How to Drive in Traffic From YouTube

How to Drive in Traffic From YouTube

YouTube like every other popular social media platform gets a large dose of traffic.

With an impressive three billion views daily, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google.

It is also considered the third most-visited site in the world.

With this you can tell there's a whole lot of traffic one can get from YouTube, isn't there?

By deploying the right strategy and dishing out quality contents there's absolutely an incredible potential social marketers can harness.

It is needful you debunk the idea that your videos must get viral before you can convert.

You do not need millions of views to get results. You need quality viewers, not quantity.

With that you've got to create a compelling C-T-A.

C-T-A (Call to Action) is you telling your readers what they should do after watching your video.

C-T-A is the only stand-alone strategy for effectively accomplishing the conversion of visitors.

It needs to be compelling. But shouldn't sound like you are desperate.

Each of your video must contain three basic information

A. What to do e.g subscribe to my YouTube channel or go to my website

B. How to do it e.g Click on the link below or tap here to subscribe

C. Why do it. This is the compelling part of a C-T-A e.g Subscribe to get more informative videos or get my eBook on best SEO hacks

With your C-T-A is place let's proceed to the exact steps for driving traffic from YouTube.

#1. Make use of The Video Description Box

Anytime you upload a video on YouTube, you get the opportunity to add a description of the uploaded content.

Many people disregard the importance of adding a description to their videos.

You can turn your video into a traffic-puller by simply adding a paragraph or two to describe the content of your video while also adding your URL.

Alternatively, you can add a sentence C-T-A with your site's URL.

#2. Perform a C-T-A at the end of your video

At the end of your video always communicate your compelling C-T-A, telling people exactly what to do and how to get to your site plus the benefits inherent.

You can do this with a simple dialog like: "Thank you for watching my video! To discover how I rank on Google first page, quickly visit www.zealmat.com

It is that easy.

#3. The C-T-A Overlay

Finally, to drive in traffic from YouTube making use of a YouTube feature called the "Call-To-Action Overlay".

The overlay is a simple banner ad that sits on the lower third part your video.

You get a full control over the copy, thumbnail image and the desired destination you want to send users to.

To activate this feature you would need to sign up at ads.YouTube.com

With these you would be tapping into the over three billion views YouTube gets on a daily basis.