How to Drive in Huge Sales from Instagram

How to Drive in Huge Sales from Instagram

Social media is gradually becoming the best spot for driving in sales. Close to 42% of people bought something only because they saw it online.

Instagram is one of the best social networks to advertise on. It has grown to be just as big of an advertising platform as its parent company, Facebook.

In April 2017, Stats revealed Instagram hit over 700 million monthly active users.
Instagram is all about videos and pictures, a perfect way to advertise your products.

But just displaying your products doesn't make you drive in sales, you drive in sales on Instagram by:

1. Setting up a business account

A cool, new feature which was recently added to Instagram is the business account feature.

The difference between a business account and the normal instagram account is that with a business account, people who visit your profile see a button just above your posts which makes it easy for them to reach you either by Calling you, mailing you or getting directions on how to get your products.

One reason you might not be driving in sales from I.G is that you're mixing your personal life with your business on your photo feed.

To use I.G to promote your business and drive in sales, you should differentiate your personal account from your business account. So that people do not get any reason to be skeptical about dealing with you.

2. Always Geotagging your posts.

Geo tagging helps you gain more engagement. Posts with geotags have proved to be more engaging than those without geotags.

Though the goal is to drive in sales not just engaging alone, geotagging can help you do that.

3. Using Instagram ads

Photos of your product tell more about it without you having to say anything and that's one advantage of using Instagram to promote your products.

Using Instagram ads would help you drive in sales. There are two types of Instagram ads; Feed ads and Stories ads.

Feed ads are further divided into; photo ads, video ads, slideshow ads and carousel ads.

Stories ads include single image ads and single video ads.

Which ever add you would want to create, the choice absolutely is yours.