For a Better SEO, Don't Do These

For a Better SEO, Don't Do These

Search engine optimization is at the center of every online business. The subject of SEO is a crucial topic and one that can't be taken lightly.
To safely optimize your site for search engines, Don't
Copy Someone else's Content
Always provide your own, original content. Search engines are getting smarter each day and they've figured out how to detect sites which plagiarise. Once they detect that your site is filled with plagiarised content they stop favouring your in rankings.
Link too often to external sites
Not only those this affect your Site's SEO it also increases your bounce rate. Linking to external sites isn't bad but let it be done in a spam-free way, so your posts are clear and understandable.
Stuff keywords
This practice worked pretty well years back but with new search engine algorithms stuffing keywords would not only compromise your chances of ranking, it would also make search engines red-flag your site.
Use Conventional Means
Link schemes such as buying back-links, using hidden links, and participating in link networks are all archaic ways to increase SEO. With search engines becoming smarter, these techniques not only don’t work, but tend to be actively penalised. Not only will you be penalised, but the content you produce when using these tactics will be of reduced quality - a key factor in generating higher quality inbound leads.
Taking these pointers and applying them as part of an inbound marketing strategy should improve your SEO. But remember, SEO is a process that takes time, so be patient, and eventually your website will bring in high quality traffic and potential leads.

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