, you should take advantage of the gender targeting option.

4: Create Your Tweets

From here the work is all done.
Once you’ve determined the structure of your campaigns and your target audience, go ahead and create the tweets you’d like to promote. You can either select from existing tweets in your account, or create new ones.
When crafting a new tweet, click on the eye icon to select delivery type -- standard (which will promote it immediately to your followers just like an organic tweet), or promoted-only (which will only promote it through your Twitter Ads campaign).
And there you have it! Simply assign your campaign a daily budget and a maximum spend limit, and set it live. Be sure to keep an eye on your campaigns as they run, and continue to optimize them for better results.

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How to Monetize Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing

What good is a blog that's not monetized?

Far gone are the days when people claim they blog for fun without any thought of earning from their blogs when pro bloggers are making millions from their blogs.

Founder of Creative design firm Studio JWALL LLC, Josh Waldron said "If an individual is looking to monetize their blog, I would make a strong case for affiliate marketing as the best avenue for doing so, "

Bloggers today have become so engrossed with AdSense as their best bet at monetizing their blogs that they do not want to consider any other means.

Josh Waldron maintains an unwavering stand on Affiliate Marketing being the best avenue for blog monetization.

With Affiliate Marketing, a blog with a decent amount of traffic from at least 10,000 monthly visitors and above can yield a considerable amount of income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be defined as the process of getting paid by promoting other people's or company's products.

You earn a percentage of sales you bring in for the company.

Logically, the best place to promote relevant products and services without any compromise of integrity of the content is via an author's blog posts.

Quickly, here's how to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing.

1. Choose an Affiliate Program that's Relevant to Your Blog Content.

The affiliate program you should choose must be relevant to the kind of content you provide.

Your blog readers are characterized by the kind of content you provide hence it is easy for you to get loyal readers.

When this readers see your affiliate program and it is inline with what they come to your site to get they won't waste time in clicking.

Imagine having built a platform where you give readers contents based on sports and you place an affiliate program like Nairabet or Bet9ja.

Of surety you'd get loads of clicks as the affiliate program works inline with tbd content you provide your readers.

So, when choosing an affiliate program make sure it is relevant to your site.

2. Balance the Use of Affiliate Links

In placing Affiliate links strike a balance between giving your user contents and bogging them with ads.

Place your affiliate links in a way that your site can be tagged "ad-free" yet you have got ads.

3. Create Marketable Content

This works with having contents relevant to the affiliate program you are to choose.

Create contents that point users to your affiliate links.

Do not put up a post on how to earn money with Bet9ja just so people get to click on your Bet9ja affiliate link.

Write detailed reviews, share fact, present cogent reasons and use your affiliate links to show your readers what to do, more like it becomes your CTA.


As against the popular belief of AdSense being the surest and most dependable way of making money online I'd like to say that Affiliate Marketing serves as a substitute.

Not everyone can get approved by Google even with contents and traffic but it's a different ball game with Affiliate Marketing.

Try it out today.
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RankBrain: Google's New Artificial Intelligence, Learn How it Works

Almost everyone believes common SEO practices are not working anymore and would soon be extinct.

Maybe it's because Google changes their algorithms 500-600 times each year.

That's like two times each day. Thus making it impossible to rank on Google search engine.

We used to believe ranking was based on meta descriptions and keywords then came link building and popularity then social presence and so on.

Then came another factor which must be put to account, the recently introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Google called "RankBrain".

According to the most popular search engine, RankBrain would help determine search results.

In this article I would tell you exactly what RankBrain is about and I'd show you how you can optimize your site to match RankBrain's algorithm.

What RankBrain is?

Google has been existing for about 19years and the search engine has been about giving people the information they seek.

Over the years, the way and manner in which Google's search results come have changed as the search engine sought to give out contents which seemed relevant.

No more did Google rank a page for stuffed keywords or sites with keywords, it ranked sites based on context that is Google tells from your search terminology what you really want to see.

RankBrain is basically an improvement of Google's new way of ranking.

What exactly is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a machine learning system which makes use of artificial intelligence to interpret search queries and improve results.

RankBrain helps Google sort out search queries that Google had never seen and relate them to existing searches.

This means with RankBrain Google is able to provide the most accurate results for search queries which are completely new.

There are two sure ways to rank on Google with RankBrain.

#1. Work with User's Intention

As I stated earlier on, Goggle ranks sites based on the context of user's search terminology.

If you do not know why a user is searching for what he/she is searching you would be far below ranking for your desired keywords.

You can't just pick up a popular keyword and attempt to rank for it.

Always consider what your user wants exactly. Work with your user's intentions.

#2. Create Relevant Content

Content is still king with RankBrain maybe this time supreme.

If your contents aren't relevant to what the user searches for you surely would not rank for it.

The moment Google notices people do not get the answers they want from your site why for heavens sake would they rank you?

Content length is important. Well writing a content with up to 1million words doesn't guarantee the No. 1 spot on search engines.

What's the point in length without value?

Focus on creating contents which are relevant and endued with so much value.

It's nearly impossible to keep up with Google's changing algorithm but two things abide in ranking on Google and in no particular order they are content and links.

Do well to optimize your site for RankBrain!
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5 Types of Blog Posts to Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

author-pic About author
Fouad is a freelance ecommerce copywriter and the curator of NairaTechnology, a consumer technology blog in Nigeria. You can reach him on Facebook for help on how to make your online store make more sales.

Affiliate marketing is interesting because you can start earning with just a blog and a reasonable amount of audience.
It is a win-win.
You’re happy when your reader clicks your unique link and goes further to make a purchase. Your reader is happy because they’ve found useful information and an invaluable product. The affiliate company is happy because your reader just purchased their product.
So, everyone is happy.
You need to employ different strategies as a blogger and affiliate marketer to maximize your commission. Here are 5 types of posts to help you promote your affiliate products.

1. Product Review

Writing a product review about a physical or digital product is easier when you use the product yourself. Give an honest account of how it works and what it can do. Spell out the pros and cons. Don’t be bias in any way.
If you do a lot of product reviews on your blog, you can get a sample of the product from the manufacturer or owner. Yes, some companies give free samples to bloggers for the purpose of review. Don’t be afraid to ask.
Don’t worry if you’re not able to lay your hands on the product. There’s a way out.
Do some research and find customer reviews on the product. Those are real buyers who have used the product. Most of the customer reviews you’ll find are honest impressions of people who have actually used the product.
Read the details of their experience, write a well-detailed review on the product, and refer your readers to the seller through your affiliate link.
Product reviews don’t always have to be positive. You can also write a negative review on a product you think isn’t helpful based on your experience. Definitely, this won’t earn you many sales but will earn you more trust from your audience.
Whatever the case, be sure your reviews are honest and are based on valid information. This is how to gain much more trust from your audience.

2. Tips Post

Share tips on something you know and your audience are interested in. This can be in the form of a how-to guide or tutorial.
Get an affiliate product you’ve used and share your knowledge on how to use it.
If your blog is about blogging, for example, you’ll begin with teaching people how to choose a niche, then, how to set up a website by registering a domain and paying for hosting. Become an affiliate of a hosting company you’ve used and feel satisfied with their services. Recommend it to your audience.
You don’t have to be an expert to write a tips post or how-to-guide. If you have a hard time figuring out your area of expertise, take some time to learn something new and worth sharing with your audience.

3. Case Study

A case study is an effective way to supercharge your affiliate marketing campaign. In a case study, you give the details of a product, the need for it, how it was used, and the successful outcome of using it.
Your case study should be focused on how you or someone used a product to achieve a particular goal. It is, basically, the details of how your affiliate product was used as a solution to a problem to produce a successful outcome.
Strategically use graphics in your case study to give the actual proof that a product works, and you’d be amazed by the high conversion rate.

4. Roundup Post

A roundup post, in this case, comprises a list of related products and a brief on each. Research the interest of your audience and get a list of related affiliate products that answer their questions and solve their problems.
A blog on school examinations, for example, can publish a roundup post on the best books to read for a particular examination.
Roundup posts can also be in the form of a resource page. Instead of publishing a roundup post that gets buried below your archive as you publish new posts, you may want to create a resource page to allow you use a visible tab right on your menu.
You can earn a reasonable commission from affiliate sales using a roundup post if you do it the right way.
One good thing with a roundup post is that you don’t necessarily have to write a lot of copy. Just a brief on each item will do.

5. Product Comparison 

Product comparison allows you to simultaneously review two or more similar products while comparing them.
This is mostly used on tech blogs, where newly released tech products are compared to one another to determine the best. This is most effective when similar products of different bands are compared.
The good thing about product comparison is that it helps your audience – who may already be at a crossroad – to decide which product or services to choose.

Wrap Up

These posts can be used to supercharge your affiliate marketing campaign in whatever niche you find yourself.
No matter the type of blog post you decide to use, the most important thing is to deliver quality information that will be helpful to your audience.
Focus on assisting them and gaining their trust. Then, maintain the trust by giving honest reviews, tips, case studies, roundups, or product comparisons. Your affiliate earning will skyrocket than you imagine.

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