6 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Interesting

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Interesting

Have you ever wondered why your blog posts aren't getting click? Or why blog readers do not come back to you blog?

What if I told you your posts are not interesting enough to keep your visitors?

What if I show you three easy ways to make your blog posts interesting?
Getting that very interesting blog post isn't much of a big deal. Like every other art, to write in an interesting way you've got to follow certain rules and principle.

To write interestingly you've got to understand and master the art of engaging people and here's how.

1. Telling a story

For your writing to be considered interesting, it has to engage the reader from the start to the finish and what better way is there to get readers attending than telling stories.

When I was a kid, I attended Sunday School every Sunday in my local church. When my teacher notices the class is noisy or the students seem not to be interested in what she is saying or doing.

She quickly draws our attention by telling us a story. Everybody gets engaged the moment we hear this words "Story, story, once upon a time".

You do not have to announce to your blog readers like my Sunday School teacher that you want to tell them a story but there's no harm in getting them to know you are about to tell a story.

Stories produce brain activation. The brain engages in neural coupling,
Neural coupling is a phenomenon that makes the brain actually experience the ideas being set forth in the story.

It is that feeling you get when reading a story that makes the story play visually in your head.

Even the motor cortex, the part of the brain responsible for voluntary muscular motion, is activated by a story.

Also, the brain releases dopamine at emotional high points of the story.

Clearly, there's no better way to be more interesting than telling stories.
Short, simple stories can be easily embedded in any article to increase the interest rate.

2. Foreshadowing

The literary device, Foreshadowing is a great way to get your readers interested in what you are writing.

Foreshadowing is a means of hinting your readers on what's coming up next in the article they are reading. You are not to give away the plot. Instead, you are preparing the reader for what's to come.

This tool helps to increase the engagement, excitement and anticipation. It also prevents boredom by dishing out the direction of the article.

3. Being Clear

Let your writing be as clear as possible.

Being interesting does not mean stuffing your article with active verbs and distinct vocabulary.

The main way to be interesting is to the clear. Say what you need to say, go straight to the point — Nothing more, nothing less.

Be plain, not fancy.

4. Not being longer than you should

This is the problem with most tech bloggers. They write long articles and explain so much that one tends to forget and miss the crucial points in the article.

Do not be carried away by word count. Word count doesn't matter as much as you think it does.

Extra talk is boring. If you don't need to include that line, don't.

5. Not being Shorter than You are Supposed to

Seems I am contradicting the fourth point but no am not.

Content length is a two-edged sword. You shouldn't be too long. But, you also need to say enough.

Brevity is a virtue in writing, but you also needs to be very narrative. If you bring the article to it's bare bones, it becomes an outline an article.

6. Writing Short Sentences

Try holding your breath for sometime.

You begin to feel uncomfortable when you hold your breath for too long.

Reading a sentence is like holding your mental breath. The longer it gets the more uncomfortable it becomes and the harder it is for the brain to understand.

Shorter sentences gets the reader more air thus making your piece interesting.


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