RankBrain: Google's New Artificial Intelligence, Learn How it Works

RankBrain: Google's New Artificial Intelligence, Learn How it Works

Almost everyone believes common SEO practices are not working anymore and would soon be extinct.

Maybe it's because Google changes their algorithms 500-600 times each year.

That's like two times each day. Thus making it impossible to rank on Google search engine.

We used to believe ranking was based on meta descriptions and keywords then came link building and popularity then social presence and so on.

Then came another factor which must be put to account, the recently introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Google called "RankBrain".

According to the most popular search engine, RankBrain would help determine search results.

In this article I would tell you exactly what RankBrain is about and I'd show you how you can optimize your site to match RankBrain's algorithm.

What RankBrain is?

Google has been existing for about 19years and the search engine has been about giving people the information they seek.

Over the years, the way and manner in which Google's search results come have changed as the search engine sought to give out contents which seemed relevant.

No more did Google rank a page for stuffed keywords or sites with keywords, it ranked sites based on context that is Google tells from your search terminology what you really want to see.

RankBrain is basically an improvement of Google's new way of ranking.

What exactly is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a machine learning system which makes use of artificial intelligence to interpret search queries and improve results.

RankBrain helps Google sort out search queries that Google had never seen and relate them to existing searches.

This means with RankBrain Google is able to provide the most accurate results for search queries which are completely new.

There are two sure ways to rank on Google with RankBrain.

#1. Work with User's Intention

As I stated earlier on, Goggle ranks sites based on the context of user's search terminology.

If you do not know why a user is searching for what he/she is searching you would be far below ranking for your desired keywords.

You can't just pick up a popular keyword and attempt to rank for it.

Always consider what your user wants exactly. Work with your user's intentions.

#2. Create Relevant Content

Content is still king with RankBrain maybe this time supreme.

If your contents aren't relevant to what the user searches for you surely would not rank for it.

The moment Google notices people do not get the answers they want from your site why for heavens sake would they rank you?

Content length is important. Well writing a content with up to 1million words doesn't guarantee the No. 1 spot on search engines.

What's the point in length without value?

Focus on creating contents which are relevant and endued with so much value.

It's nearly impossible to keep up with Google's changing algorithm but two things abide in ranking on Google and in no particular order they are content and links.

Do well to optimize your site for RankBrain!