Think of a place more popular than the most populous country in the world, then think Facebook.

With stats which put the number or it's users at Two billion, Facebook has grown to be the best destination for sourcing traffic.

Not only does Facebook hold the position of the most populated social media it provides one of the best advertising platforms online.

Facebook ads are certainly the best ad platform which would always give you good returns and yield a high conversion rate.

Are you thinking Facebook ads or do you run Facebook ads? Then these tips would help you optimize your Facebook ads for better performance
1. Use only bright images

In setting up your Facebook ad make use of images which are attractive and catchy.

Have bright images that stand out so people don't just scroll past your ad they get to click on them.

2. Use shocking or emotional texts

Every good blogger or advertiser should know that people easily click on a post which they consider unbelievable or shocking.

Same with Facebook ads, you'd be able to draw so much clicks when the text on your ads are shocking or highly emotional.

3. Always change your audience

One of the qualities which makes Facebook ads stand out amongst other ad network is their ability to reach out to the exact audience you'd want.

When signing up for Facebook ads, you'd be asked what audience you'd like to reach out. Facebook gets your ad to the target audience by virtue of the audience's interests.

This means if I added football as an interest on my Facebook profile, an ad by FIFA ahead of the forthcoming world cup in Russia definitely would show up on my news feed.

So, to maximize conversion and CTR always rotate the audience you target.